Post image for Italian Fix in a Hong Kong Magazine

Last summer I was contacted by a gal who works for the Chinese magazine, Eat & Travel weekly.

She wanted me to guide her in the Cinque Terre and help her connect with locals so she could create her editorial. I wasn’t available, but I did connect her with some friends and recommended all my fave spots. She ended up creating a very beautiful montage, and Italian Fix was added inside the pages as a recommended resource. She sent me the magazine in the mail, so I’m sharing the imagery with you.

I love looking at foreign magazines; I think they’re interesting to see what’s considered hot or trendy in another culture.

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how to order in Italy

The first time I went to Italy I had it all wrong.

I thought I was eating well, but when I look back, I know it was a foodie-fail.

The mistake was completely avoidable, as the song goes; you just need a little help from a friend.

A Simple Way to Order in Italy

I actually married the Italian “friend” who showed me the menu ropes, so let’s just say he did a pretty good job.

First, he explained the elements of an Italian meal.

Then, he ordered like he normally would.

What came to the table was ten times better than all the meals I’d eaten in Florence the month before. Combined.

Why? Because it wasn’t just pasta and salads.

That was the mistake I was making. Since it was my first time in Italy, I didn’t know what I was doing, so I played it safe and ordered what I knew. Even if you’re on a budget, pasta and salad shouldn’t be your go-to. No way José. There’s a better formula — I’ll get to that below.
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Today I want to share a collection of gorgeous short films with you.

Consider them the tapas menu of travel movies: a small bite of this and a taste of that.

They’re just a few minutes long and deliver you the “beam me up Scotty” feeling … the one that transports you to another planet. Luckily sans the lycra bodysuit.

I don’t spend a lot of time watching movies or TV but I do love cool stuff on the interwebs (full disclosure: we don’t own a TV. Although I did go on a serious Mad Men binge on Netflix that likely shortened my lifespan by two years).

So kick back and do some armchair traveling with me.

There’s no time to pack; I’m beaming you to the south of Italy, the Cinque Terre villages, Venice and Piedmont. Oh, and you’re about to find love in the Rome train station (that’s vid #7). Enjoy!


Venice in A Day. A time-lapse of Venice seen by over a million viewers.

{By Jörg Niggli}

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