Italy weather when to go

-The Weather in Italy-

Before I dive into my romantic story below, I have a question for you: do you get affected by the weather? If you said yes, you’re like most people.

We all have weather preferences: some like it hot, some like it not.

Save time researching Italy weather, right now.

For a trip to Italy, don’t bother looking up the weather for each city.
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one day cinque terre

Are you heading to the Cinque Terre just for one day?

Here are my best tips for your upcoming sprint.

Secretly, I do think the Cinque Terre warrants more time. But let’s just work with what you’ve got my friend.

What to do in the Cinque Terre for 1 DAY:

If it’s hot and sunny

  • For swimming: Jump in the water at my favorite swimming spots a) the marina in Manarola b) the beach in Riomaggiore c) the beach in Bonassola (definitely go here if the water is rough at the other two places, or you prefer a sandy beach and more space). In Bonassola, I like to splurge 20 euros and rent a sun longer and an umbrella. FYI: Italy has many private beaches so you can lounge in comfort with chairs, umbrellas, food, drink, and showers. It’s a VERY easy luxury to get used to. That is, after you get over resenting the fact that many of the prettiest Italian beaches are a pay-to-play situation.
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Il Cannito Cilento Coast

Every once in a while, I get amped about a place.

Right now, it’s a guesthouse on the southern coast of Italy, called Il Cannito.

I can imagine myself poolside sporting my straw hat and cotton dress, with one leg dropped into the water, reading my book. Then later, just because, I’d sit under the bright orange umbrella and ponder something important, like if I’m gonna have that third cappuccino.

For dinner, I would start on the homemade cavatelli pasta, then tuck into the fried calamari. As usual, I would linger to coax the spicy sauce onto my last morsel of crusty bread. (This Italian eating ritual is called, la scarpetta).

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