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by Bianca Gignac

Buon Natale

From my family to yours … have a wonderful holiday.

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what to do tuscany

Do you know that the Cinque Terre is super-duper close to Tuscany?

Many people don’t realize how small Italy is, and that travel distances are very short.

Here are some cool facts:

  • You can take the train to almost anywhere in Italy in under a day. For example, the train from top to bottom (Turin to Lecce) can take under 11 hours and cost less than 90 euro.
  • You can fly within Italy and be anywhere in under 3 hours. If you book ahead, prices can be less than a cheap hostel room. You’ll laugh when you see the deals.

With very little time, and very little money, you too can see everything you can dream of seeing in Italy – you just gotta get there.

I have a very simple plan

One of the questions I get most from our trip guests is,

“Where should I go after my trip with you?”

It’s a great question, and I have some ideas for you.

You can combine our tours to the Cinque Terre with  with so many options. Many of our guests have stopped in Paris or London before or after the trip. Many airlines offer a free stopover, which is a fantastic loophole.

My simple plan is … go and see Tuscany.

And I’ll show you why.
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Restaurants in the Cinque Terre can shock you.

Some are excruciatingly mediocre. And some can be so outstanding — you buy a mortar and pestle immediately upon returning home, because you’ve become a die-hard pesto person.

The majority of the Cinque Terre villages have just one main street. The streets are lined with places to eat (Manarola is lined with boats, and the shop doors are just sprinkled between the boats). You can eat your way up one side of the street, and then down the other. It’s all there. Perfectly compact. Adorable. Delicious.

You don’t need a massive list of places for your trip, you just need the best.

The thing about traveling is that you’re often on the move. Just when you get your bearings and find the places you like – you’re gone. That’s why it’s not uncommon for travelers to eat at the same place for two nights, even if they are just staying for three. Why? Because it was good the first time, and you don’t want to waste your time “finding” the good stuff. I think there’s a better way. I hope you use this list.
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