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We’ve helped hundreds of happy clients travel to Italy.

In fact, you won’t find a crew that’s more #obsessed with the things you’re wasting time Googling right now. Like the best beaches in the Cinque Terre or the perfect Florentine hotel (out of the tourist traps). Our job is to know all this. Our obsession is to get it perfect.

So lean on us. We’re your peeps with decades worth of experience.

Some say we’re wanderlust enablers. We totally agree.

(Cause we kinda make you want to quit your day job and sell lemons on the Amalfi.)

If you have an Italy trip coming up (or would like one marked with a big fat Sharpie on your calendar), we’re your people.

→ Take a trip with us. Our yearly trips can sell out, and they’re often filled with past clients. Read more about our tours.

→ Check out our DIY travel guides, Gigi Guides. You can watch videos, listen to audio or print off our city guides. Immediate access to our membership is here.

We hope you stick around. We’re a friendly bunch. Say hello.

Why Travel with us?

the Bianca benefits

be our best friend
Joining a trip is like traveling
with a new friend; a bestie who
speaks Italian and shows you
awesome stuff. Every day.
Pinky promise.
Don’t spend a zillion hours planning
your vacation. Just show up and we’ll
take care of you. No stressing before
you go, or feeling lost when you land.
Chillax. We’ve got this.
Wanna find cool stuff?
Things not listed on Tripadvisor
(or the internet)? Stick with us.
You’ll get as close to real life
as possible (without actually
moving in).

happy travelers

a peek at our wall of love

maria says…
Bianca is one of the kindest people I have ever met. Throughout the trip she made sure everyone was okay, enjoying themselves and feeling included. I was truly made to feel like a friend and
not a client. Maria Schock, Montana
jo says…
Bianca’s tour was so enjoyable
and I am still floating on cloud 9.
My mood has been lifted.
Bianca’s attention to detail was outstanding, as were her stellar professionalism, her staff, and
her knowledge of the region and language. I just couldn’t ask for more from a tour company. Jo Kilpatrick, Nevada
caren says…
Before I booked, I had been
uncertain that a group trip was
a good fit for me, but the whole
thing was magical. The level of experience was superb and not have to worry about any logistics was priceless. It freed me up to focus on being in the moment.Caren Troutman, Texas