cinque terre shopping markets

The Cinque Terre shopping and market scene is a complicated situation.

I would love to say that there is awesome shopping at the market, where you’ll find Gucci shoes for 20 bucks and it’s right on the promenade of Monterosso, but that would be me dreaming.

You can shop right in the villages during the weekly markets (listed below), but if you go just a little farther, you’ll be blessed with bags of treasures. Gucci included. Or, a cute La Perla bra you score for 5 bucks and a new weirdo painting you’ll somehow fit in your carry-on.

We want to give you the lowdown on all the Cinque Terre-area shopping markets you can get your paws into while on vacation. The best ones are listed below. They’re all just a day trip or less from the villages.

Cinque Terre Shopping Markets

The only regular markets right in the Cinque Terre villages are in Vernazza (on Tuesdays) and in Monterosso (on Thursdays).

La Spezia Markets

  • La Spezia is a ten-minute train ride from Riomaggiore.

Friday Market in La Spezia

Every Friday morning, there’s a sprawling market that takes place in La Spezia, very close to the train station in Piazza Garibaldi. It’s known for household goods and clothing mainly, but in recent years has been featuring a lot of used-clothing Continue Reading…


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How to Get to Sicily: A Cheat Sheet

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

How to get to Sicily from Rome

I want to show you how to get to Sicily. Quickly and cheaply.

Sicily is a ridiculous place.

I have no idea why more people don’t go there.

It seems to have all the pieces we crave in a holiday — amazing beaches, clean ocean and genuinely friendly people. Oh, and the food. The food you, like, think about two years after eating it.


The only reason more people don’t go there is because it feels out-of-the-way. Sardinia, another Italian Island, has the same problemo — it feels removed.

But it’s actually not.

Sicily is a large island off the southern tip of Italy. As you know, Italy is shaped like a boot. There’s a little bit broken off the “toe” of the boot — that’s where Sicily is.

In a plane, Sicily is a snap to arrive. Here’s the lowdown:

From Rome: 1.25 hours
From Pisa: 1.75 hours
From Naples: 1 hour
From London: 3.25 hours
From Paris: 2.75 hours
Continue Reading…


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Have you seen this?

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

The best thing about owning a travel company is meeting incredible people from around the world.

My clients, collaborators and team are among the best people on planet earth.

Here’s a look at the fun we have together.

There was a crazy heatwave in Italy during shooting. I’m stoked that you can’t see our sweat dripping (in all sorts of places I won’t tell you about).

Why do you think traveling is important?

Leave a comment below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

xx, Bianca


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