cinque terre shopping markets

The Cinque Terre shopping and market scene is a complicated situation.

I would love to say that there is awesome shopping at the market, where you’ll find Gucci shoes for 20 bucks and it’s right on the promenade of Monterosso, but that would be me dreaming.

You can shop right in the villages during the weekly markets (listed below), but if you go just a little farther, you’ll be blessed with bags of treasures. Gucci included. Or, a cute La Perla bra you score for 5 bucks and a new weirdo painting you’ll somehow fit in your carry-on.

We want to give you the lowdown on all the Cinque Terre-area shopping markets you can get your paws into while on vacation. The best ones are listed below. They’re all just a day trip or less from the villages.

Cinque Terre Shopping Markets

The only regular markets right in the Cinque Terre villages are in Vernazza (on Tuesdays) and in Monterosso (on Thursdays).

La Spezia Markets

  • La Spezia is a ten-minute train ride from Riomaggiore.

Friday Market in La Spezia

Every Friday morning, there’s a sprawling market that takes place in La Spezia, very close to the train station in Piazza Garibaldi. It’s known for household goods and clothing mainly, but in recent years has been featuring a lot of used-clothing Continue Reading…


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Wishing You A …

by Bianca Gignac

Buon Natale

From my family to yours … have a wonderful holiday.

With love + panettone,




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Post image for Should You Go to the Cinque Terre?

If you’re thinking about a trip to Italy this is a question you’ve gotta ask yourself.

Because if you use something called books and the internet then you’ve likely seen photos that have ignited your spark for an Italian vacation.

We humans travel to a place for a specific reason, to do something or to feel something. We’re also hardwired to want to see things with our own eyes — pictures alone don’t cut it.

Because I want to help you decide if you should go to the Cinque Terre I’m gonna highlight the top reasons people travel there:

  • it’s colorful, picturesque and unique
  • the small villages are built on cliffs along the ocean
  • it’s romantic and nostalgic
  • it’s a national park with a ton of walking trails

Ten years ago I met my husband in one of the Cinque Terre villages. Not only have I lived in the region like a local — but I’ve also worn different travel hats there. I’ve been a first time traveler without a clue and I’ve been a guest treated to all the best spots. Perhaps my most indulgent period of time was one summer where I spent post work afternoons being a lazy beach bum living on nothing but an Italian summertime diet: gelato, figs, campari spritz and free peanuts.

After all these years, my love affair with the Cinque Terre has evolved.

I’m no longer in a monogamous relationship with the Cinque Terre — I now share her sparkle and charms each summer with my guests on my group trips to the Cinque Terre. If you’d like to come with me someday click here to see more.

So, do I think you should travel to the Cinque Terre? Yes — absolutely.

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