Hi beautiful,


Are you ready for a dose of inspiration?

Are you ready for a change of scenery?

Are you ready for a freakin’ break girl?

Good — cause that’s what you’ll get.

Want to come to Italy?


We don’t go to Italy by accident.

We go there because it’s an incredible place. And we are obsessed with creating unique Italian experiences for you.

We aren’t a regular tour company.


We don’t:

  • Cram you into a tour bus with 50 other people. That isn’t a vacation; it’s purgatory.
  • Lead you with a stick or an umbrella. And forget a name tag — we already know who you are.
  • Eat crappy food at restaurants cause they give us a deal
  • Run from city to city to see everything. Who wants to see everything? Instead try: just-perfect-for-a-week
  • Stay in boring chain hotels.

Nope. That’s not what we are about — there are  plenty of travel companies doing that already.

We are different.

We are passion driven people who focus on the important stuff.

Your beautiful week in Italy is:

  • eating where the locals rave about
  • visiting interesting shops that you can’t find on your own
  • wine tastings and leisurely lunches
  • learning new things
  • beautiful hotels
  • more fresh air than you’ve had all year (get away from that desk girl)
  • sharing adventure with a small group of people

Can you handle it?

Get on the wait list:

What you get:


  •  More time for yourself.  Don’t waste your time on the computer searching for the “good stuff” in Italy. We know what the good stuff is.
  • A stress free trip. All you have to do is book your flight and get to the hotel. We take care of the rest.
  • A trip to Italy unlike any other. When it ends, you’ll probably cry.
  • New ideas + connections + inspiration. Travelling with a group of people who share your interests means there is great conversation at the dinner table. And you don’t have to convince your friends and boyfriends to join you.  Just do it on your own — for yourself. There will be new friends waiting in Italy.
  • Get your adventure on! It safe, it’s fun, it’s easy. It’s travel like you’ve never done before.

See for yourself.

What is an Italian Fix trip like?

It’s a full immersion in inspiration. It’s the fun you need to have. It’s an investment in yourself. See a previous trip.

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I hope to see you there! Love, Bianca

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