Get a backstage pass to the Cinque Terre villages on the Italian Riviera.

Live in a colorful village for a week and soak up the best of the Italian lifestyle; the beaches, the vineyards, the walking trails and fresh Mediterranean food and wine. Our decade of connections here means you’re an honored guest, and you’ll be treated to the very best. Do something remarkable this summer. Choose from three experiences.

Our Signature Italian Experience

June 21-27 2015

Discoverly Tour I Cinque Terre                {SOLD OUT!} Join us for the ultimate Italian getaway, designed exclusively for women. You have a busy life, so press the pause button and let us take care of you for a change. We promise an outstanding week of YOU time on the Italian Riviera; a small slice of heaven on earth.

Our Feel-Good Italian Experience

July 5-11 2015

Wanderly Tour I  Cinque Terre                {SPACE AVAILABLE!}  Walk the seaside trails of the Cinque Terre, designed for men and women who crave authentic travel. You’ll feel amazing with daily exercise, fresh air, healthy Mediterranean meals and living in a quiet village by the sea. This is a truly beautiful experience we’re so excited to offer you.

Our Creative Italian Experience

July 19-25 2015

Photoly Tour I Cinque Terre                {SOLD OUT!} Do you have a creative fire burning inside of you? Do you want to put meaningful work into the world, and live a life of meaning, joy and bravery? If you have an unending curiosity for learning, join us for a creative working holiday in Italy designed exclusively for women.