Is Italy on Your Wishlist?

Ciao! I’m Bianca and each year I host travel experiences to my favorite places in Italy. Bianca firenze-01

My life’s work is about helping people experience uplifting memories that they’ll never forget (even when they’re old and forgetful), because I believe our most precious commodity is our time.

And that true wealth is measured in experience (and in health!), not just our “stuff.”

You’re Worth it.

I want to live in a world where we can, on occasion, burn our to-do lists, put down the phone and just … relax.

I’m over the fact that everyone feels so busy and scheduled and that we measure our accomplishments more than our connections (especially to ourselves).

I want you to be brave enough to invest in yourself and say: I matter. I want you to smile when you pick up your bags with a luggage tag that reads: Italia.

I want you to sit at a beautifully prepared table, on a hillside, overlooking an Italian village. I want to pour you some prosecco and watch your shoulders sink. I want to show you the secret places. The exciting places. The places I take my best friends.

This is why each year I offer uplifting travel experiences to the most beautiful places in Italy. They’re about carving out time just for you … because recharging your batteries never goes out of style (it just makes you look younger).

Italian Fix trips take all the “work” out of traveling. Our team is completely dedicated to immersing you in a phenomenal Italian experience by bridging language barriers and local knowledge that you typically don’t have when you go it alone (with just a guidebook in hand).


If you can picture yourself sitting at our Italian dinner table this summer, please sign up for our priority list below.

You’ll get the skinny the minute we release the 2015 Cinque Terre tour dates (last year they sold out in 72 hours).

All the details are yours late-November when you’re on the priority list.

With love + lemon gelato,