This is the most unique trip to Italy you’ll ever see.

It’s a dream shopping trip.

It’s a week completely designed around fun. We’ll explore beautiful places, treasure hunt and hang with new friends.

First we’ll take Florence – and then we’ll take Milan.

You’ll be staying in stylish design hotels smack dab in the historical heart of the cities.

In Florence our pad overlooks the Arno River at the foot of the ponte vecchio.

Your home in Milan has the incredible gothic cathedral right outside your door.

Italy isn’t just museums. This trip focuses on a modern Italy – one that is creatively energized and alive. You’ll be surrounded by world class shops, cafes & nightlife and the best people watching on the planet.

The most exciting thing about this modern gals dream shopping trip is that it delivers more than a kick-ass opportunity to shop. We are in Italy! And Italy offers more depth than your average shopping trip to an American city. You’ll be immersed in both iconic historical art and architecture and modern cutting edge design (you just can’t escape it), you’ll eat incredible meals and be taken on day trips that will make you fall head over heels for Italy.

It’s a week carefully blended into the perfect cocktail.

Here are your ingredients (with serving suggestions):

A room at a Salvatore Ferragamo hotel in Florence  ::  Serve chilled

The Ferragamo family is the classic Florentine leather goods dynasty. They don’t just design high end accessories; they’ve also created an incredible hotel right on the river with a mid-century vibe and the best rooftop patio in the city. Welcome to your new Florence address: The Continentale. I’ve seen it to believe it — and it’s stunning.

A room at a design hotel in Milan ::  Serve with a twist

Your pad in Milan is the Straf Hotel, a trendy little spot that attracts locals to its happening bar and international design savvy clients for its minimalist interiors. Your new address is a fun place in the most famous piazza in the city.  Get ready to adore Milan’s beautiful side.


An outlet mall marathon  ::   Serve strong

This is as an iron-man style shopping event with espresso shots as the performance enhancing drug of choice. Press on with relentless determination to score designer loot up to 70% off. I’ll be your coach cheering you from the sidelines (sans ugly baseball hat). But consider this fair warning: Serravalle Outlet Mall is the biggest in Northern Italy with Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, La Perla, Diesel, and 180 other stores waiting to suck you in and spit you out.

Personal shoppers in Florence and Milan  ::  Serve shaken, not stirred

Personal shoppers have one purpose: to show you the coolest shops in their beloved city. Anyone can go to the main drag with the rest of the tourists – but why — when you can do so much better?  To maximize your experience you NEED to go with a girl who’s in the know. It’s like having a stylish Florentine or Milanese girlfriend on speed dial.


A photo session in Milan with a fashion photographer :: Serve hot

Can you handle this: you + your best outfit + the backdrop of the most famous piazza in Milan? That will be the subject when you get behind the lens of hot-shot fashion photographer Filippo Mutani. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity designed to capture your joie di vivre; your moment. This isn’t just another travel shot. It’s something so much more. Let it serve as a talisman of your strength, your beauty, your resilience and more poignantly, your desire to live a life you want to love. Filippo has shot all the top labels and just wrapped Armani’s latest ad campaign. His work has graced Vogue Italia and Vanity Fair – and he’s booked for you too. But relax – he has a gift for making you feel like yourself (we wouldn’t have it any other way) – the session is totally stress free and a beautiful Italian experience.

A date in the Tuscan countryside with an Italian icon  ::  Serve with a sugared rim

There is a cherry on top of this delicious cocktail: and it’s in the shape of a tiny red car. It’s a vintage Fiat 500 — and it’s yours for the evening as we tour the surrounding hills of Florence.  There is no way you are touring the countryside from a lame tour bus. We got it dialed from the vintage windows of the cutest cars on the planet guaranteed to make you feel like you are on the set of an old Italian movie. Can you imagine your trip photos?


Eating + laughing + enjoying together :: Serve with friends

Who wants to wander the city by yourself wondering where to eat? No way! Eating together is fun and celebratory and a great way to connect with each other – which is why the majority of our meals are enjoyed as a group at the hottest reservations in the cities. Get ready to eat amazing Italian food (but friends don’t let friends buy a size up).

A wine tasting at a fancy villa perched in the Florentine hills :: Serve with an olive

What makes jet-lag unfurl? It starts with sips of the finest local wines from Tuscan cellars and it continues with a swim at the villa pool and a view of the surrounding hills as the sun sets. You’ll even learn how to create a proper Italian pizza – which you can recreate at home for friends and family. It’s a night of pure relaxation and fun – Italian style.



Come closer, I’ll tell you more


It’s gonna be epic.

It’s gonna inspire.

It’s gonna keep giving long after you’ve gone home.

It’s gonna be make you laugh.

It’s available for just 10 people.


The Italian Fix shopping philosophy


We mix high and low.

We don’t exclusively tour expensive stores – that isn’t useful to most people. We explore the deals, the splurges and everything in between. It’s designed for real women who might have a pesky thing called “a job” and “the rent” (but if you don’t have those things then I wanna see you let loose at the Prada outlet).

Shopping isn’t JUST about “stuff” – it’s the thrill of the hunt.

It’s not about spending a fortune or buying things you can’t afford. There is zero pressure to buy and we embrace diverse budgets and styles. If you leave Italy with a single pair of excellent shoes then consider it a success. Some of us are maximalists. Some of us are minimalists. You are the boss of you.

We think shopping is fun.

We think dressing up is fun. We think clothing can lift you up (wearing my favourite dress makes me feel damn good). We think getting dressed (on the good days) is artful expression and we like the camaraderie of shopping with friends. We love the thrill of scoring big – and the sound of tissue paper unwrapping.

We heart vintage.

Vintage clothes shopping is stylish and interesting and ethical for those reasons Italian vintage is in your future.

We know that a $400 pair of heels is extreme.

And we know that kids don’t have clean drinking water while we drink wine. And we know that social injustice exists — and we like to be the change we want to see in the world. That’s the reason why Italian Fix is a socially conscious biz. That means when you travel on one of our trips, you contribute to alleviate poverty and disadvantaged people through charities and organizations that make the world saner. We donate a percentage from every trip sale — which makes it easy to feel warm and fuzzy every time you travel with us — even before you leave. Right now we have a crush on KIVA, a company that finances microloans to impoverished entrepreneurs in developing economies. Because giving is sexy.


This opportunity is not for everyone

It is for women who:

  Love to have a good time

  Enjoy pounding the cobblestones of busy cities

  Are upbeat and who see the glass half full (of wine)

  Love to be in the centre of the action

  Are excited to meet Italian creative types


It is not for people who:

Are drama queens, high maintenance divas or downers

Look for ways to nitpick other people’s  style or creative clothing expression

Require white glove concierge service and fancy caviar to feel taken care of (we love you but we prefer understated luxury)

Are stressed out by scheduled activities and would rather wander the streets aimlessly with no plan

Here’s more goodies:



Ciao. My name is Bianca and I’m gonna tell you a story.


When I was five I wanted to be a ballerina in New York City. Then I realized that plan involved too much dancing – I just really wanted to wear the tutu.

In my teens I channelled my creative brain into making clothes and believed sewing my own frocks was the most stylish option for a small town girl.  Between crafting and riding my horse I stayed out of trouble — sort of.

When I got all grown up I went to art school and studied fibres & textiles and dreamed about studying fashion in Italy — but I could never swallow the tuition fees. So I scored a study bursary to get my butt to Florence — I leaped at the imperfect opportunity to study Italian language, at least it was at the art school so I could check out the scene.

I ended up living in Italy for a few years (which happens when you run off to city hall to marry your Italian boyfriend). I never moved to Milan to get that job in fashion buying — but that’s where I was headed.

But life had better plans with less time in heels glued to a cell phone; I moved back to my lazy seaside town of my youth with my imported husband in tow. It was a good choice – we bought an old house to fix up and had a gorgeous daughter with red curly hair.

But a pattern remains; in every city I travel I have one mission — to find unique treasures. It’s launched me into hand-weavers studios in Kuala Lumpur, made to measure glove makers in Venice, dress makers in Budapest, vintage stores in L.A. and countless other shopping adventures around the world.

This shopping trip to Florence + Milan is in that spirit. It’s also a time for me to introduce you to some Italian people, places and beautiful things that I know.

I don’t do it alone – I’ve invited some exceptional people to help you experience the Italy that many will never see — only because they don’t know where to look.

But you’re smarter than that.

Which is why you should join us.


Group limited to 10 people



Registration is now closed.

But don’t be sad: you can get on the wait list for future trips.

Click here to get on the wait list and hear more about Italian Fix trips.






Kiva - loans that change livesWe are proud to support entrepreneurs in developing economies. A percentage of sales from this trip go directly to fund small business loans for the working poor through


photo credits: top to bottom, left to right: Hotel Continentale (3), Bianca Gignac, Hotel Straf (3), Leela Cyd (3), 500 Touring club Firenze, Leela Cyd, Villa le Piazzole, Bio shot of Bianca: Filippo Mutani