July 2013

Riomaggiore, Italy Loves You.

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

riomagiorre italy

Riomaggiore, Italy loves you.

With her one street town.

With her jasmine blossoms.

With her pop pastel colours.

With her crisp white wines.

With her ocean views to die for.

Riomaggiore Italy could become your favourite place on the planet.

It’s become one of mine.

And you might think maybe it’s cause I’ve been tripping around Riomaggiore Italy on and off for a decade, that I’ve sort of tumbled into loving it.

Or cause it’s where I met my husband.

But if I think back to Moment One – before that – I remember it was love at first sight.

The first time walking up the street, the first time swimming under the stars, the first time sleeping under a frescoed ceiling and picking lemons from the window in the morning.

Staying in the village of Riomaggiore, Italy is like living inside of Pinterest: cool things are everywhere. via @italianfix {click to tweet this quote}

So now, yes, it’s where I keep returning to.

And now, of course, I wanna help you visit there.

So come with me. Let me show you around…


Wanna know a perfect Riomaggiore vacay?

Riomaggiore’s homes dot the shoreline to create the southernmost village of the Cinque Terre (five lands) on the Italian Riviera in the north of Italy. The picturesque terraces and brightly painted homes kiss people the minute they get off the train.

After years of visiting and living in the region (+ marrying into it) l have a pretty good idea of how to rock the Riviera.

Here are my shiniest pieces to create your perfect day puzzle.


1) Tuck yourself into an adorable village home. You can rent a room or apartment with an ocean view terrace. Check out Giulia Suite, a private apartment where I snapped these shots below from my last stay. It has an amazeballs sea view terrace where you can enjoy a meal you’ve made from the delicious treats found at the market. Food just tastes better when you’re soaking up an insane view all the way to the French coastline. Giulia Suite sleeps 3 and is a steal starting at 120 euros. The interior has a kitchen with marble counters and sink, a bedroom built around amazing exposed natural rock and a dining table fit for a festa. Connect with Amy to rent Giulia suite or a slew of other perfect village homes at Riomaggiore Reservations.


2) Go to the beach with your relaxation arsenal: a litre of water, fruit, a book, a caftan/cover-up and your camera. Buy your arsenal from the shops in the village and then head down to the marina. The path will lead around the corner where you’ll find the local beach filled with smooth rocks warmed by the sun. An afternoon of swimming and lounging there is a facelift for the spirit.

3) Sip an aperitivo as the sun goes down. An aperol spritz, a negroni, local white wine or sciachetrà is the tipple of choice (no — not all at once). Riomaggiore Italy has two ocean side bars clinging to cliffs — one is near the beach and another is located at the top of the stairs near the train station.

4) Wander the wide boulevard. It snakes past the church with picturesque views over the village; keep climbing and you’ll reach the castle with a bench good enough for an internal reflection or two.

5) Walk up to Il Santuario (Il Santuario di Nostra Signora di Montenero). Find the trail head at the top of the village, above the car park, and brace yourself for a forty minute steep climb. But the views of the village and the blue Med will make you smile.

6) Have a choice of travel dates? Choose May and Early June or September and early October. You’ll find the sweetest balance of weather and people at those times.



Cheat sheet:

Stay: Amy at Riomaggiore Reservations will book you Giulia Suite or other cozy homes in the village.

Do: Beach, hike, wander. Slow down. Way down

Taste: Acciughe: anchovies locally caught and prepared two ways; lemon or salted. Vino bianco: Cinque Terre DOC whites produced from grapes grown in these villages by independent winemakers. Sciachetrà: a sweet wine made from local dried grapes.

Worship: A place caught in time + your fortune for being able to see it.

What do you think?

Does Riomaggiore call your name?

Is it your time to feel her love too?

post in partnership with Riomaggiore Reservations

images first and last by Leela Cyd Ross

Hey you, leave a comment. Have you been there? Would you like to go? I’d love to hear what you think about Riomaggiore Italy.