October 2013

How to Be an Unhappy Traveler

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

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There are many ways to be unhappy in life. Here are some ways to be unhappy while traveling.

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How to End Luggage Drama

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

best carry on luggage

Is there a support group for over-packers? Cause there should be.

As far as I can see there are pretty much two groups of travellers: Those who bring too much crap and those who don’t.

One group of traveller struggles. Groans. Swears. And misses their train connection cause they can’t actually get their gargantuan rolled luggage down the stairs. I’ve been that girl.

Then there’s the other group who looks calm. Collected. In control.  These types smugly saunter through the crowds wearing a Patagonia backpack the size of a Big-Mac as they poo poo the crowds at the checked baggage belt.

I’d love to say I’m in the second category. But I’m just not. Not yet.

But I’ve got a dream…and it’s to travel lighter.

So I’ve wrangled together a collection of the best carry on luggage that can help in that mission. Hopefully it’s better than joining over-packers anonymous, no?

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9 Castle Hotels in Italy You Gotta See

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

castle hotels in italy

Castle hotels in Italy give you a backstage pass to some of Italy’s most incredible residences.

Even if you don’t posses an ounce of blue blood in your veins – sleeping in a castle will help you channel your inner Old Royal — thankfully minus the endless hours of needlepoint by the dimly lit fire.

Actually I’d argue you’ll live more like a royal than the last royals which inhabited these castles. Twelfth century princesses didn’t have complimentary wi-fi, heated floors or jetted tubs – pretty standard currency of the modern traveller now isn’t it?

So my vote is that if you love history and you love Italy – get thy self checked-in to a castle hotel in Italy.


castel hotels in Italy 3

castle hotels italy 2

Want more? Here’s a list of  standout castle hotels in Italy:

Castello di Vicarello | Tuscany

Castello Banfi Il Borgo | Tuscany

Castello Monastero | Tuscany

Castello Di Casole | Tuscany

Castello Del Nero | Tuscany

Castel Rundegg | Italian Alps/Trentino-Alto Adige

Castello Chiola  | Abruzzo

Castello dell’Oscano | Umbria

Castello di Oviglio | Piedmont


Please comment! What’s your favourite hotel you’ve ever stayed in?