November 2013

anthology Cinque Terre

Anthology Magazine published a story about the Cinque Terre featuring images taken on our tour of the Cinque Terre.

Our trip photographer, Leela Cyd, wrote the story for Anthology, and I’m excited to have our trip shared in such an awesome publication like Anthology.

Anthology is printed in San Francisco, and it features home decor, travel, design, entertaining, and culture.

P.S. For our new tour dates of the Cinque Terre see this.  Who knows, you might end up in the next magazine feature.

Love, Bianca

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travel when you have no money

What if, one day, your job goes to hell in a handbasket?

You get laid off, or canned, or your company sinks. Or you do something you’ve been dreaming of for ages; you flip off your boss cause you can’t bear it another second. (I did this once and it feels as good as it sounds).

Anyways, what if your paycheck stopped coming?

What if, suddenly, you had more time than money?

The majority of us would do what we’re programmed to do; which is jump back on the horse.

We’d go find work. Pound the pavement. Make it happen.

But, just for fun, let’s pretend you don’t like horses.

And maybe, damn it, you don’t like hamsters either.

But you feel like you’ve been living like one … running on that hamster wheel non-stop.

And you might be, by now, completely in the throes of a quarter-life or a mid-life or a three-quarter life crisis.

And you want a change. You’re desperate for one: a change of direction. A change of outlook. A change of ‘tude.

Like, yesterday.

But frankly, you’re a little freaked out that you no longer possess the steady cashola you once had.

Until is dawns on you, you have options.

And so, here’s a little reminder of a few.

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