October 2014

5 Secrets of Better Travel Photos

by Bianca @ Italian Fix


Having a camera and being a photographer is the traveler’s golden ticket.

It’s your excuse to be curious, ask questions and get involved in a local place.

When you’re a photographer, it’s your job to seek out the authentic, the juice, the real life of a new locale. It’s the best job on earth, and even if you’re not a professional, you can play one on your next trip (this is how every photographer got their start, guaranteed).

Here are the secrets of better travel photos to help get started on creating dynamic, riveting, pin worthy travel pics!

Today they’re shared by the incredible lifestyles photographer Leela Cyd. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, Cooking Light, Food & Wine, Bon Appetit, Parent & Child, Kinfolk, Sweet Paul, Anthology, ABC, Culture and Apartment Therapy. Bianca_Gignac_Leela_Cyd

I’ve invited Leela to co-host the Italian Fix photography tour this summer. We promise the trip will be more fun than a pillow fight with George Clooney.

On our trip, Leela will mentor a small group of women to take their photography to the next level. And I’ll show you all the secret spots that I know from my years of living in Italy. More on those juicy deets below.

Let’s jump into Leela’s five tips now.
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9 Things Italians Do Best

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

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In Italy, there’s a whole lotta smooching going on. On streets, on bridges, on buses … at beaches. Kissing in Italy is an anytime/anywhere scenario.

If, currently, PDA’s (public displays of affection) wig you out, then traveling Italy will likely inspire a change in perspective. Italians know best: no matter what the economy, kissing is free, is fun, and you can even start today. P.S. Practice makes perfect.


Have you ever gone to the store in Crocs, sweatpants or pajamas? Likely you have. But spending time in Italy has taught me something epic: you CAN ride a bike in a pretty dress and very high heels. If you’re a gent you CAN ride a bike in a light blue suit with white loafers. It looks and feels … beautiful.


Obviously texting is big in Italy (Europeans adopted cellphones first), but my Italian friends make way more phone calls than we do. They actually dial a number and talk on the phone to make plans.

Reality Checking

Italians have no shame in commenting on your physical appearance, even when the verdict is negative. They will outright say, “You’re so much fatter since I last saw you.” Or, “What have you been eating: Bignè allo zabaione for dinner?”

I first mistook this frankness for lack of tact. But I now appreciate it for a say-it-like-it-is-certainty.
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Italy weather when to go

-The Weather in Italy-

Before I dive into my romantic story below, I have a question for you: do you get affected by the weather? If you said yes, you’re like most people.

We all have weather preferences: some like it hot, some like it not.

Save time researching Italy weather, right now.

For a trip to Italy, don’t bother looking up the weather for each city.
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