August 2015

How to Pick a Positano Hotel

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

I woke up in our adorable Positano hotel to rain and thunder. Sweet relief. Hallelujah!

With the storm the temperature has dropped, and all is well with the world.

The air felt clean. I sat on my deck overlooking the boats and the sea. I notice my bare feet marked with Birkenstock tan lines (a non-sexy but true sign of a great summer).

I went downstairs in search of tea, and a quiet writing spot as my famiglia slept peacefully wrapped in starched sheets, surely soothed by rain on the patio.

Don’t you love that sound?

#BiancaTravelTip: Positano Hotels

Would you like to visit Positano? Are you trying to pick the best place to stay?
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What to Bring on a Trip to Italy

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

We arrived in Positano and heard there had been no phone service for two days. No phone also means no internet. Or credit card machines working.

There are a few things that I’ve learned along the way in my travel life: expect the best but be prepared for the worst (although some things are just unavoidable so chill the hell out).

Which brings me to some tips.

#BiancaTravelTip: Prep Like A Pro

1) CHILL PILL: When things go sideways on your trip, don’t freak out or lose your cool. It’s usually not life-threatening. In some circles, we call shit going down as “getting out of your comfort zone.” It’s usually a good thing.
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Garmin Saves Marriages

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

Driving from Grossetto region (in southern Tuscany) to the Amalfi Coast takes about six hours — with a few quick stops for food. Our destination was Positano.

If your trip to Italy includes Rome, I would suggest sleeping in Rome a few nights. That would cut the driving time in half, and it’s “on the way” between these two places.

Obviously Rome is a destination in itself but we’re not visiting any big cities (apart from Palermo, Sicily) on this trip.

I’ll tell you why in a minute.

We were invited to an amazing “grigliata” (a BBQ on a wood fire) at the family’s country home of Elisabetta. We couldn’t say no – but we knew lunch in Tuscany meant night driving the Amalfi Coast.

But going to a beautiful outdoor lunch in the mountains with twenty lovely Tuscans trumped any well-laid plans.
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