December 2015

How to Get to Sicily: A Cheat Sheet

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

How to get to Sicily from Rome

I want to show you how to get to Sicily. Quickly and cheaply.

Sicily is a ridiculous place.

I have no idea why more people don’t go there.

It seems to have all the pieces we crave in a holiday — amazing beaches, clean ocean and genuinely friendly people. Oh, and the food. The food you, like, think about two years after eating it.


The only reason more people don’t go there is because it feels out-of-the-way. Sardinia, another Italian Island, has the same problemo — it feels removed.

But it’s actually not.

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compassion travel

I’m so saddened by what has happened in Paris. And I read about Beirut too. 

I know many of us feel like global citizens. And we take news like this with a heavy heart.

We have a tremendous amount of compassion for others we share the planet with.

Because we’re curious types. We’re travelers.

We identify with other cultures because we’ve experienced how they live. On their turf.

Compassion is my favorite human trait. And I think traveling nurtures that trait.

Another thing I’ve noticed; it’s typically people with wanderlust who radiate optimism.

We have a feeling that life holds beauty and opportunity for us. And that we belong to more places than we currently know. Life is beyond just our hometown … our home country.

As travelers, we leave the comfort and security of our kitchen to cook in someone else’s kitchen.

When we travel to a country, like France, we think: Oh, wow, their [insert habit/custom/belief] is so evolved. I think THEY have it right. (Or conversely, I don’t like this [habit/custom/belief] and I’m so grateful I don’t think like that.)

Would we have found the lesson had we stayed home? 
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