March 2016

Big Announcement + Contest

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

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This has been a very fun time for us!

We’ve been highly focused writing a travel guide with one purpose: to make your trip to Italy outrageously good.

We’ve been listening to readers and our tour clients for years, and we hear the same things:

Help! My trip is so overwhelming to plan! Can I ask you a few questions?

For people who are coming to Italy for the first or fifth time, planning a trip can be hugely stressful. And coming to a country where you don’t speak the language just adds another layer of complexity.

Trip planning is like a full-time job — there are so many moving parts. I plan trips for a living, and I know how much time and effort it can take. Even if I have an advantage (cause I do it a lot, have connections and read Italian language content), it still takes an immense amount of time, and there’s an art to doing it well! Given that, I really feel for the “first timer.”

Our new guide will give you “before you go” trip planning strategies, plus city guides for Rome, Florence, Venice and the Cinque Terre.

It’s full of step-by-step directions, must-know resources, lists of favorite hotels and rad food. We deliver it in a very personalized, “avoid that and do this” advice.

You know, things we would tell our clients who travel with us, or our friends. Just straight-up stuff.
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