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Post image for Why Visiting The Milan Cathedral Is Always Worth It

No trip to Milan is complete without visiting the (second) largest church in Italy: The Milan Cathedral.

Gothic gargoyles. Stunning spires. Majestic Madonnina, who has the best view of the city.

The Milan Cathedral didn’t mess around when it came to architecture.

And if you’re planning to visit, knowing a couple of handy facts about this fancy spot will make the experience way more enjoyable and totally worth it.

Consider this a mini-course in Milan Cathedral 101.

Read on if you want to find out what makes it so darn special.

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Post image for How To Make Simple, Authentic Italian Pizza Dough Like A Pro

Wanna know what makes for a straight-outta-Naples Italian pizza?

At its core, the ingredient list to pull together a simple pizza dough is shockingly tiny.

But when you’re in the kitchen –– it’s not always so easy-peasy when you’re scouring the interwebs for The Recipe that will work like a charm every single time.

In fact, Italian cooks themselves –– like Giulia Scarpaleggia, who we adore –– have always been on a personal quest to knead Italian pizza dough to absolute perfection.

This post is your godsend to hosting your next phenomenal Italian pizza party with crispy-warm confidence.

Don’t look anywhere else for the perfect recipe!

We’ve got two incredible Italian pizza recipes from Italians who know their woodfired ovens better than anyone.

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Post image for If You’re An Italian Foodie, You Gotta Know About DOP

When buying Italian products, you gotta look out for red n’ yellow starburst labels with the letters “DOP”.

It’s a small detail that can make *all* the difference between taking home legit Italian foods and, well, copycat watered-down versions.

Italy produces some of the highest amount of packaged foods –– all that yummy cheese! –– but sadly, almost 2 out of 3 Italian-inspired goods on the international market aren’t really from Italy.

If you dig Italian food, read on so you can be in the know about buying only the good Italian stuff.

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