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Lecce: The Florence of The South

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

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We spy with our little eye a new love affair brewing in Southern Italy: you + Lecce.

Usually overshadowed by her shinier counterparts in Southern Italy –– the Amalfi Coast and Matera, for example –– Lecce is the definition of under-the-radar, hiding at the bottom of Italy’s boot heel. She’s less glam but more gorgeous than most people realize.

The easiest way to describe Lecce: she’s basically the Florence of the South.

The more complex way to describe Lecce?

Lecce is:

Baroque extravagance at its best. Sweet spiraled columns towering over you. Cute cherubs in creamy limestone squeezed into every corner. Piazzas and palazzi popping out every two seconds. Gorgeous gargoyles grinning and grimacing.

After changing hands between the Romans, Byzantines, Normans, and Sicilians over the centuries, Lecce’s architecture has been getting makeovers (especially in Baroque-style) from fresh young architects for, like, ever.

The result = wowza buildings oozing creativity that lights up your freshly-tanned face.

Read on to find out why we adore Lecce –– and why you will, too.

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A Perfect Day In Florence

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

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Is there such a thing as a Perfect Day in Florence?

As far we’re concerned, when it involves secret strolls through winding alleys, experiencing the city with Italian friends, and cups of wine on the steps of your new favorite piazza, the answer is yes!

If you had one summer day to make the most of being in this incredible city, here’s what we would suggest for you.

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There’s a teeny-tiny slice of Tuscany that’s probably been poured into your wine glass before –– Montepulciano.

Besides the fact that Montepulciano is a fab wine, this cute village perched atop a limestone ridge is *also* basically Tuscan perfection.

Sepia-soaked medieval buildings that don’t seem to have changed a bit.

Green gorgeous hills sweeping across the horizon. 

Cypress trees dotting the landscape perfectly, like a painting playing on the brain.

(Or was it just that extra glass of Montepulciano?)

Montepulciano just wines and dines your senses in a whole different way.

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