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We consider the villages of Alberobello, Martina Franca and Locorotondo to be among the prettiest pockets of Puglia.

You might have heard of their cutie-pie trulli cones, and wonder: where is Alberobello?

Along with its neighboring timeless towns, it’s set in the sweet, olive-tree-lined Valle D’Itria. An area criss-crossed with tiny roads, country estates and the pastoral scenes of rural Europe.

AKA a one-in-a-million valley that spans old olive groves, cool caves and trippy trulli roofs jutting through the lush landscape.

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plan for fun 2019

Are you pumped about 2019?

The new year always feels like a bright and shiny opportunity for inching out all the goodness the 365 days ahead have to offer.

You might have goals and plans — now that we’re out of the holiday season they’ll hopefully be plans that don’t involve eating an entire bag of Lindt chocolates in one sitting. Or maybe they do — hey, we don’t judge.

But I have a more important mission for you.

Let’s make 2019 the most fun you’ve ever had in your (adult) life.

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best places to visit in Italy Lecce Puglia

Trying to pick the best places to visit in Italy is like being forced to choose your favorite nonna.

It can’t be done, because they can both whip up a mean risotto.

There’s no such thing as “the number one best place to visit in Italy.”

Every spot is steeped in its own special ragu sauce, and calls a different traveler to each place.

Those top 10 lists that rank the best places in Italy are doing it wrong.

What we can do instead: show you our faves (no rankings), and give you the insider intel on exactly when to go, (and when to skip).

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