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Honeymooning in Italy feels like… 

A warm, jasmine-scented breeze playing on your skin after an uber-romantic dinner overlooking the Ligurian Sea.

Waking up late and rolling around in sheets with a thread count they def don’t sell at IKEA.

Ordering a piping-hot espresso and straight-outta-the-oven biscotti in bed.

Towers of garlicky tagliatelle, because you don’t give a foccacia about wedding bod anymore.

But here’s what’s most important for a great honeymoon in Italy (in our humble sea view)…

A ridiculously romantic hotel.

And oh baby, does Italy bring it when we’re talkin’ cuddling with your cutie in a hot honeymoon spot!

Today we’re dishing on the most luxe, Instagram-worthy hotels for a blow-out Italian honeymoon. 

While Italy isn’t super-duper expensive for many things (c’mon, you’ll get oodles of fab food and wine to wash it all down with on the cheap), top-notch hotels in Italy can cost you your kidney.

If you’ve got euros to spare in your budget, here are 10 splashy spots to escape to post-wedding in Italy!

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Italy loves to count her lucky sea stars — FIVE, to be exact.

She’s a rarity on the Mediterranean, with almost any spot (especially in the south) being within reach of five sparkling seas:

  • The Ligurian Sea — In the northwest, where you’ll find the Italian Riviera and some of our favorite towns (like the Cinque Terre villages and Portovenere), not to mention romantic Corsica.
  • The Adriatic Sea — To the east of Italy, bordering gorgeous spots like Puglia, Venice and Trieste. It’s not super well known to most, but it’s actually got 1200 islands floating in it. No biggie.
  • The Tyrrhenian Sea — In the southwest, this is where you’ll find Italians heading for their own vacays. The Aeolian Islands (aka the Hawaii of Italy), Sicily, Naples and Sardinia all hang out in this oceanic pocket. 
  • The Ionian Sea — To the southeast, this baby mingles with Greek waters, and their influence is totally clear on the Italian side! Greek theaters abound along this coastline, ft. postcard-pretty places like Catania and Taormina. 
  • The Mediterranean Sea — Obvi. Down south from Sicily, all these seas merge into the majestic Mediterranean.

From coast to coast, Italy is panino-d between all of these water babies — which means that when you visit, you gotta take a dip.

Roadtrip with us down the Italian coast today! We’re gonna show you where to soak up the sun and dip your tippy-toes.

Let’s go!

Here are 10 of the best, most beautiful coastal towns in Italy that are *always* worth a visit:

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Post image for The Top 5 Italy Destinations for 2020 (And Easy-Peasy Day Trips To Make The Most of Them)

Let’s make 2020 the year of going to beautiful places in Italy… 

*Without* trying to wake up extra early to “beat the rush” or squeeze into a looong line for an attraction.

Wanna know why?

At its core, Italians embrace a culture of moving at your own pace. Doing your own thing, because you want to. Heck, they even siesta.

But since the economy in Italy has been on the rise — along with rising middle classes across the world — the country’s traditional “hot spots” have adopted a vibe that goes against the crostini of being an Italian: Busy. Busy. Busy.

But of course, you HAVE to visit Rome, Florence, Venice, etc. when you come to Italy.

What you can *also* do if you’re planning to visit one of these major hot spots, though, is introduce a teeny-tiny sidestep (read: day trip!) to some under-the-radar towns. We’ve got a couple of ideas up our linen sleeves, and they’re easy-peasy to reach via the Italian train system, Trenitalia.

If you’re planning a trip to Italy and wanna know what’s hot right now (or *too* hot, and you don’t want it), keep reading on!

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