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living la dolce vita overlooking Vernazza with a flower in hand


It’s 1PM on a Wednesday in Florence, and you’re on your way to pick up ingredients for lunch. Warm cobblestones under your feet. The smell of fresh espresso in the air. You feel like you’re truly living la dolce vita.

But your newly discovered deli, run by a charming couple in their 50s, has pulled down the blinds and hung up a new sign on their door: Chiuso.


Some frantic thoughts racing through your mind might include:

“Oh my god. How inconvenient.”

“What will I do now?”

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where to stay in Venice lagoon view

If you’re going to Italy, “where to stay in Venice” is something that you’re likely asking yourself. I’ve been a bunch of times and so have many of our clients.

We have a city guide for Venice with an exhaustive list of where to stay in Venice, written by someone who lives there and knows what’s what.

Whether you’ve explored The Floating City before or whether you’re planning your first trip, I want to let you in on some sweet digs that are definitely on my “where to stay in Venice” radar for the next time I go.

We have a complete list of hotels in our Venice City Guide.

But just for fun, here’s a list of our fave non-hotels that are a little quirky or just plain fab.

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where to go in italy our list from the coolest Italians

The subject of where to go in Italy is a hot topic, especially if you ask an Italian.

One of the best things about Italy is how many incredible places there are to see in such a concentrated area.

I mean, think about it — Rome, Florence, Venice, the Cinque Terre, the Amalfi Coast, the Tuscan hills, Sicily, the Alps, all packed into a country less than half the size of Texas!

And those are just the top-of-my-head obvious destinations, the ones most people will have on their bucket list or itinerary. In the spaces between these heavy hitters are innumerable other gems, the off-the-beaten path places most people don’t know about.

So how do you choose? You only have so much holiday time, and you want to make the most of it.

Wanna know what I do?

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