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A Yacht party sailing in the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean

This beauty is waiting to sail in Med waters. I can already see us sipping a Spritz in the white lounges, while the kids catch minnows off the back deck. Actually, scratch that, the boys will be cannonballing off the top deck and us mamma’s will be nursing their sunburns that night. But the dream is still SOOO nice that since seeing this beauty on YachtWorld, I’ve been looking around my house looking for what I can sell for my “boat fund”. (Maybe the house has to go.) There’s no need to buy a catamaran, you can rent them by the week with a captain. I’ve done this in Sardinia and can make intros.

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We’ve NEVER Done This

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

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I have been writing the Italian Fix blog for almost 10 years.

And on these posts, I’ve recorded my highest highs (laugh-till-your-abs-hurt on a boat in Sicily moments with clients) and holy sh*t also the lowest lows (teary-eyed, cancelling every 2020 tour, watching a decade of work go down the tubes).

I’ve grown into a writer by writing these emails — “writer” was never a label I would never have self-identified with before, but the journey seems to have changed that.

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Hello lovely Italian Fix family,

Bianca here. This isn’t a “Letter from the CEO” or “Motivational Help List.”

It’s not an overly optimistic feel-good piece — we just don’t have the stomach for that at the moment.

Keep reading for something way more personal: A day in the life of someone living in Italy right now.

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