Our Fave Mermaid Moments

by Bianca @ Italian Fix


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two ladies enjoying a chat at the beach club

Here at Italian Fix, we’re equal-opportunity bathers. Off a boat, at a beach or in a bathtub — if it involves luxuriating in water, we’ll take it! Because as long as we’re in our swimsuits, we’re winning.

If you haven’t put on a bikini since 1999, then be inspired by the Italian ladies above.

This is Italy. No matter your shape, age or gender — when it’s beach time, it’s go time. Heck, the entire country pretty much closes down next week so they can go to the mare. Beach breaks are religion here; no boss, no sagging economy and no government is gonna bust up this national habit.

Here are some of our fave water baby moments from our years of taking our clients to Italy:

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Our Fave Italy Foodie Moments

by Bianca @ Italian Fix


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our tour guide and guest enjoying some delicious pizza!


You probably won’t be surprised to hear that many of our favorite memories from our tours to Italy revolve around — you guessed it — FOOD.

This is, after all, the birthplace of some of the most delicious eats the world has known. Everyone has a fave among the classics, of course, the dishes we tend to think of when we think of “Italian food” — we’re talking spaghetti, lasagna, ravioli, and of course, pizza.

And we indulge — oh, do we indulge! — in all of that comfort food. But we also give our guests the opportunity to step outside of their comfort zones too and expand their foodie horizons.

Here are some of the yummiest moments from our tours:

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If you’re looking to level-up your upcoming trip to Florence, we can’t think of a better way to do it than to include a Florence-to-Cinque-Terre day trip.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We are big-time proponents of spending a solid two or three nights minimum in the Cinque Terre. This is an area you want to let yourself sink into for a truly satisfying experience, and that means taking your time getting to know each of the villages, enjoying leisurely sunset dinners once the day-trippers have cleared out, waving to the same fishermen you walk by in the marina every morning, and exploring the hillside paths beyond the famous Blue Trail.

But we also understand that your holiday time is limited, and that the right taste can still be full of flavor, even if you can’t take a whole bite. Continue Reading…

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