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When in Italy, you gotta indulge in two of our fave foodie rituals: aperitivo and apericena

These two pre-dinner traditions embody the elements we adore about Italy –– taking time to unwind, bringing friends together, sampling *all* the snacks…

And frankly, we love any excuse to have a glass of Prosecco 😉

They’re easy to mix up though, especially since apericena has only been gaining popularity in recent years.

So before you work up an appetite for your next plate of pasta, find out which ritual is right for you, and what makes them core pieces of Italian culture.

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Montalcino: Tuscany’s Top Secret

by Bianca @ Italian Fix


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There’s a top-secret, teeny-tiny town tucked into the hills of Tuscany: Montalcino.

Population? 5000.

Views? Try the highest hilltop in Tuscany.

Vineyards? Also about 5000.

Montalcino is on our radar because we dig its low-key, no-other-tour-groups-are-here vibes.

That’s why we stay there for two nights on our Greatest Hits tour –– and we pick our spots very, very carefully.

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Looking for things to do in Lake Como and Varenna?

Besides simply just being there, of course.

We’ve got insider intel that will help you maximize 24 hours in the most gorgeous lakeside region in the world.

First things first: Lake Como loops around lush valleys and islands, which means it’s not just “one” place –– it’s made up of multiple villages.

Follow along as we walk you through a summer day (we recommend going any time between April and October) in the laid back, charming village that gets our air kiss of approval in Lake Como –– Varenna.

She doles out romance in the form of majestic old villas with sweeping gardens, yellow hotels tucked along the shoreline, medieval lanes for long strolls, and blooms and bougainvillea bursting through cracked cobblestone streets.

To experience her in all her gorgeous glory, here’s a mix ‘n’ match itinerary of what to do, see and eat in Varenna, Lake Como –– something for every kind of traveler.

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