Do you have Italian in your blood? This week we’re dreaming about discovering our roots. Most Italian immigrants to the United States and Canada came from Southern Italy. Cherrye Moore, owner of My Bella Vita Travel, has made it her life’s work to help people with Calabrese ancestry in particular understand their family history like never before.

After booking a spot on a My Bella Vita Travel tour, you will be assigned a personal Calabrian Heritage Specialist who will review your ancestral information, coordinate with the local comuni to access your family records, and spend time on the ground — in your ancestral town — researching on your behalf. On a pre-arranged day during the tour, you’ll meet your Heritage Specialist who will personally escort you to your ancestral village. In addition to walking the streets your great great grandparents once walked on a private tour, you’ll also be part of a small group as you visit medieval villages, meet local artisans, enjoy exclusive wine experiences available only during these tours, and more. Booking now for June and October 2022 dates.


Wine tasting in Tuscany is something you kinda gotta do. (If you don’t drink wine, go for a second taglieri or 3-course lunch — delish!) Casa Sola, in the Chianti region between Florence and Siena, has a variety of tasting combos on offer — just wine, tastings with snacks, tastings with a meal, and more. Better yet, stay the night on the property and settle in with the stunning landscapes of classic Tuscany surrounding you.


Helping people make plans! We hosted a masterclass over the weekend and with over 180 on the call — it shows that people are ready to get their Europe plans in gear. This is a group from years past posing on the streets of Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre.


We have availability on our women-only Sicily or Cinque Terre May tours — we are down to the last spots. May is a beautiful time of the year to be away. Many women come alone — you have built in friends when you arrive. Reply to this email for more info and we’ll share what we have left for these spring dates.


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