What We Dig: The Siena, Italy Guide.

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

siena italy guide aerial panoramic view

Everyone talks about Siena, Italy, but not everyone understands why it’s so good ‘n’ sexy.

Good thing you’re here — ‘cause we do!

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where to stay in florence

This is an awesome question from  a reader:

My bride and I are going to Italy to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. We will be in Florence for 2 nights before going to Rome. What do you recommend for hotels in Florence? We love small hotels, and it would be great to be near the Duomo.

Thanks!     {Roy S.}

So – you’re headed to Florence?

Congratulations! I’d love to give you my top choices for cozy and romantic hotels.

I’ve personally visited or stayed in all the hotels that I’m recommending to you.

I’m a real picky bitch about these things. I don’t recommend luxury hotels that feel over the top and frivolous. I don’t think that spending a large amount of money equals to having a large amount of fun. The two things aren’t linked in my experience.

But of course the lower end of the price spectrum often delivers generic hotels filled with el cheapo everything. And don’t get me started on wall to wall Berber carpeting or I might have to be sedated.

I can get you closer to your perfect Florence hotel right now.

You say you want to be central:

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scooter rental rome

scooter rental rome

A scooter rental in Rome is a thrilling idea.

It’s also a thrilling way to: a) lower your life expectancy and b) learn the most Italian swear words in under a minute.

But hey, when in Rome…right?


To help you get around Rome here are seven solutions (pictures above).

1. An electric bicycle for easy riding. Rent here.

2. A vintage Fiat 500, cause it’s so darn fun. Rent here.

3. This lovely bike for two. Rent here.

4. A Piaggo 125cc scooter. Rent here.

5. A vintage Ape Calessino, the most unique ride of the bunch. Rent here.

6. A foldable city bike. Rent here.

7. A vintage Vespa for your Audrey Hepburn moment. Rent here.


But wait, there’s more! Print out this Rome cycling map too.

Hey sweetie, have you ever rented a bike or scooter on your travels? If you were in Rome today, what would you be doing? Leave a comment and let us know!

With love, Bianca