where to stay in Rome

Want the inside scoop on where to stay in Rome?

You’ve booked your plane ticket – but that’s only half the pre-vacay work.

We want you to know what The Eternal City looks and feels like before you go.

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The Top 10 Spots in Southern Italy

by Monique @ Italian Fix

top spots southern italy matera

Curious about Southern Italy?

If you’ve traveled through all that’s north of the boot already, you’re probably ready for something new.

Something different from the usual suspects. Venice, Florence, Milan – you’ve been there, done that.

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Our Fave Mermaid Moments

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

two ladies enjoying a chat at the beach club

Here at Italian Fix, we’re equal-opportunity bathers. Off a boat, at a beach or in a bathtub — if it involves luxuriating in water, we’ll take it! Because as long as we’re in our swimsuits, we’re winning.

If you haven’t put on a bikini since 1999, then be inspired by the Italian ladies above.

This is Italy. No matter your shape, age or gender — when it’s beach time, it’s go time. Heck, the entire country pretty much closes down next week so they can go to the mare. Beach breaks are religion here; no boss, no sagging economy and no government is gonna bust up this national habit.

Here are some of our fave water baby moments from our years of taking our clients to Italy:

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