The Top 10 Spots in Southern Italy

Curious about Southern Italy? If you’ve traveled through all that’s north of the boot already, you’re probably ready for something new. Something different from the usual suspects. Venice, Florence, Milan […]

Our Fave Mermaid Moments

Here at Italian Fix, we’re equal-opportunity bathers. Off a boat, at a beach or in a bathtub — if it involves luxuriating in water, we’ll take it! Because as long […]

5 Best Places to Travel in Italy in 2018

Dreaming about an Italy trip in 2018 or beyond? Behold our hot list of the best places to travel in Italy in 2018! These are the lesser-known spots that we’re lovin’ […]

An Awesome Amalfi Coast Alternative

Il Cannito

Every once in a while, I get amped about a place. Right now, it’s a guesthouse on the southern coast of Italy, called Il Cannito. I can imagine myself poolside […]

Sleep Here: Casa Talia is Stylish Sicily

Hotel: Casa Talia Where: Sicily, Southern Italy (Modica is near Noto and Ragusa.) Highlights: Small bed & breakfast // Independent units with private terraces // Ample outdoor space with gardens […]