More Fun, Anyone?

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

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Doesn’t it feel tricky sometimes to “look on the bright side?”

In our hearts and brains, we know it’s the right way to approach life. But let’s face it, sometimes  it’s damn hard to be feeling “two thumbs up.”

In fact, sometimes you’re just feeling a major case of two thumbs down. I’ve been there.

You know you’re in a funk when first thing in the morning — even before you’ve rolled over to check the time — you think, “Ughhhh.” Or, “Waaahhh!” Or, “Dear God (or other preferred deity) help me.”

I’m not talking the random Monday mornings when you just don’t feel like peeling yourself out of your numerous-thread-count Egyptian cotton nest.

I’m talking about those times in your life when, well… something has snatched your Happy, blindfolded it, and thrown it out the window of a speeding minivan at such velocity it rolls into oncoming traffic on the freeway and …splat

Your Happy is gone.

Why bother being happy?

Many people you admire in your life make the most of the days they’re given. They make art, music, create companies, foster innovation, help marginalized people, protect children and generally make the planet a better place to hang around on.

Everything is energy. I’m talking about that intense physical and emotional energy it takes to do, to create, to build. To manifest all you want to see and do in your lifetime.

I’m pretty crappy at math. (I was an “A” in Art but a “C-” in Math kinda kid.)

But I have an equation that won’t challenge even us “C-” students.

I believe this matters because of what we “get” out of being happy.

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compassion travel

I’m so saddened by what has happened in Paris. And I read about Beirut too. 

I know many of us feel like global citizens. And we take news like this with a heavy heart.

We have a tremendous amount of compassion for others we share the planet with.

Because we’re curious types. We’re travelers.

We identify with other cultures because we’ve experienced how they live. On their turf.

Compassion is my favorite human trait. And I think traveling nurtures that trait.

Another thing I’ve noticed; it’s typically people with wanderlust who radiate optimism.

We have a feeling that life holds beauty and opportunity for us. And that we belong to more places than we currently know. Life is beyond just our hometown … our home country.

As travelers, we leave the comfort and security of our kitchen to cook in someone else’s kitchen.

When we travel to a country, like France, we think: Oh, wow, their [insert habit/custom/belief] is so evolved. I think THEY have it right. (Or conversely, I don’t like this [habit/custom/belief] and I’m so grateful I don’t think like that.)

Would we have found the lesson had we stayed home? 
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Best Airbnbs in Italy: The Fab 4

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

best airbnb italy

Best AirBnB's in ItalyI’m freakin’ excited to show you these.

If you love interesting homes, hotels and spaces, then we have something in common.

I believe that when you travel — where you stay can be half the adventure.

To say it straight, you can do one of two things:

1. Stay in a standard space.

2. Stay in an awesome space.

The truth is, your budget doesn’t dictate your options.

Like my man Tony Robbins says, it’s not about resources, it’s about resourcefulness.

post-imageWhy be normal?

Luxury has many facets. Your definition of luxury could be four hundred thread count sheets. Or maybe it’s just a hot shower. Depends on what you have at home, and how you’re wired.

My definition of luxury is walking into a space and feeling wide-eyed and wowed. There’s a sensual type of beauty and playfulness that I seek (in homes, and in men, but that’s another article). I’ve felt that way about a tent in the woods. And a one room cabin with an outdoor shower.
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