Montalcino: Tuscany’s Top Secret

montalcino tuscan hills and cypress trees

There’s a top-secret, teeny-tiny town tucked into the hills of Tuscany: Montalcino. Population? 5000. Views? Try the highest hilltop in Tuscany. Vineyards? Also about 5000. Montalcino is on our radar […]

Things to Do in Lake Como: Visit Varenna

boats on lake como near Varenna

Looking for things to do in Lake Como and Varenna? Besides simply just being there, of course. We’ve got insider intel that will help you maximize 24 hours in the […]

The Mini-Guide to Cefalù, Sicily

cefalu sicily streets

Sicily’s age-old jewel is tucked away between craggy mountains and a charming coast: Cefalù. This teeny-tiny town is just about an hour out from Palermo by train, and a hydrofoil […]

The Beginner’s Guide to the Aeolian Islands

aeolian islands panarea

The Aeolian Islands are va-va-voom, volcanic kinda hot. Our founder Bianca has a sorbet-soft spot for these floating slices of paradise and has taken everyone from her friends to her […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Taormina, Italy


If you see just one place in Sicily, we believe that it should be Taormina, Italy. It’s the most picturesque and requested location in Sicily because it wraps around a […]

Our Sicily Tour Experience

Does strolling through Sicily in the sunshine sound dreamy right about now? We’ve already got dips in the Ionian Sea and poolside cappuccinos on the brain…

Friends in High Places

  Isn’t it good to have friends in high places? High places, as in a pretty balcony dripping with bougainvillea, overlooking the sea? We could all use a few more […]

Our Fave Italian Nooks & Crannies

vineyard in cinque terre

  You don’t usually hear the expression “nooks and crannies” when you’re talking about travel. After all, travel is about great distances, expansiveness, a broader understanding of the world around […]

Our Fave Mermaid Moments

Here at Italian Fix, we’re equal-opportunity bathers. Off a boat, at a beach or in a bathtub — if it involves luxuriating in water, we’ll take it! Because as long […]