2022 FAQs


What we have collectively experienced in these last months has changed us. For some it’s been a reset, for some it’s meant endings, and for many it’s been a catalyst for new beginnings.

We at Italian Fix have always been mindful that the best travel gives us an opportunity to go inwards. Unfurling the sails on new seas can be just the jolt of new air, new ideas and new energy we need to see ourselves differently, and take stock of what’s REALLY important. That’s precisely the reason so many of us do it.

This “let your hair down” effect is one of the core metrics we use to measure the success of our tours. It’s something our guides give focused attention to. We believe a huge benefit of traveling with a guide is that it gives you the opportunity to TRULY let your hair down, because someone else is taking care of all the details.

If travel is in your future, know it’s also in ours. We’re offering guided experiences throughout Italy in 2022, as well as new opportunities to use Italian Fix knowledge to plan your own unique adventures. “Let my hair down” can be marked in your calendar too.

We have no doubt that you have lots of questions about what booking a tour with us will mean going forward. We’ve done our best to answer them here, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at ciao[@]italianfix.com if there’s anything we didn’t cover. We’re here to help and we hope to be able to share the best of Italy with you next year!



1. How do I book a 2022 tour with you?

First of all, yay! We would love to have you join us on one of our 2022 tours, and the booking process is easy peasy. Here’s how it works:

    1. Click on the REQUEST THE TOUR DATE YOU WANT HERE button on this page for our Cinque Terre tour or this page for our Sicily tour, and you’ll be taken to an application form.
    2. Let us know via the form what your first and second choice of tour is. If you can only travel on a single date, you can enter it as both your first and second choice.
    3. Pay your $495 USD deposit. This deposit is 100% refundable if we are not able to place you on the tour of your choice.
    4. You will receive an email from us within 24 hours letting you know if you have been placed on your tour of choice.
    5. Once you are placed on your tour of choice, you have two weeks during which your deposit is fully refundable should you change your mind.
    6. After this two-week grace period, your deposit becomes non-refundable. We then collect 30% of your remaining payment 120 days before the start of your tour, and the final 70% 60 days before the start of your tour. Once these installments are paid, they are non-refundable, but you may switch to another tour in our 2022 season at no extra charge up until 60 days before the start of your tour.


2. What is your cancellation policy?

Since booking a 2022 tour with us only requires a deposit and no further payment until 120 days before your tour, the deposit is all you’ll lose if you have to cancel before then. Once you have paid your two installments (30% at 120 days and 70% at 60 days before the start of your tour), all monies are non-refundable, but you can switch your tour to a later date in our 2022 season at no extra charge up to 60 days before your tour begins. See our Terms and Conditions here.


3. What happens if the tour is cancelled because of Covid?

If we are forced to cancel a tour for reasons of force majeure (for example, because of an earthquake or because lockdowns or quarantines have been imposed in Italy), all monies paid to Italian Fix to date (including the deposit) will be rolled forward into travel credits. See our Terms and Conditions here.


4. I heard that 2022 will be the last year you’ll be hosting tours. If this is true, what happens to travel credits?

The rumors were true — we’re a very small travel company and the pandemic nearly flattened us. We did consider making 2022 the last year we run overnight tours. But now that we are emerging from the darkest days and have received such an enthusiastic response from our clients, who have shown us in no uncertain terms how eager they are to travel again, we are reconsidering. Whatever we decide, if what happened in 2020 happens again next year and we are forced to cancel the season, we will push everything forward to 2023. Our number one priority is to do right by our guests.


5. What happens if Covid stops ME from traveling before my tour?

If you are prevented from making a tour because of Covid — say you test positive, or a close family member does and you are quarantined as a result, or your flights are cancelled because of an outbreak in your area — you should contact your travel insurance provider about next steps. We require proof of travel medical insurance from all of our guests, and as of this year strongly recommend purchasing a “cancel for any reason” policy. We’re happy to point you to providers who offer them.



6. Will we be going into crowded areas on tour?

Italy can be crowded, to be sure. Luckily, part of the appeal of Italian Fix tours has always been that we try as much as possible to go off the beaten path, to the areas that most tourists don’t congregate in. We scope out the coolest private experiences so that our guests can feel relaxed and special. In 2022, we will be adjusting our itineraries to include even more of these exclusive private activities, focusing on outdoor dining, visits to private homes, and private boat excursions, with an eye to having control over health protocols so that our guests feel safe and taken care of. 


7. I would feel more comfortable traveling with a group of people I already know. Do you offer your tours on a private basis?

Yes! In 2022 we have a brand new offering we call Exclusive Tours — exactly the same as our regular overnight tours, but exclusive to your group of 10 or more guests. You choose the gang, you choose the dates, and we do the rest! 


8. How big are your groups?

We want you to feel like you’re traveling with friends, not a sports team, and a small group is especially important nowadays. Italian Fix has always been about group travel for people who don’t normally go on tours, so we keep our numbers low, capping our Cinque Terre tours at 16 people and our Sicily tours at 14.


9. What should I pack?

When you book with us, we provide you with our Simple Strategies for Packing Nirvana packing list. No need to guess, we’ve got you covered!


10. Is airfare included in the price of the tour?

Our guests fly in from all over the world, so to make it flexible we don’t include international airfare in our trip packages. We do provide you with advice on the best airports to fly into, however, and give you step-by-step instructions on how to reach us from there.


11. Do your tours have age restrictions?

Our tours are for adults only (19+), but we have no upper limit on who can join. Our guests have ranged in age from 20-somethings to 80-somethings, though the majority are in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.


12. How physically fit do I have to be to go on one of your tours?

As long as you are physically fit enough to be walking around most days and to climb a couple of flights of stairs (elevators tend to be the exception in Italy, not the norm!), you’re more than welcome. The Cinque Terre are five towns built into the crevices of and on top of seaside cliffs, with lots of steps and inclines, so this is the most physically challenging of our tours. That being said, we stay in Monterosso, the only completely flat town, and we can tailor your experience so that you avoid the steeper areas if you wish. Sicily is the least physically challenging of our tours, so we recommend it to anyone who prefers a less active experience.


13. I’m a single traveler. Do I have to pay a single supplement?

No, we don’t charge single supplements. If you’re a single traveler (and many of our guests are!), we’ll pair you with another guest in a shared room. We also have a limited number of private rooms available for an additional charge.