40 Reasons to Travel with Italian Fix

“The trip I just took to Italy was my third consecutive tour with Italian Fix…

… I don’t know how they do it, but each trip as been equally as magnificent as the last!

The knowledge that I am in such good hands means I never worry about logistics or making the best of my precious holiday time.

The other women have always been a joy to meet and get to know.

There is some kind of magic to the mix of people; although we all come from very different lives we have in common the appreciation of such a unique travel experience.

Italian Fix feels like family to me now and I can’t imagine not continuing to explore Italy with them!”

–– Carol G., Ontario, Canada

“I did something 100% for myself that I had been thinking about for years! What a luxury being catered to and having everything planned for me – I experienced such a sense of calm.

The hosts’ down to earth personalities created a very unique (and non-touristy) feel to the whole trip. It was eclectic enough that I never felt bored or unable to appreciate the authenticity of the culture.

I’m now taking my 16 year old son to Italy this spring and feel much more confident about traveling alone and navigating “il treno!”

–– Jennifer L., California, USA

“It’s a week of indulgence, inspiration, personal enrichment, challenges, learning, beauty and friendship.

We (especially mothers) tend to think of breaks away like Italian Fix as indulgent and perhaps a little selfish – but it is the opposite.

It’s a week to be inspired, infused with love and creativity and to return home impassioned about our lives and our choices.

It’s truly an opportunity to learn about ourselves in an environment of unconditional support and sublime geographical beauty.

I seriously loved every minute, and hope I can hang on to the memories forever.

I think the reason my trip was so wonderful was that Bianca, Rosa and Leela had their hearts wide open.

There is something very spiritual happening on an intangible level during Italian Fix trips!

–– Sharon, Australia

“What do I feel? Empowerment. Right after our trip, I also felt happy and proud.

Italy has such a different pace, lifestyle and attitude towards life in general than the US…

There’s an appreciation of beauty, and off the beaten path there is much kindness.

I would absolutely recommend an Italian Fix trip to a friend, especially to someone who needs a new window or viewpoint and time for themselves. Bonus: the food is great.”

–– Barbara R., California

This trip reminded me that I’m never too old to make new friends. I felt more connected to my better self, my needs and my future plans.

I’m more excited to get out and travel more. I also felt motivated to deepen my relationships with friends and family at home, to enjoy life in a more authentic way.

I hope to be able to incorporate travel like this in my life on an annual basis. Bianca and Tim were inspiring, they reminded me that I can design my life the way I want to — what could be more perfect than that? Grazie mille!”

–– Jabulile D., California, USA

“I was hesitant about not knowing anyone before my trip, but I feel very blessed to have been around such amazing people.

I loved the beauty of Sicily, our extended family meals, the laughter and pure merriment of the group.

And the magical Bianca –– she found the beauty in everyone and everything.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for paying attention to our desires and needs.

–– Joni P., California, USA”

“Clichés and all –– this trip really did change my life. I was nervous about traveling Italy, but honestly, I was looking forward to committing to myself and getting my life back on track after an intense couple of years of recent heavy personal loss.

Being greeted by Bianca at the train station and escorted to Riomaggiore, with the breathtaking views was the most memorable part of the trip. Along with the stairs, doorways, passageways, trails, and the welcome party overlooking the ocean!

I met lovely women, each with their own fascinating lives and stories.

After losing my cell phone on day one, as I traveled around I learned how important one on one contact is. The hosts are amazing! This trip truly was the launch pad of my process to healing.

I am now back on track, grateful for every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can’t wait until the next trip!”

–– Kimberly C., Texas, USA

“This trip exceeded all of my expectations. I loved the idea that I didn’t have to worry about anything, and meeting the wonderful and interesting women in the group.

I’m in a post-vacation glow and only remember the wonderful things!

I enjoyed every single day of this trip, but I loved the last excursion the most — a boat trip along the coast of the five towns. And all that great food and wine!

The warmth and care of our hosts made me feel at home. They instinctively knew who needed attention at the right time.

I’ll treasure these memories forever.

–– Maria D., Miami, USA

“The best part of the Italian Fix experience is the sense of community.

I was treated like a friend from the moment I signed up for the tour up until I returned home!

It was wonderful to have a guide who knew the community and the area we were touring. We had the opportunity to meet so many people during different parts of the tour, from the woman who taught us to make pesto to Diego who showed us the Cinque Terre from his boat.

One of the most special nights was the last night –– the dinner at our villa. All of these wonderful women came together that I had just met and were from all over the world.

We had dinner and celebrated the night like we were old friends!

I feel very honored to have had the opportunity to meet everyone I did during the tour, hear their stories and learn about Italy from their perspective. It is that community that makes the Italian Fix experience different and special.‘

–– Kara K., Michigan, USA

“Our guides were exceptional and the group of women, from various countries and cities and of varied ages, were a huge part of what made this trip so great.

There is no way you could see this part of Italy, and eat in the restaurants and settings we did, on your own.

We really got treated to the best of the best and felt like true insiders.

What really impressed me is that half our group came with a friend and half our group came on their own –– but just a day or two into the trip, you could not tell the difference!

What a great experience in every way, and truly a trip of the lifetime!”

–– Honora G., Massachusetts, USA

“Traveling with Bianca was like traveling with an insider and having a private tour guide all to myself.

I know that I could have handled that trip on my own, but I wouldn’t have experienced that much local flavor along with that level of customer service from the locals that I found with Italian Fix.

EVERYTHING was memorable!

Some of my favorites were the train ride from Milan to La Spezia in anticipation of our trip, eating al fresco on the terrace of our hotel and having a glass of wine at sunset near the cliffs…

The breakthrough I had upon returning home was learning that I could love my children and fulfill my own needs at the same time.

Leaving my children occasionally, to take care of myself, is not only helpful for me but also good for the kids and my husband!

It’s the perfect trip to take alone: beautiful experiences combined with meeting new friends and having a sense of security that I wouldn’t have if I was traveling solo.”

–– Cameron W., Texas, USA

“This trip was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life!

I loved that Bianca and Tim took such great care of us –– we didn’t have to worry about booking hotels, good restaurants or finding our way around… The Italian Fix team took care of everything.

The whole group was so friendly and warm. I never knew fish could taste so good. The wine was awesome. And the scenery GORGEOUS!

I would do it again in a heartbeat.

–– Barbara T., Minnesota, USA

“Two years ago, when I first discovered Italian Fix, the price felt too high for me. But once Sicily was added, I was all in! I barely looked at the itinerary because it didn’t matter. I totally trusted it would be a home run!

It was a great investment. Sicily is now one of my top four most favorite trips I’ve taken — and I’ve taken many trips. I loved being guided to the best spots so I could be in the moment and experience “il dolce far niente.” And Salina! The hotel, the staff, the trip to town, the spa — paradiso!

It was so fun and unexpected to also buy clothes in Italy that I wouldn’t find at home, and feel truly Italian. It’s clear on the trip how much you all love what you do. You can’t fake that!”

–– Laurie S., New York City, USA

“I loved my trip with Italian Fix! If I listed all that I loved it would be pages and pages…

Our group bonded in a special way and we all felt grateful for each other, got along and want to travel together again!

Tommaso is worth his weight in gold. He has the patience of a saint, is always one step ahead of our needs and has a photographic memory for detail remembering all of our requests and preferences.

When he describes the history of the places, we visit it’s never boring –– rather then focusing on dates and names, he explains how locals lived and shares back stories which makes it unique and so much fun. There isn’t a more kind and joyous person –– Tommasso is a home run for Italian Fix tours.

Overall I LOVED my trip with Italian Fix and I can tell from our email string that keeps going after our trip just how intimate our group was.

Even though the cost was higher than other trips, it was the best investment.

I can’t believe I wavered in the beginning about going because I thought I’d be repeating places I’d seen before on my own –– but it ended up exceeding my expectations and being a completely different experience.

I’m infinitely grateful to Bianca and Kiiri for the pre-trip assistance that helped me give this the green light. Love you guys!”

–– Laurie S., New York, USA

“The beginning on the Amalfi Coast really set the tone on our Southern Italy tour — it was so gorgeous there. I immediately felt like I was “on holiday.”

I loved my day wandering around while the others did the boat trip. It allowed me to be alone with my thoughts in such a stunning place and that really felt good!

Oh, and Matera was otherworldly –– almost spiritually enriching. Such great pacing on this trip!

I think Italian Fix is doing amazing work. I really feel the passion that goes into all the planning and the result is an exceptional experience. I work in a consuming, high-pressure job, and these holidays totally re-energize me!”

–– Carol G., Toronto, Canada

“I loved every day of this trip.

Everything was planned and perfectly implemented, even if we couldn’t anticipate that it was something we wanted.

Even though I had a rough idea from the description of what was to happen, the reality of it all was just so wonderful.

Life just seems to exist in the “now” in Italy, not the future.

I just can’t come up with any criticism, except that I was grumpy because I had to come home!”

–– Caren T., Austin, USA

“I loved not having to plan anything and just be able to enjoy our day-to-day activities.

Having time to soak in the environment in Levanto, hiking, and long dinners meant I never felt rushed and could just enjoy the surroundings and the time at hand.

I also appreciated the warmth of the guides. My biggest surprise was their genuine interest in getting to know each of their guests –– I never felt like it was a job for them.

Now, all I feel post-trip is pure gratitude!”

–– Karen P., Minnesota, USA

“Top trip highlights for me were the amazing meals at restaurants we’d never otherwise find, the cooking demo and beautiful lunch at the villa near Levanto, an amazing lunch in Volastra after our hike, our hike with Tim to Portovenere (stunning views!) and an amazing dinner after a marble and mosaic tour.

I had a wonderful time and would definitely travel again with Italian Fix!”

–– Shelly E., Minnesota, USA

“I chose the Southern Italy trip because it felt more “off the beaten path.” I didn’t want to visit the typical cities. I wanted something authentic and slower paced –– plus I also wanted a beachy, coastal experience.

I really appreciated the flexibility in the schedule and relaxed feeling. Every time we would run into the big tour groups I kept thinking to myself, I’m so glad I am not on one of those!

The trip made me feel relaxed, refreshed, and gave me a broader global perspective –– thanks to all the friends I made from all over the world.”

–– Yvonne V., San Antonia, USA

“Favorite moments: our private boat trip, a meal at the Masseria Montenapoleone, the architecture of Matera,a spontaneous beach day…

… We can’t stop talking about our adventure! The precise care and attention we received made this trip a divine journey. I am grateful to have experienced moments I could not have planned without Italian Fix. We look forward to our next trip in Sicily!”

–– Dawn M., Austin, USA

“I believe what makes Italian Fix experiences so unique and special is Bianca’s ability to attract and resonate with the most interesting and wonderful people. I was amongst a truly incredible group of fellow travellers, from all corners of the world, and yet felt right “at home” with all of them. How special is that? I have developed a special kinship with several of the other guests, and these new friendships will last for a lifetime.

Italy has always been on the top of my list of places to travel. I had delayed going for many years, because I sensed I needed to experience it with someone special (in this case, 12 special people!), rather than travel the country alone. I felt surprised and delighted Every. Single. Day

This trip expanded my mind, my heart, and it fuelled my inspiration and creativity! The whole experience was pure joy and even months after the trip I can still tap into that feeling!.”

–– Jody S., British Columbia, Canada

“This tour was so enjoyable and I am still floating on cloud nine! My mood has been lifted. I was delighted that all the personalities of the ladies blended and flowed so well. We all had such a diverse difference in backgrounds, but it just made the trip more interesting.

I really enjoyed the “insider” activities –– each one was so well thought out and Bianca’s attention to detail was outstanding, as were her stellar professionalism, her staff, and her knowledge of the region and language. I just couldn’t ask for more from a tour company.

–– Jo K., Nevada, USA

“I would definitely recommend this trip to a friend! It was everything I imagined and then some. It was so relaxing to know that you had everything under control.

In my everyday life, I am the one in charge; making sure everyone gets everywhere on time, dinner is on the table — you get the picture. The fact that I could actually relax (but not in a lazy sitting-in-hammock way) and not worry about the details was such a break for my mind.

I’m a mom, so my epiphany when I got home was to realize that my temporary absence from my children’s lives is just as important as my presence. I also realized that it’s OK to take time for yourself.

But the truth is, even given the exact same itinerary, it would have been nowhere near as relaxing and fun without Italian Fix. And that’s the truth!”

–– Rashmi P., Virginia, USA

“This experience allowed me to feel as though I was taking the step of traveling by myself, but with a support network.

And I came back to my life at home with a more relaxed and positive attitude. All the women were really inspiring and made me view the people around me in a completely different way!”

–– Mary R., New York, USA

“I’ve traveled a lot but I must say this was definitely the best trip I have ever taken! I speak of this trip often and I always get goose bumps…it was just that amazing.

It was with wonderful people from all over, brought together by Bianca. There is no way I would have been able to experience Cinque Terre on my own the way Bianca put it all together. I can’t wait for their next adventure!”

–– Bernadette C., Texas, USA

“The week I spent with Italian Fix was a magical one.

It all started the moment I stepped out of a small-town train station, with beautiful flowers and emerald colored ocean appeared in front of my eyes… I knew this would be the vacation that I was craving.

We walked streets and paths where other tourists would not have known about in Cinque Terre, ate at the restaurants and tables only mighty gods are able to reserve. Did I mention these miracles happened every day??

The schedule was so uniquely different and marvelous, yet never rushed or pushed in any way.

Hats off to Italian Fix!”

–– Jo-Yu W., California, USA

“The best thing about this experience was the attention to detail. Italian Fix succeeded in making everyone feel absolutely special and that nothing was too much to ask for!

I also loved the flexibility; if it wasn’t on the schedule but an individual wanted to do something, they made it happen.

I loved the camaraderie of the group and the total involvement of the hosts. There was no pressure to do anything I didn’t feel like and I felt very free to do as I please.

There was nothing that could have been more relaxing about this trip (if I was any more relaxed, I would have melted). Overall, I felt I received excellent value for an all included trip of this caliber!”

–– Shan O., California, USA