Italian Fix Praise


we call it the wall-o-love

liz says…

What I liked the most was enjoying the Cinque Terre with such a fantastic group of interesting and diverse women! I was surprised and delighted every day. Bianca attracts people who are not afraid to trust her to give them an unforgettable week in Italy and who will share their happiness, and spiritual and social growth. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Liz Aheard, Maine

miranda says…

My trip to the Cinque Terre was unique and full of insider experiences. I loved hearing about Bianca’s personal stories and the details behind why she chose the activities we did. There were so many incredible moments – I loved them all. Grazie for this magical experience. I can’t wait to do more traveling with Bianca and friends.

Miranda DeSantis, New York

lisa says…

An Italian Fix trip is a beautiful secret (that I can’t wait to share). I joined this trip because I love Italy and needed to disconnect from the pressure of my daily life and try something different. I can’t wait to cook one of the meals I learned in our cooking class at home with friends. Overall, it was an amazing experience where I was able to meet new people and try new things.

Lisa Caldwell, Pennsylvania

emily says…

Having returned home, I feel so connected to Italy and the people on the trip. I plan on recommending it to many. I believe Bianca’s intention about creating a group of friends was truly accomplished. I enjoyed the cooking class, the beach day and dinner at Christina’s the most, and I was surprised at how intimate the trip was and how it was very well thought out!

Emily Reynolds, Texas

kimberly says…

Cliches and all, this trip really did change my life. I was nervous about traveling Italy. Honestly, I was looking forward to committing to myself and getting my life back on track after an intense couple of years of recent heavy personal loss. Being greeted by Bianca at the train station and escorted to Riomaggiore with the breathtaking views was the most memorable part of the trip, along with the stairs, doorways, passageways, trails, and the welcome party overlooking the ocean. I met lovely women, each with their own fascinating lives and stories. After losing my cell phone on day one, as I traveled around I learned how important one-on-one contact is. The hosts are amazing! This trip truly was the launch pad of my process to healing. I am now back on track, grateful for every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I can’t wait until the next trip!

Kimberly Ciolli, Texas

ladelle says…

Before I went to Italy with you I was nervous that group travel wasn’t for me. But I had an instinct the trip was meant for me and it delivered beyond my expectations! The most relaxing thing about this trip was that everything was planned perfectly. The restaurant and food choices were top notch. The activities were inspiring and exciting. The customer service was outstanding. Every moment was extra special and memorable. I loved that it was friendly and positive — the spirit and camaraderie of the group was wonderful. Among other things, this trip reminded me that I’m never too old to make new friends. Since coming home from Italy I’ve felt more alive and energized. I also felt inspired to cook more and live a healthy lifestyle.

My personal breakthrough moment was when I realized to just trust my instincts — I felt strong and brave because I did something like this.

Ladelle Hill, California

jody says…

I didn’t hesitate joining a trip. Sounds strange, but I knew intuitively that I was meant to be on our trip and I signed up almost immediately upon discovering it with zero hesitation.

I believe what makes Italian Fix experiences so unique and special is Bianca’s ability to attract and resonate with the most interesting and wonderful people. I was amongst a truly incredible group of fellow travellers, from all corners of the world, and yet felt right “at home” with all of them. How special is that? I have developed a special kinship with several of the other guests, and these new friendships will last for a lifetime.

Italy has always been on the top of my list of places to travel. I had delayed going for many years, because I sensed I needed to experience it with someone special (in this case 12 special people!), rather than travel the country alone.

This trip expanded my mind, my heart and it fuelled my inspiration and creativity! I felt deeply connected to both the places we saw and the people I met. The whole experience was pure joy and even months after the trip I can still tap into that feeling. Without question, the character and quality of the women that were on this journey was incredible. I also really appreciated and enjoyed getting off the “beaten track.” We truly walked/explored the path less traveled in Cinque Terre. Bianca has procured a unique and custom experience that could never be found or followed in even the best travel guide/book! I felt surprised and delighted Every. Single. Day.

I would recommend Italian Fix in a heartbeat! I have every confidence that Bianca and Italian Fix will continue to deliver a unique & incredible travel experience time and time again. She is truly devoted and passionate about Italy and sharing it with her guests. It shows in every element the trip.

Jody Schwindt, British Columbia

maria says…

I knew I wanted to go somewhere and when I came across the Italian Fix blog it just started to grow in my heart. It was two years before I got brave enough to say, “I’m doing this!” My biggest fear was doing something like this with people I did not know, but Bianca made me feel so welcome those feelings changed quickly. Bianca is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She made me feel at ease from the very beginning with emails, calls and snail mail. Throughout the trip she made sure everyone was okay, enjoying themselves and feeling included. These personal touches made the trip what it is – I was truly made to feel like a friend and not a client.

Also, the food was absolutely incredible! The dinner in Pietrasanta and the dinner at Christina’s house were my favorite evenings. The conversations with the entire group were so meaningful. One of my favorite things to do was just sit and listen to everyone’s stories. The experiences were wonderful, especially the hiking because it really pushed me out of my box and boosted my confidence. The view of Vernazza when we came around the corner was breathtaking. The beauty of the Cinque Terre can’t be beat. I was very proud of myself for accomplishing that hike.

I feel very peaceful. I learned that people are people no matter where you are from. We all have insecurities, fears, hopes and dreams. It is a very comforting feeling to know that those feelings were mutual across the group. I also feel proud of myself for taking the leap and going on this trip. It’s a beautiful opportunity for single or married women to discover the world and more importantly to discover more about themselves! I am so thankful for this trip and the experience. I learned a lot about myself and that it is okay to be me.

Maria Schock, Montana

jabu says…

This trip reminded me that I’m never too old to make new friends. I felt more connected to my better self, my needs and my future plans. I’m more excited to get out and travel more. I also felt motivated to deepen my relationships with friends and family at home, to enjoy life in a more authentic way. The hosts were really the most unique part of the trip. They were lovely and flexed to accommodate our energy and the slight differences. I hope to be able to incorporate travel like this in my life on an annual basis. Bianca and Tim were inspiring, they reminded me that I can design my life the way I want to — what could be more perfect than that? Grazie mille!

Jabulile Dayton, California

barbara says…

What do I feel? Empowerment. Right after the trip I also felt happy and proud. I really enjoyed all of the planned activities. I usually do most of my own travel plans, so it was a luxury to have the schedule all set. Italy has such a different pace, lifestyle and attitude towards life in general than the US. There’s an appreciation of beauty, and off the beaten path there is much kindness. I would absolutely recommend an Italian Fix trip to a friend, especially to someone who needs a new window or viewpoint and time for themselves. These are delightful tour organizers who care about you… and the food is great!

Barbara Radford, California

Rebekah says …

My week in Cinque Terre with Bianca was quite monumental for me. I still stop and smile at the week I spent there! I have always wanted to visit this place and even if I tried my hardest there is no way I could top the experience I had. Every single place and thing she had planned for us to do was special and inspiring…and delicious!! She has a really unique way of portraying Italy. And spending a week around Bianca really solidified my desire to live a life that I’ve always wanted. This woman only sees the beautiful side to life! I am so grateful for the friends I made and the useful things I learned on the tour. I am mostly grateful for what it gave to me that I had been missing: loving myself and permitting myself to be me. Thank you Bianca for designing these tours and thank you for my memories.

Rebekah Potthast, Florida

bernadette says…

I’ve traveled a lot but I must say this was definitely the best trip I have ever taken. I speak of this trip often and I always get goose bumps…it was just that amazing. It was with wonderful people from all over, brought together by Bianca. There is no way I would have been able to experience Cinque Terre on my own the way Bianca put it all together. I can’t wait for their next adventure!

Bernadette Cay, Texas

carolann says…

I loved this vacation. I would never have gotten off the train in this area and seen all that Bianca richly showed us. The trip highlights were the countryside, the hike, the winery and our cooking class at the villa. I also loved Tim’s cooking class and her food – I’m gonna make it for friends.

Carolann Stoll, British Columbia

courtney says…

This pretty much sums it up: When I got home my husband said, “So — there were how many women?” And I said, “Eleven of us. And we all got along, no drama, nada.” And he was like, “Eleven? No drama? Must have been pretty cool women.” That says it all!

Courtney Carson-Isunza, Texas

cameron says…

Traveling with Bianca was like traveling with an insider and having a private tour guide all to myself. I know that I could have handled that trip on my own but I wouldn’t have experienced that much local flavor along with that level of “customer service” from the locals that I found with Italian Fix. EVERYTHING was memorable! Some of my favorites were the train ride from Milan to La Spezia in anticipation of the trip, eating al fresco on the terrace of our hotel and having a glass of wine at sunset near the cliffs. The breakthrough I had upon returning home was learning that I could love my children and fulfill my own needs at the same time. Leaving my children occasionally, to take care of myself, is not only helpful for me but also good for the kids and my husband.

It is a perfect trip to take alone: beautiful experiences combined with meeting new friends and having the security that one would not have if traveling solo.

Cameron Weirbach, Texas

mary says…

This was a great experience that allowed me to feel as though I was taking the step of traveling by myself, but with a support network.

And I came back to my life at home with a more relaxed and positive attitude. I was worried that I might not like the other people on the trip, but at the group dinner on Monday night I got the chance to speak with some of the other women. Though I had feared I might not have anything to talk about with them, I found they all had amazing life stories. They were really inspiring and made me view the people around me in a completely different way.

I enjoyed the group activities like cooking classes and going to the beach. I really appreciated the chance to get to know everyone individually, and these group activities allowed me to interact with everyone in a relaxed and informal manner.

Mary Ross, New York

barbara says…

This trip was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life! I loved that Bianca and Tim took such great care of us! We didn’t have to worry about booking hotels, finding good restaurants, finding our way around… the Italian Fix team took care of everything! I loved how the whole group was so friendly and warm! I never knew fish could taste so good! The wine was awesome! The scenery GORGEOUS!!I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Barbara Tomasi, Minnesota

janice says…

Before I left I worried about the type of people that might be on the trip, but the mix of women was interesting and dynamic, and I even carried on to other places with some of them afterwards (I didn’t want to go home!). My favorite parts were Bianca, Rosa and Tim, the food, and that every day there were new things to look forward to that I did not have to orchestrate. I was delighted when I met Bianca (though I already knew I would love her) and about the casual, easy-going attitude overall. I’m happy that I came.

Janice Mercer, British Columbia

maria says…

My only hesitation was whether the trip would have enough business content to be relevant for me, as I have a fairly successful photography career and want to branch out a bit. Post-trip I am inspired again to try new things with my photography and I have a clear sense of some of the most important goals I want to achieve over the next 12 months, as well as a commitment to actually achieve those goals!

What I enjoyed the most was meeting all the participants and organizers. I can take photography workshops anywhere in the world on any topic, but I chose this one because it was not completely focused on photography, but also on the travel and companionship of new friends. Every photo workshop was more interesting and informative than the last, every day’s activities and meals were immediately my new favorite, every new village, every new sight, taste, experience – everything was delightful and new absolutely! Every detail is considered for you, so you simply pack your bags and arrive. The rest is done. I was glad to be taken care of, not made to worry about any detail, and it made the trip so perfect. I’ll be back!

Maria Palermo, Pennsylvania

barb says…

This was a very fun way to travel, stress free, in a small group with young guides who truly seem to want each and every person to have the most wonderful experience. We just felt relaxed and happy that we got to experience such an amazing adventure.

All of the guides in the group were very knowledgeable and so fun to be with! It was amazing that all of the details were taken care of for us. We didn’t have to think about anything, except having a good time.

We loved the family-run Cinque Terre Residence. It felt like coming home at the end of each day. It was a nice surprise when a couple of the girls wanted to know if there was a spa anywhere, and then Bianca hurriedly arranged massages for everyone for the next morning at our hotel. The variety in each day was also nice – bikes, boat and train rides, dinner in local restaurants, pizza on the terrace, relaxing free time etc…

Italy is just one of those magical places. The more you visit, the more you want to come back. There isn’t anything about the trip that we would have wanted to change.

Barb Hummert, Missouri

alyssa says…

I wasn’t sure whether it would be too large of a group, as I hadn’t traveled in a “tour group” previously. But being around new scenery, different people and all positive perspectives was a happy experience. It’s added more positive energy into my outlook on life.

Alyssa Lee, New York

kacey says…

So happy I decided to take this unforgettable trip! The entire time I was surprised and delighted by the diverse planning and beautiful surroundings. I think Bianca’s knowledge of the region, and the relationships and friends, along with Rosa and Tim, made the trip extraordinary!

Kacey Baker, California

shan says…

The best thing about this experience was the attention to detail. You succeeded in making everyone feel absolutely special and that nothing was too much to ask for. I also loved the flexibility; if it wasn’t on the schedule but an individual wanted to do something, you made it happen. I loved the camaraderie of the group and was pleased by the total involvement of the hosts. There was no pressure to do anything I didn’t feel like and I felt very free to do as I please. There was nothing that could have been more relaxing about this trip (if I was any more relaxed I would have melted). Overall, I felt I received excellent value for an all-inclusive trip of this caliber.

Shan O’Brien Goldman

ray says…

Post-trip I am very relaxed and want to go back. Overall, I enjoyed that we easily covered a good chunk of geography with no planning on my part. My nose was not buried in a book trying to navigate the terrain but in the air enjoying the sights, smells and sounds of the Cinque Terre.

I loved the welcome appetizer on the patio upon our arrival, as well as the personalized gift – quite a nice touch. The small group allows for intimacy and a variety of conversations with fellow travelers. The itinerary was varied and well-planned without being over-planned and rushed. I would recommend Italian Fix. There was very little not to enjoy!

Ray Lynn Rominger, Pennsylvania

ayon says…

It was a one of a kind experience. Bianca has a gift for sharing the happiness and love of Italy, and also organizing amazing one-of-a-kind activities with local Cinque Terre residents. I came on this trip because I wanted to see and experience Italy with someone who has lived there, because on my own it would have been difficult to experience the Cinque Terre through those eyes. The greatest element was the people that came on this trip: amazing women who love food, who love travel and who love life! Thank-you Bianca and Tim for an experience of a lifetime.

Ayon Wen-Waldron, Texas

belinda says…

I can’t wait to travel with Bianca again. What makes these trips unique and special is that Bianca actually knows the people who live and work in the Cinque Terre. It made the trip so special — like we were visiting her friends! I was inspired to take this trip because it was a girl’s trip. I was excited about making new friends and I was not disappointed. There was never any bickering between trip participants. This just does not happen when you put a group of 12 random women together for 7 days! It was the perfect trip!

Belinda Molina, Texas

susan says…

The company of amazing women and the nurturing of our three organizers is what I enjoyed the most. I’m certainly feeling enriched after the visit – it’s so different than our environment here in NY. It was very nice to visit Villanova’s beautiful location and enjoy the wine-pairing lunch. And the attic museum of curiosities was a treat as well. Everything was a surprise!

Susan Connors Brown, New York

lynn says…

Bianca was wonderful to travel with. She was very attentive to all of us and made each of us feel like we were the only one on the trip. I thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of Italy, meeting such great ladies on the trip and seeing so many wonderful locations in one trip. A wonderful experience!

Lynn Knapik, Texas

jennifer says…

I did something 100% for myself that I had been thinking about for years! What a luxury being catered to and having everything planned for me – I experienced a sense of calm. The hosts’ down to earth personalities created a very unique (non-touristy) feel to the whole trip. It was eclectic enough that I never felt bored or unable to appreciate the authenticity of the culture. I’m now taking my 16-year-old son to Italy this spring and feel much more confident about traveling alone and navigating “il treno!”

Jennifer Lawrence, California

jo says…

Bianca’s tour was so enjoyable and I am still floating on cloud 9. My mood has been lifted. I was delighted that all the personalities of the ladies blended and flowed so well. We all had such a diverse difference in backgrounds, but it just made the trip more interesting. I really enjoyed the “insider” activities, like the museum tour (such a sweet gentleman!) and the dinner with Christina. Each was so well thought out and Bianca’s attention to detail was outstanding, as were her stellar professionalism, her staff, and her knowledge of the region and language. I just couldn’t ask for more from a tour company.

Jo Kilpatrick, Nevada

mary says…

The personal touch was what made this so great. It’s like going to NYC and going to the special places instead of Times Square. I felt like without the guidance I wouldn’t have gotten to experience these wonderfully intimate nuggets of experience in the Cinque Terre. I was surprised and delighted by so many things! The amazing pesto we made, meeting Christina and enjoying dinner at her home, the hidden-away restaurant, the day of shopping, the cooking lesson and the special museum. I am still hanging out with 4-5 folks from Cinque Terre now (still in Italy) and we are making plans for the future. What’s more, overall I feel more confident about traveling on my own.

Mary Ginter, Tennessee

marina says…

Before the trip I thought, “Am I crazy to be joining these smart women?” but one of the things I enjoyed the most was the great support from Bianca, Leela, Rosa and the girls. I loved the blend of planned activities and free time, and especially the visit to Anselmo. I did not expect to meet such a wonderful person with an interest in the memory of the place. He had so many stories to tell, and the ability to get the young people of the town to help him. The mix of old and new is everywhere in Italy – museums, architecture, food, nature. The old olive forest in Pietrasanta was amazing. Immediately after the trip I feel more relaxed, and ready for work so I can plan my next vacation!

Marina Lang, Texas

rashmi says…

I would definitely recommend this trip to a friend! It was everything I imagined and then some. It was so relaxing to know that you had everything under control. In my everyday life, I am the one in charge; making sure everyone gets everywhere on time, dinner is on the table — you get the picture. The fact that I could actually relax (but not in a lazy sitting-in-hammock way) and not worry about the details was such a break for my mind. And to learn at the same time, make new friends, and take beautiful photos — it was a perfect vacation. Just perfect! I’m a mom, so my epiphany when I got home was to realize that my temporary absence from my children’s lives is just as important as my presence. I also realized that it’s OK to take time for yourself. When I got home my friends asked me what we did in Italy and I told them. But the truth is, even given the exact same itinerary, it would have been nowhere near as relaxing and fun without you.

That is the truth!

Rashmi Pappu, Virginia

maria says…

The activities were so varied and well-paced. I especially loved the hike. It was exhilarating! I travel to Italy because that is where my heart is.

Maria Petraglia, New York

sharon says…

I’d heard about Italian Fix by word of mouth and knew it would be great. However, I was concerned that I might be older than others in the group. I was worried I might slow the others down or make younger women feel uncomfortable. As soon as I arrived I realised how wrong I’d been about that. Age was of no consequence to anybody. In fact, the difference in ages in our group enriched the experience for us all, I think.

I was excited and happy afterwards, and felt as if I’d had a week infused with love and meaning. There was a lot of sisterhood bonding going on and I enjoyed that.

I loved the day at the villa, the restaurants, Manarola and all the things we did outdoors. Every day I thought it would be impossible to top the experience we’d just had, and then the following day always did exactly that. Bianca’s and Rosa’s beautiful personalities were also fantastic – both so selfless and generous in everything they did. Loved having Leela there because her passion for life and her personal worldview were delightful. I was inspired to embrace my photography and creativity more – I still think about some of the things Leela said to us and hope I can hold on to that inspiration.

There was a lot of love and joy being shared on this tour. Every day I was surprised and delighted, over and over! I think these three women’s personalities and kindness framed the whole experience in a gentle and positive way.

It was a great setting for an amazing tour. I was as attracted to Italian Fix as I was to the idea of going to Italy. Together it was a priceless experience that I will always treasure. It’s a week of indulgence, inspiration, personal enrichment, challenges, learning, beauty and friendship. We (especially mothers) think of breaks away like Italian Fix as indulgent and perhaps a little selfish – but it is the opposite. It’s a week to be inspired, infused with love and creativity and to return home impassioned about our lives and our choices. It’s truly an opportunity to learn about ourselves in an environment of unconditional support and sublime geographical beauty.

Seriously loved every minute, and hope I can hang on to the memories forever. I think the reason the trip was so wonderful was that Bianca, Rosa and Leela had their hearts wide open. There was something very spiritual happening on an intangible level during the Italian Fix trip.

Sharon, Australia