Italian Fix trips aren’t for everyone.


Here are some answers to help you decide if it’s right for you.

I’ve been to Florence or the Cinque Terre before. Am I gonna be bored?

I lived in both places and have never been bored – not even close.

You’ll be meeting new people, learning new things and seeing a place that takes a lifetime to “know”.

Just trying to absorb it all will be more the issue.

I’ve tried to Google some of the activities but I can’t find them on the internet. Do they really exist?

Great point! Many of the activities you’ll find on these trips aren’t really offered to travellers as real events.

I mean, you can’t actually google “get a fashion photographer in Milan to take my picture”. Nor can you google, “Eat dinner at a local Italian’s house in a small village” and expect much luck. You are doing that cause you’re with me – and I arrange those special events through my Italian connections, friends and staff.

Some other events, like, “bicycle in the Tuscan countryside” or “drive a vintage Fiat 500” are arranged through reputable, established companies with insurance and a track record of excellence in their licensed tourist operation. We stick to professionals for all modes of transportation because our safety is paramount.

I’m not a package tour person. I’m independent and I’ve never considered going on a group trip before. Why the heck am I even looking at this?

We know why you are – because this is something unique. Something you don’t normally see. Something you don’t associate with package trips.

The large tours companies just can’t pull this kind of stuff off. We are totally different.

We organize cool stuff that humans would actually want to do. And we only operate trips to ONE place — Italy. You won’t be traipsing around in bad clothes with 50 people following someone with a stick. You don’t travel on a crowded tour bus and get dumped out at a crappy restaurant just because the driveway is big enough for tour buses. No way.

Group travel with us is like travelling with friends you didn’t know you had. We strive to make an inclusive and relaxed environment for each individual so they feel comfortable inside the group. Most of all, we have a blast!

But this is NOT for everyone. If you want to wander aimlessly with no structure to the day – don’t come with us. If eating meals with new people stresses you out – then this isn’t for you. If you prefer to be in control of your itinerary from dawn to dusk and have plans already – then we don’t recommend you travel with us.

Is Italy expensive? I don’t know if I can afford it!

We get that. Obviously — vacations get put on the back burner for years till we wait for the start to align when we can “afford it”. Usually when we say we can’t afford something it really means: “I am not prioritizing that in my life at the moment”, which might be the heart of the matter. We usually make things happen when we really want it.

Think of these trips as offering you financial clarity: you know what an entire week in Italy will cost you because we’ve included the majority of your expenses in ONE price. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

To be perfectly blunt – you could spend less money to travel to Italy. But you could also spend thousands more.

What we will tell you with absolute certainty is that these trips offer INSANE value for money. Your vacation is precious. Your free time is fleeting. Don’t blow it on a mediocre experience.

Here is a fact: We’re obsessed with giving you the highest quality experience in the universe for your hard earned cash. These trips are affordable for real people who value where they spend their money.

But the real deal is right here: Italian Fix trips have one laser purpose that goes beyond pure dollars; you receive a one-of-a-kind experience expertly designed to inspire you for a lifetime. How much is that worth?

Consider these other money matters:

1) You won’t get ripped off on a crappy meal, or a crappy attraction, or sleep in a hotel from hell. You get only the best eats, attractions, hotels and experiences with the most awesome people EVER. We get THE BEST. Which means you do too.

This takes MONTHS of planning and it’s only done with YEARS of experience in Italy.

2) My insider connections in Italy are PRICELESS.  You wanna know what I really think? My unique perspective means I can offer you an experience in Italy that is impossible to find elsewhere.

Check this out: I am a non-Italian, which means I understand your culture and perspective, but I’ve lived in Italy, have worked in Italy, have been a student in Italy and I speak Italian. Hell, I even have an Italian husband. That translates to this: I have a dual perspective on your culture and your needs (because they are also mine) but I also understand how to navigate Italy like a local.

For you that means you aren’t throwing your money at a shot in the dark travel experience and “hoping” it will be good.  It is the closest thing to having a friend in Italy — and that kind of experience is PRICELESS.

3) The euro is the lowest in years. Right now is is the PERFECT time to cash in on the savings. Remember: the exchange rate is vital to how much you spend – Italy would have cost you 35% MORE a few years ago. NOW is perfect timing.

4)  You can’t even organize this stuff on your own. If you were travelling solo — how much you would spend hiring a personal shopper, a guide for a private walking tour, a private bike tour, a Milanese fashion photographer for the day, a personal trainer, a wine tasting or a cooking class (if you could even find them)? Seriously – the only way we can blend these ingredients is because we have a small group – making it affordable (and possible) for you.

5) You know exactly what this trip will cost you from the start. We make your life unbelievably simple by including the vast majority of your trip expenses in ONE PRICE. No guessing. No wondering how much you’ll blow. Nada.

You have the security of paying one fee for an entire week of costs (please refer to individual itineraries).

What’s the pace of these trips?

Each trip has been designed to give participants an intimate view of the places we stay and the people who live there and therefore daily activities are planned. Obviously, because we offer incredible value for money, we don’t leave you with entire days of “free time”. That just isn’t great planning. We believe you can take advantage of “free time” when you are travelling on your own,

Our goal is to offer you structure without stress or rush in an atmosphere of invigorating discovery. There will always be breaks and freedom of schedules. Each week will offer an element of unscheduled activity so you can pursue your individual interests.  Essentially, this is YOUR trip. If you would prefer to skip dinner one night and read at home, yes, do it! If you want to take a day off to just chill – of course you should. If you love to pack your trip to the brim, then we will see you at breakfast. Do what works for you and makes you feel great. It’s your trip!

I want to bring my man. Is he allowed to come?

The trips are designed to be girls’ getaways – geared towards solo travelers or friends travelling together.  We think we have an excellent alternative to travelling with your partner – it’s a chance to try something on your own. Why? Because we think you need a freakin’ break lady! Even from your love.

Let’s face it: You are machine – you juggle, you have a lot on your plate, you NEED to decompress and recharge your batteries. And that is best done in a small group of people who relate to you and that you can feel relaxed with. We keep this opportunity locked for the ladies because we think it’s the best way to offer that to everyone.

A great idea is to tell him to meet you before or after your week with us; previous guests have had success with that.

Do you want some help convincing him this would be great for you. We’ve got your back! Read the Pitch Your Partner Guide.

What will the weather be like?

Spring and fall are the absolute best times to visit Italy. But spring is amazing because everything is fresh and new and people are excited for the good weather and fun times.

Spring also has less crowds and less heat which is why we travel at this time. All guests are taken care of from the moment they sign up for a trip. You will receive a detailed pre-trip plan specific to their itinerary so you will know exactly what to pack.

How do I pay?

When you register for a trip you pay a deposit to hold your place – it is 50% of the trip fee. The balance of the trip fee is due 90 days before the trip starts. You pay by Visa or MasterCard.

Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, alternate payment plans can be arranged. Just contact us.

I have more questions and I’d like to chat.

Fantastic! Us too! We will help you decide if this is the right trip for you. Contact us.

I’m coming. How can I register?

Well that is fab news. The people who make decisions RIGHT NOW are the people who get the most out of this life. Click the pink “Register Now” button.

Need more?

Read the Pitch Your Partner Guide we’ve created especially for helping you talk to you partner about travelling to Italy with us.