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It was a one of a kind experience.

I wanted to come on this trip to be able to see and experience Italy with someone who has lived there, because on my own it would have been difficult to experience the Cinque Terre through those eyes.

Bianca has a gift for sharing the happiness and love of Italy, and also organizing amazing one-of-a-kind activities with local Cinque Terre residents.

The greatest element was the people that came on this trip: amazing women who love food, who love travel and who love life!

Thank-you Bianca for an experience of a lifetime

Ayon Wen-Waldron | Ayon’s Bakery & Ayonfit


I’ve traveled a lot but I must say this was definitely the best trip I have ever taken.

I speak of this trip often and I always get goose bumps…it was just that amazing.

It was with wonderful people from all over, brought together by Bianca. There is no way I would have been able to experience Cinque Terre on my own the way Bianca put it all together.

I can’t wait for her next adventure!

Bernadette Cay


I can’t wait to travel with Bianca again.

What makes these trips unique and special is that Bianca actually knows the people who live and work in the Cinque Terre. And it’s very obvious that they are all quite fond of her.  It made the trip so special — like we were visiting her friends!

I was inspired to take this trip because it was a girl’s trip. I was excited about making new friends and I was not disappointed. There was never any bickering between trip participants. This just does not happen when you put a group of 12 random women together for 7 days!

It was the perfect trip!

Belinda Molina


This was a once in a lifetime trip.

My favorite event was the cooking class at the villa. If I came to Italy on my own the shopping day in Genova would have been impossible to experience, not to mention the photo shoot with Filippo.

Thank you sooo much Bianca!

Jaye Park



This trip was radiant, soulful, big, audacious, insider, and tremendous fun!

Bianca is a wonderful guide. She amazed me with her ability to stay positive, laugh and energize every moment.

I took this trip because it sounded like a truly unique way to visit an exceptional part of the world. The fact that it included all the things I adore: eating, learning, walking, cooking — and all from a local’s perspective was very compelling.

The trip was exceptional in its scope, imagination and variety of activities. She showed me Italy is a state of mind, an attitude, a place to find joy, romance, beauty, pleasure – it’s just around every corner.

She planned and pulled off an Italian miracle! Shopping in Genova with a pro was divine. Tim’s lunch was amazing. I also loved the dinner on the cliff where we ate the octopus and antipasti. Grazie mille.

Leela Cyd Ross


This pretty much sums it up:

When I got home my husband said, “So — there were how many women?” And I said, “Eleven of us. And we all got along, no drama, nada.” And he was like, “Eleven? No drama? Must have been pretty cool women.”

That says it all!

Cortney Carson-Isunza




An Italian Fix trip is a beautiful secret (that I can’t wait to share).

I joined this trip because I love Italy and needed to disconnect from the pressure of my daily life and try something different. The best part was the hidden treasures: the family wine making, interesting restaurants, shopping in places travel books don’t write about and connecting with interesting people.

I can’t wait to cook one of the meals I learned on our cooking class at home with friends.

Overall, it was an amazing experience where I was able to meet new people and try new things.

Lisa Caldwell


I loved this vacation.

I would never have gotten off the train in this area and seen all that Bianca richly showed us.

The trip highlights were the countryside, the hike, the winery and our cooking class at the villa. I also loved Tim’s cooking class and her food – I’m gonna make it for friends. I loved all the restaurants and our photo shoot with Filippo.

Carolann Stoll


My trip to the Cinque Terre was unique and full of insider experiences.

I loved hearing about Bianca’s personal stories and the details behind why she chose the activities we did. There were so many incredible moments – I loved them all.

Grazie for this magical experience.

I can’t wait to do more travelling with Bianca and friends.

Miranda DeSantis