A Week in Italy: Win it FREE

by Bianca @ Italian Fix

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*** This opportunity is now closed. Thank you to all the amazing people who commented, uploaded videos and shared.  You rock.

If you’re new here make sure to scroll down to the comment section to see the videos.  Big hugs. xx Bianca ***


You’re a smart cookie.

You know a shiny opportunity when you see it.

And you wanna travel to Italy.

Then welcome – you’re in the right place. And we’re glad you’re here.

Our mission is to offer travel experiences to women who want to make the most out of their life.

We do this because we believe you need to invest in yourself first to be the kind of women you want to be.

We know that life has constant demands on our time and many of us feel overwhelmed, uninspired, too busy or disconnected. And when we feel like that we aren’t being truly useful to ourselves, our families or the world.

The most powerful reset button I know is to immerse yourself in total “you” time in a beautiful place.

And then fill that time with inspiring people, a massive dose of fun, long dinners, killer views, new skills and belly laughs.

This is why we’ve created weeklong trips to Italy designed for people who love those things.

Because we think you’re worth it.

Travel with us.

Think about it: A week of pure “you” time.

A trip that you won’t forget even when you’re old and forgetful.

A chance to meet others who are making the most out of their time on earth.

Of course you love that your entire trip has been planned by your stylish and in-the-know friend who’s thought of every detail — and she’s saved you the buckets of time and hassle.

And you love the idea of having someone who’s lived in Italy show you the good stuff cause you know that insider knowledge is a killer strategy in Italy.

Now imagine that you get to do this – FOR FREE.

Your week of hotels, meals and events are served up like a fancy bottle of the best bubbly and it’s ON THE HOUSE.

Seriously: this is happening.

We are giving away ONE spot on our small group  tours to Italy this spring.

Why? Because we believe in the power of travel to change your life and help you be more amazing. And we want to give each woman a chance to do something like this — even if your bank balance makes you wanna cry.

What is an Italian Fix?

Travelling with us is different.

We offer trips to Italy for people who love insider experiences. You’re not into cookie cutter. You don’t do average. You hunt and gather for brilliance, heart, excitement; you see potential everywhere.

We want you to live your best life; one in tune with your best case scenario.

You need:

A week filled with laughter.

A break from routine.

Fresh air without an inbox.

Inspiration, creativity, good food and an even better glass of wine.

New friends, connections, conversation, support, ideas and visions. Recharged batteries. Priorities renewed.

You need a freakin’ break lady.

Now take it.

Here’s the deal

We are offering three trips to Italy this season.

The spots WILL sell out.  When they’re gone they’re gone.

We hope you raise your hand and grab your seat while the gettin’ is good.

You have a choice right now. You can choose to be one of the people who makes 2013 a great year.

You can choose to invest in yourself. You can choose to make time and space in your life for the important stuff.

What the travel scholarship will give you

If you enter the give-away and are awarded a travel scholarship you can choose one of these trips:

1) Florence: May 19 – 25, 2013.

2) The Cinque Terre: June 18 – 24, 2013.

We waive the trip fee — which means you get a week in Italy; hotels, food, courses and workshops, cocktails and fun (please refer to individual itineraries for a full list of included and excluded things). It’s a $3500 value – and the odds of winning will be as high as your spirits when you hit the airport.

This isn’t a big corporate sponsored give-away. We are making this happen via hard work and big ideas. Carpe diem honey.

How to enter the travel scholarship  This is now closed. Thanks for all entries!

Make a video under three minutes and answer these questions:

  • Why do you travel? Or if you haven’t done much travelling — tell us why.
  • Why do you want to travel on an Italian Fix trip? Which trip looks the most exciting to you and why?

Your video doesn’t have to be fancy. This is about sharing your thoughts — not about being a pro videographer. Just go for it. We want to hear from you.

Then upload the video to YouTube and copy and paste this text word for word:


VIDEO TITLE: Why I want to travel to Italy w/ Italian Fix by YOUR NAME.

VIDEO DESCRIPTION: https://www.italianfix.com/  Italian Fix creates once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences for you in Italy. See the group trips to Florence, Milan and the Cinque Terre.

Read more: https://www.italianfix.com/


Don’t forget to leave a comment below this post with a link to your video entry.

Social media brownie points coming your way

Do you have a twitter account? A Facebook page? Great — then take it to the next level.

Copy and paste these phrases or invent your own:

Wanna go to Italy? Then don’t miss this chance of a lifetime to win this #travel scholarship  http://ow.ly/eVBoy  #italianfix

I might be heading to Italy — for FREE. Check it out http://ow.ly/eVBoy  #italianfix

I wanna go to Italy and I’ve entered for a chance to win a FREE spot on a trip!  http://ow.ly/eVBoy  #italianfix

Hot-damn I NEED to go to Italy. I entered to WIN a trip to #Florence or the #Cinqueterre  http://ow.ly/eVBoy  #italianfix

All tweets must use the hashtag #italianfix and use the shortened url http://ow.ly/eVBoy 

Follow this checklist to make a valid entry. This opportunity has been extended to March 29, 2013.

1) To enter to win you must record a video under 3 minutes long and answers the questions.

2) Upload the video to YouTube and copy and paste the supplied video title and video description above.

3) Leave a comment below this blog post to share your YouTube video link.

4) If you already bought a trip and you are picked – no worries – you’ll get a refund.

5) No purchase necessary

6) Decisions will be made by me and my team based on the ability to follow instructions and connect with the spirit of the give-away. This isn’t science – it’s art and therefore highly subjective. Our decision is final.

7)  All submissions must be completed by midnight (PST) Friday March 29, 2013. Decisions will be made within one week and the scholarship recipient announced in a blog post. If the winnings aren’t claimed we will award it to the runner up.

Remember – we want to extend this opportunity to women like you.

This is an opportunity designed to make travelling to Italy more affordable for you.


Help spread the word that the greatest things in life aren’t things. They are experiences.

  • post this link to Facebook
  • email it to a friend — it takes 10 seconds out of your day but you are showing them, “Hey, I’m thinking of you”.
  • pin an image to Pinterest
  • tweet this post (the button is above the photo of this post)

Thank you for your interest in this travel experience.

Travel is the most powerful reset button that exists and Italy is the most inspiring place in the world. I know — I lived there for two years and it not only changed my life, it inspired me to do this work.

I would be honoured to make your life richer this spring in Italy.

If you have any questions I can answer email me at bianca@italianfix {dot} com

With luck + love,

xx Bianca.

*** This opportunity is now closed. Thank you to all the amazing people who commented, uploaded videos and shared.  You rock.

If you’re new here make sure to scroll down to the comment section to see the videos.  Big hugs. xx Bianca ***

{this scholarship was inspired by Marie Forleo and I thank her for that}.

Share the love in the comments below.  Would you like to come to Italy? What are your thoughts on offering something like this?


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nikki stout

This is so awesome Bianca! Thank you for the opportunity. I will definitely be entering!


Bianca Gignac

Hello miss Nicky,

I can’t wait to see your submission. I am very excited to be offering this opportunity to people. It just spoke to me so I went with it. It’ll be very interesting to see where it goes. Looking forward to seeing you again here Nicky. xx Bianca

DJ Yabis | Dream Euro Trip

OMG I’m also excited to join. I haven’t been to Cinque Terre yet ;D

Kez sherwood

Wwwwwow Mizz Bianca, you really know how to throw a party! My spider senses are tingling… Italy and me, I see a bright future here.

Bianca Gignac

Hi Kez,

Get that video rockin’ and post the link here!

xx Bianca

Renee Taylor

Yay! Can’t wait to win this free amazing, exciting, delicious trip!!!! …let the video making juices flow!….coming soon!

Bianca Gignac

Can’t wait to see it Renee! xx

Bethany ~ twoOregonians

This is amazing! Absolutely fantastic. What a dream that trip will be…

I’ll be sharing about this with my friends and readers and (fingers crossed) trying to pull my own entry together once I return to Oregon this January.

Bianca Gignac

Thanks Bethany. Good luck!


what a fantastic gift of opportunity! your generous and creative spirit inspires me! I better get out my video camera and dive into this FUN dream party!

Bianca Gignac

Ciao Christy, I can’t wait to see your vid. xx Bianca


This is just about the coolest opportunity EVER. Thank you for your hard work to make this available, I am so entering!

Bianca Gignac

Ciao Fabiola,

I’ll look forward to seeing your brilliance in under 3 minutes.
xx Bianca

Gina S

This is the most exciting thing I’ve come across. I cannot wait to enter!

Bianca Gignac

Awesome Gina!

See you on You tube!

xx Bianca

Musakabantu Dickens Unene

This is wired and insane,for the past few months I have been day dreaming about going on a trip to Italy even started saving for the adventure which I plane to go on april next year. Out of the blue I brows the net for perfect places to visit in italy and find this link. am amazed. This is a great opportunity for me and I will enter as soon as I can, can’t let such a generous opportunity lay in waste. Am already excited I hope am lucky.

Bianca Gignac

So happy you found us.

I look forward to seeing what video you cook up.

xx Bianca

Courtney Cobb

I want to go to Italy and be with great people and have great food!

http://youtu.be/atbtukln77M Check out my video!

Bianca Gignac

Thank you Courtney for your submission.


xx Bianca

Gina S

My video is ready! Voglio tornare a Italia con Italian fix!


Bianca Gignac

Ciao Gina!

I’m so excited to see you getting involved. Thanks for your beautiful words on video.

xx Bianca

Kerry Quinn

Excited about this contest and hope to win!

Here’s my video entry: http://youtu.be/nB2UtOqz5Tw

Thank you! Kerry

Bianca Gignac

Hi Kerry.

Really glad you sent this video. Thanks for letting us hear about your story. xx Bianca

Julia Crownover

This is simply amazing! This would be a dream and I really hope you love my video!!! Can’t wait to discover beautiful Italy!!!



Bianca Gignac

Ciao Julia,

Great to see your video here. Awesome! xx Bianca

Holly Johnson

So excited!!!! Hope to meet all of you at Italian Fix! Ciao!

Bianca Gignac

Hi Holly,

Thank you so much for showing us your story. Bianca


I’m so excited to go to Italy! I’m determined to get there this year, even if I don’t win the scholarship. However, it would be amazing to help defray some of the expense! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!


Bianca Gignac

Ciao Ali!!

So excited to see this!
xx Bianca

Janet Hu

As a struggling entrepreneur and a lover of carbs, wine, and good times, I’d love to join you guys on your trip to Cinque Terre. This is by far the most amazing giveaway ever! Thanks for checking out my application: http://youtu.be/cIjurZ9_ISU

It’s accompanied to my favorite song, That’s Amore by Dean Martin : )

Thanks again!

Bianca Gignac

Hi Janet!
Thanks so much for your entry! Good luck. xx Bianca


As a lover of art and wine I am so looking forward to the Florence trip! How fun are you in the way you look at life? I love it! Now, to go prepare a close up…

Bianca Gignac

Hi Samantha,
Looking forward to seeing what you got going on!


Can I participate if I live in France ?
Italy is just the dream of my entire life, I have never been to Florence and I’d love to be able to win this trip, enjoy Italy the way you organised the trip!
Anyway, this workshop looks amazing!

Bianca Gignac

Ciao Lulu,

Of course you can join from France. This is open to all women in all countries!


I’m so excited about this!
Here’s the link to my entry (fingers crossed!)- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NDamWQfcT0Y&feature=youtu.be

Thanks so much 🙂

Bianca Gignac

Hi Sara,

Great to see what you’ve created for us. Thanks so much for taking this time to share with our community. Baci, Bianca

Crista Thompson

Hi there Bianca 🙂
I just want to say thank you for putting this on! This is an amazing opportunity for us ladies and so glad that I came across your site. My world will definitely change if I’m selected and complete the Florence trip with your group; on the confidence level! I believe this will be a huge jump to my belief in myself, period 😀
Here is my entry:

Bianca Gignac

Hi Crista,

Thank-you so much for entering the travel scholarship! xx Bianca


Hi Bianca and Leela,
Thank you thank you for this opportunity. What a dream come true if I win! To have Bianca show us around Florence and to watch Leela work her magic with the camera. Ten years of being a mom, I would love to have a trip for just me (as selfish as it feels!) to rejuvenate and refresh my mind.. and I know that it will not only help me as a mom, but help me so much as a photographer, two of the most important titles I hold so dear to my heart.

Here is my video. Eeps.. i don’t like being in front of the camera but my lovely girls helped me out.

Thank you lovely ladies. xo, Rashmi


Rashmi is the ideal candidate for a trip like this one. Completely open and excited to savour new experiences and share her own, she is a talented, very likable person who will significantly enhance any tour group she is with. I hope you win this! What a great opportunity!

Bianca Gignac

Thanks for sharing Uma. xx Bianca

Bianca Gignac

Hi Rashmi,

This is awesome to see your wonderful story. Wanting time just for “you” isn’t selfish! It’s just modelling healthy behaviour. Our kids need to see that we WORK on being the people we want to be. Hopefully they get the gist. Thanks! xx Bianca


Hi there Bianca!!

As you can see on my video, I LOVE to eat, travel and take pictures!! I can only imagine what a wonderful trip the photography workshop in Florence would be and I hope I get to join you guys!! Thank you for this opportunity!


xoxo, K

Bianca Gignac

Hi Katie!

Wow girl — you’ve definitely got the travel bug! That makes two of us;) Thanks so much for putting your family, passions and heart into this wonderful video. Baci, Bianca

Danika Pariseau

Hi Bianca and Leela!

Happy to finally get to submit. Dreaming of Firenze every day.


xx Danika

Bianca Gignac


Your vid is totally gorgeous. Thanks for creating it — it’s a real declaration to the world about your commitment to your art practice. It’s an incredibly exciting period in your life. Rock it woman! Thank-you! xx Bianca


Here’s my video:

I think this is amazing to even have a chance to win this awesome trip. I would be happy to know you in real and to travel with you and learn from you.
Kisses and embraces!

Bianca Gignac

Ciao Beata,

Thanks so much for letting us “meet” you and hear your story. I send you big kisses and embraces too! xx Bianca

Adrienne Breaux


Fingers crossed. Thank you for even the opportunity! Made me think about why I travel and sort of inspired me to try and raise money for a trip this year even if I don’t win it! Travel is vital for life.

Bianca Gignac

Hi Adrienne! You’re not alone in your struggle with your travel style! Many people fall into this category and learning new travel philosophies will certainly let you embrace your precious vacation time. Thanks for sharing! xx Bianca


Woot woot! What a great idea. Would love to get the travel scholarship. Here’s my entry! http://youtu.be/M02anoRc2QM

Bianca Gignac

Ciao Christina,

Your video is beautiful and we so appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us. xx Bianca

Bridget P

Hi Bianca & Leela!

Grazie mille for this incredible opportunity!! Just the very thought of winning is making my stomach do flip-flops!! The chance to experience my Italian heritage firsthand (with a local like Bianca, no less!) brings tears to my eyes! And the notion of photography lessons from Leela?! Goosebumps!! You ladies are giving my travel dreams hope for this year even though my wallet said heck no! Thank you for your generous spirits! I would be on cloud nine if I were chosen and I would shout it from the rooftops that you made it possible for me to have an Italian trip of a lifetime when I thought I wouldn’t be able to travel at all this year! I read all of your testimonials and I want nothing more than to be adding mine soon just like the rest of those happy sounding ladies!!


With love and gelato,
Bridget xoxo

Bianca Gignac

Hey Bridget,

Love your enthusiasm (and your t-shirt!). Thanks so much for putting yourself out there and making this video! Big hugs to you. xx Bianca

Nicole Quihuis

Thank you for this tremendous opportunity! xo

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