About Italian Fix

We Do Things Differently

We’re a modern travel company serving the curious traveler. We create tours for those who seek to experience a place, not just pass through a place. 

Our vision for you is that you start to live the Italian lifestyle the minute you’re under our care — benefitting instantly from all of our insight, our connections and our taste for the dolce vita

We want you to feel like you’re traveling with a group of friends. 

Our activities are selected not so that you can “see a bunch of things,” but so that you can “feel a bunch of things.” Feel happy, feel relaxed, feel cared for, feel surrounded by good people, feel excited by tomorrow. Many of our guests tell us they feel more alive after one of our tours than they did when they arrived. 

We have one life to live — let’s travel more!


We Know Italy

While we do think of ourselves as fancy (and we even train our hosts with some of the same service tenets as the Ritz), we’re not a luxury travel company. We’re something better. We have a signature high/low travel style that brings a diversity to your Italian experience that you might not otherwise enjoy. 

Coming with us is like having a backstage VIP pass to the nuances and layers that Italy has to offer. We understand the context, the customs, and the communities of every location we visit. In Italy, it’s not what you know — it’s who you know. And we know people.

Over many years of living and hosting tours in Italy, we have cultivated genuine relationships with ethical, family-owned businesses. That’s exactly why we are so intentional about where we stay, where we eat, and where we visit. It’s important to us that we support the smaller, family-run businesses and producers that we know, love, and trust. And because we’re experts, we’re picky! When you travel with Italian Fix, you experience not just an Italian vacation, but all the wonderful people who contribute to making it so special. 

Our Tours are Artfully Curated

Our process for curating local experiences, tastes, sights, and sounds is unrivaled — we expertly arrange a beautifully balanced and magical week of Italian living like no other. Our carefully crafted itineraries have been perfected over years of hosting successful trips, so they play out like a symphony — with cadence, timing and rhythm. 

All of our trips have up-time and down-time. The introverts who need some quiet to recharge can get it, and the extroverts who gain energy from new connections can thrive too. One of our mottos is “Hey, it’s your holiday — opt out of any days you like!” While we have lots to see, eat, do and explore, you can do so with your own personal interests and energy levels at top of mind. After all, we’re all about embracing the art of living — Italian style.

We Handle Every Detail

Italian Fix guests instantly benefit from our exclusive network of travel and logistics experts who use their decades of experience, passion for travel and culture, and love of people and adventure to provide an effortless and elevated travel experience under our care. 

We provide seamless experiences for our guests where everything — and anything — is handled confidently by our compassionate and knowledgeable team. This includes covering all tips for drivers, restaurants, and guides. Your expert host has the connections and the insider know-how to ensure every moment is safe, carefree, and relaxing. The most difficulty you’ll ever have while traveling with Italian Fix is in deciding which flavor of gelato you’ll have next. Give your busy brain a break and enjoy having the details handled for you. Why wing it in Italy without connections if you don’t have to?

We Believe in the
Happiness Loop

Did you know there are studies that prove that booking trips and planning new experiences promote happiness in people? Anticipating something fun and positive helps you focus on a brighter future — like a trip with Italian Fix! And we’ve seen how traveling to Italy with us can alleviate the impacts of daily stress and focus the mind on the joyful things in life.

We encourage frequent testing of these studies in our open air labs in Italy. But don’t worry — you aren’t a test subject. As soon as you book a tour with us, we consider you part of the Italian Fix family. Our guests will tell you that we remember them even many years after they travel with us. We know that a trip like this is a big deal, and we are grateful to the people who take the leap with us.

Italian Fix Cinque Terre Group Holiday

We Inspire Lasting Connections

We’re very proud to share that we have guests who return to Italian Fix year after year — some people have even repeated the exact same tour! When you travel with us, you create connections that bridge cultures, continents, and backgrounds, opening opportunities to meet new friends, and encouraging new ways of thinking and a renewed sense of being, doing, and exploring. 

Our guests trust us, which means they can let their hair down and enjoy a carefree, fun, and relaxing week of Italian living, surrounded by  fellow revelers in dolce vita energy. Whether it’s connecting to the sights, the people you meet, or the memories you make, we can confidently say that magic happens when you travel with us. 

About Bianca and the Team

Our founder, Bianca Gignac, is involved in every aspect of why we do what we do at Italian Fix. She believes that the best Italian experiences are nuanced — and artful. And she would know. Bianca has traveled Italy extensively for almost 20 years and has learned the language too.

Her very first trip to Florence was especially moving — literally. The week before she was scheduled to leave Italy, she met Alessandro, the man she would eventually marry and then relocate to Italy to be with. 

This was one of the first — and certainly the most important — of many life-changing relationships Bianca has built in Italy. She has spent over 10 years perfecting every nuance of crafting a magical week in Italy with her growing network of local, family-run Italian businesses and logistics experts to present you with unparalleled travel experiences. 

The team is based in Italy and internationally. Management is headed by Kiiri Sandy who lived in Italy for almost two decades and speaks Italian fluently. Both Kiiri and Bianca know what it’s like to be in Italy — but not be Italian — and that gives them the unique insight into what foreigners in Italy need. 

Whether it’s your first time in Italy or you’re returning to the energy and beauty of this special place, you can rest assured that because Bianca and her team have spent thousands of hours creating the  most epic experiences for their guests, you’ll be able to let those shoulders sink, that breathing slow, and do nothing but luxuriate in living your dolce vita.

“Italy is a place to fall in love — with yourself. It’s a place of big inspiration and big fun. I founded the company on a simple idea: How can someone with no connections, no past experience and no knowledge of Italy feel like they can be “at home” and having it all, the minute they arrive at our first night's meal?” Each year Italian Fix creates lasting change with our guests long after they come home, by sharing with them new ways of thinking, doing and being so that they can steal for themselves the art of Italian living to enhance their personal life and relationships at home."