Cinque Terre

Leave the modern world behind to explore five picturesque seaside villages along the Italian Riviera.

Live Your Dolce Vita

Dedicate an entire week to living your dolce vita while exploring the Cinque Terre, a group of five stunning villages perched along the Ligurian coast. We’ll share the Italian lifestyle with you,  and help you put it into practice from the moment you take a seat at our long table at sunset. We’ll pour you something bubbly and you can feel those shoulders sink. 

Imagine your leisurely breakfast and your cappuccino amid the sounds of an awakening Italian village. Wander down cobblestone paths lined with perfectly-kept traditional homes — you are, after all, in one of Italy’s Unesco World Heritage Sites. Brightly colored bougainvillea climbs over gates and geraniums spill from balconies as you walk by. A nonna hangs laundry overhead and the morning sun kisses your face. We call this the Dolce Zone. 

What you’ve discovered is a slice of slow living you never knew you needed. No cars are allowed. Neither are large ships in the harbors. Cinque Terre is ecologically protected and secluded from heavy traffic and industry , making this postcard-perfect area a dreamy respite from the modern world.  Safe and inviting to explore at night, this once-sleepy fishing village is the epitome of Italian living — in your comfy sandals.     

Your exclusive Italian Fix experience includes eight (8) days and seven (7) nights, staying in the Cinque Terre village of Monterosso. We’re all about living that Italian lifestyle, so each night you will return “home” like a local.. No need to rush around, scrambling for maps or trying to research what to see and do. Leave the logistics to us. You just need to show up and we do the rest. 

Each day, you’ll embark on an expertly-curated day trip from our home base. Thanks to  our many years of living in the area and cultivating genuine relationships with local and family-owned businesses, you’ll get a backstage pass to the hidden gems of the area with your host. From premium reservations, exclusive dining experiences, to a variety of activities beautifully and artfully balanced, you’ll get the very best insider experience of all the tastes, sights, and sounds the Cinque Terre has to offer. This signature tour is our longest running and most popular choice. 

Cinque Terre

7 nights, 8 days 

Your investment is $5495 (shared room).

Prefer a private room? Add $1200.

Book your space with a $795 deposit.

Rates in USD.

2023 Tour Dates

Cinque Terre Highlights

Cinque Terre

7 nights, 8 days 

Your investment is $5495 (shared room).

Prefer a private room? Add $1200.

Book your space with a $795 deposit.

Rates in USD.

Itinerary Overview

The numbers indicate the amount of nights you will stay at each location.

Our host will be there to meet you the second you arrive in Monterosso. And, because our team of experts have all the details covered, you can instantly ease right into the Dolce Zone — that carefree state of mind that Italian Fix guests experience. Tonight, we dine our first of many epic meals together with our group in a relaxed atmosphere, perfect for your first night in the Cinque Terre. 


Awaken to the sounds of church bells in the morning. Open the shutters and take in the glorious village views. It’s the start to an incredible week ahead, beautifully balanced to inspire you to embrace the art of living again — Italian style. Your local guide is an expert with decades worth of insight, and part of your Italian Fix team lives right in the Cinque Terre year-round. With us, you get the insider’s experience — a priceless backstage pass exclusive to Italian Fix guests. You’ll prepare a meal with a local chef, then dine outdoors with stunning views as your backdrop. We’ll spend the afternoon lounging on the beach. Crack open a book. Dip your toes into the water. Or wander into the village to discover the shops. In the evening, we gather at one of our favorite casual eateries and dine together with new friends and old wine. 

Explore the lesser-known streets in and around the charming villages of the Cinque Terre today. This is not your typical tour. We avoid the main drags where everyone else ends up. Instead, we’ll escape to better vistas with fewer people and a ton of fun. We know the perfect spots to capture those iconic photos. Forget postcards — you’ll be able to take those shots yourself Because we are all about rhythm and balancing plenty of rest among the activities, we’ll have lunch in Manarola and then the afternoon is free for you to fill as you please. Stroll through the area on your own to shop, take a swim, or just bask in the insane beauty that is the Cinque Terre. 

Road trip! We head to Tuscany with our private driver, to one of our absolute fave places in all of Italy —  an expansive market full of “Made in Italy” clothing, shoes, and gifts. Italian Fix guests have scored authentic Gucci and Prada at back-of-the-van prices here. (This is Italy — don’t ask questions, just take the Gucci and go!) In the afternoon, we head to a quiet Tuscan town where the streets are filled with artists and sculpture studios. Dinner is at a friend’s marble-studio slash restaurant. We’ll chat about all of our market finds and the highlights of our week so far. 

This is a “choose your own adventure” day. We have a ton of suggestions to inspire you, but today is your day to do whatever you feel like in the moment . Take the ferry to another village. Relax and ponder life’s wonders as you catnap under a striped beach umbrella. Whether it’s a visit to luxe Portofino or an afternoon doing absolutely nothing (or a bit of both!), it’s your time. 

It’s another beautiful day in paradise, and we have another exclusive event arranged specially for Italian Fix guests. We head out to Vernazza — widely considered the most picturesque of the five villages. We’ll climb up into the vineyards perched above town where we’ll learn about how wine is made here, with tastings of course . Afterward, soak up the majestic sunset vibes back at home on Monterosso’s stunning promenade where everyone is living their best life. Tonight, dinner is at another one of our fave spots. 

You can’t come to Cinque Terre on the breathtaking Italian Riviera and not go out to sea! Lounge about and take in the spectacular views from our private boat. During our excursion, we’ll visit secret swim spots along the Mediterranean waters and enjoy lunch on board. Let the beauty and magic of Cinque Terre renew you as we float gently along the coastline. We’ll seal the deal with a farewell dinner.

Take in the final moments Cinque Terre has to offer before checking out of your hotel. In case you’re not ready to head back home, we have designed our travel season so you can extend your stay Continue exploring Italy with another Italian Fix tour, or catch a flight home if you must. Whatever you choose, we know you’ll be leaving inspired and refreshed, having fully embraced the art of living — Italian style. Buon viaggio!

Why Travel with Us?

Our process for curating local experiences, tastes, sights, and sounds is unrivaled. Thanks to our genuine relationships with ethical, family-owned businesses, we expertly arrange a beautifully balanced and magical week of Italian living. Our goal is to create unique moments that set the stage for living your best dolce vita.

When you travel with Italian Fix, you make lasting connections that bridge cultures, continents, and backgrounds, inspiring you to welcome new friends, new ways of thinking, and a renewed sense of being, doing, and exploring. 

Our guests instantly benefit from our exclusive network of travel and logistics experts who use their decades of experience, passion for travel and culture, and love of people and adventure to provide an effortless and elevated travel experience under our care. 

We believe in providing seamless experiences for our guests where everything — and anything — is handled confidently by our compassionate and knowledgeable team who care about the guest experience and their safety and wellbeing. 

So, what are you waiting for? Andiamo!

A Word From Our Founder

I met my husband in these villages about 20 years ago. It’s why this is Italian Fix’s signature trip! The very first time we hosted this tour was when I started this company a decade ago. When I imagined this week in Italy, I wanted the most beautiful itinerary I could think of — I asked myself what I’d want to do with my best friend if she was visiting me there. After 10 years, our Cinque Terre tour is still going strong and, thanks to years of development and energy, it’s better than ever. 

You simply cannot go wrong with these enchanting villages. Our expert hosts make you feel like you’re taking part in something truly special — because you are. It’s my hope that the wonder and magic of the Cinque Terre gives you everything you’re looking for.  And who knows? You may even be in for some happy surprises, just like I was all those years ago!

With love + limoncello,


Cinque Terre

7 nights, 8 days 

Your investment is $5495 (shared room).

Prefer a private room? Add $1200.

Book your space with a $795 deposit.

Rates in USD.

What You'll Experience with Us


We’re a boutique travel company, not a luxury travel company. Although we do think of ourselves as fancy (we even train our hosts with some of the same service tenets as the Ritz), we want to do things differently. 

We want our trips to be more inclusive and open to a more diverse set of travelers than a typical luxury tour operator that just serves the 1%. We like to think of our experiences as a beautiful balance of high and low. We might offer a stunning multi-course meal with wine pairings at an award-winning restaurant one evening, and the next day, we’ll be eating a panino at a plastic table at the market. Because, let’s be honest. You didn’t come to Italy to have a Disneyland-esque type of experience. You’re here to experience it all, not just the touristy stuff. We love to offer our guests the kind of beautifully layered and nuanced experience that our Italian friends would plan for themselves. 

Our travel and logistics experts are geniuses at crafting the perfect combination of local experiences, tastes, sights, and sounds. Many of our Italian Fix hosts live in the areas we visit or have lived there before. So, we know people

We’re intentional in our decisions about where we stay, where we eat, and where we visit. It’s important to us that we support the ethical, family-owned businesses we know and love. No chain hotels are on our roster. We purposefully and artfully select the smaller, family-run places that offer next-level experiences and unique boutique-style service. We aim for 10/10 reviews — without the $12K price tag for access.

We have a combination of solo travelers, people traveling with friends, and people traveling with partners/spouses on all of our tours. We also have a mix of “co-ed” and “women only” dates.

First off, we speak Italian! We also understand the context, the customs, and the community of every location we visit. In Italy, it’s not what you know — it’s who you know. And we know people.

Coming with us is like having a backstage pass or an insider’s tour, and you need that in Italy because it’s way too busy and too easy to get caught up in the fray. If you travel on your own, you’re just one in a million foreigners waiting in lines and trying to get service. No connections or language fluency makes that so much more frustrating! 

Our travel style allows you to be among friends and have access to things you couldn’t find on your own. We’re into slow — and sustainable — travel. We support family-run businesses and local producers. And we’re picky! No big-box concept of tourism around here. At Italian Fix, we’re mindful about keeping traditions alive and supporting local economies. 

One of the most beautiful things about our trips is that they attract a lot of different kinds of people — and we’re proud of that. Our fun, safe, and let-your-hair-down energy the right kind of guests from around the world with different backgrounds — because wanting to live your dolce vita is something that transcends any zip code or age range. 

We have guests who return to Italian Fix year after year. From the person who enjoys traveling solo to the besties who want to take one more trip of a lifetime, they all want to live the Italian lifestyle in a carefree, fun-filled, and relaxing week. They trust Italian Fix to confidently handle all the details so the only thing they’re responsible for is embracing the art of living — Italian style.

Our carefully crafted itineraries have been perfected over years of hosting successful trips so they play out like a symphony — with cadence, timing and rhythm. All of our trips have up-time and down-time. The introverts who need quiet to recharge can get it, and the extroverts who derive energy from new connections can thrive too. One of our mottos is “Hey, it’s your holiday — opt out of any days you like” We have lots to see, eat, do and explore whenever you wish to join in. Just put on your comfy shoes and andiamo!

We’re a really small company that serves just a few hundred people per year. You can read more about us here. By comparison, most tour operators are really, really big — some of them serve about 30,000 people per year! That’s not who we are — we’re female-owned and mostly female-run, and getting to know each of our travelers by name is super important to us! We truly want to get to know you.  

We employ incredibly smart, organized, and hard-working individuals (mostly women) who are passionate about travel, culture, adventure, and people. We also work in our comfy pants and have a sane work schedule where we can pick up our kids from school and enjoy our lives too. We do what we do so that you can live your dolce vita.


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