Puglia & the Amalfi Coast - 2024

An artfully balanced collection of seaside, countryside, and off-the-beaten-path cities that delivers the very best of Southern Italy. You’ll travel from coast to coast, staying in sunny Positano, otherworldly Matera, and Lecce, the Florence of the South.

8 nights, 9 days
Limited to 14 guests.

Small groups and beautiful itineraries, all handled for you.
Have connections the minute you step off the plane.
For people who want fun, easy, insider travel — elevated.

Southern Italy has big energy, and we’re here for it! Vibrant, colorful plates serving all the pasta you never knew you needed to eat. Long strings of chilis dangling from the market vendors’ stalls. Giant, juicy lemons hanging off the trees. Grand, elegant hotels built along the cliffs. Spacious yachts. Unforgettable views. Stretching expanses of olive groves. Even the smallest details in every moment here create the most impactful and meaningful memories. It’s in the way you feel when you’re part of the scene in Positano. It’s in the way you feel walking through the quiet city of Matera by moonlight. It’s in the way your shoulders sink at the long table filled with laughter and lunch at a Puglian masseria.

There’s a huge amount of variety on this trip that traverses Italy from the west coast to the east coast. You’ll see Paleolithic-era cities, Greek ruins, and Spanish palaces. The South has it all, but Southern Italy has long been neglected in favor of hot spots like Rome, Florence, and Venice, which is precisely the hook! This trip has been artfully arranged with a mix of seaside, countryside, and less traveled towns and cities. It’s definitely a route you would have a hard time journeying solo without speaking Italian. Your private hosts and drivers will lead you through the backroads, the customs, and the quirks of this enchanting land. And the food in the south of Italy is unbelievably good, so get your taste buds ready for that, too.

This 9-day and 8-night coast-to-coast itinerary hits all the highlights we love. We’ll be staying in sunny Positano on the Amalfi Coast. We’ll also stay in Matera in Basilicata — the European Capital of Culture in 2019 and a Unesco World Heritage Site. Then we’ll head to Puglia to stay in the amazing city of Lecce, the Florence of the South. Puglia is the land of olive orchards, trulli, masserie, and whitewashed towns. Puglia is going to be the next Tuscany, but it’s far enough off the beaten path to still be considered a secret gem… for now.

Puglia & the Amalfi Coast - 2024

8 nights, 9 days 

Investment is $7,995.00 USD

Rates are per person (double occupancy)

Traveling solo & prefer your own room? 

Add $1,900.00

Book your space with a $795.00 deposit.

What's Included

Included on every Puglia & Amalfi Coast tour:

A unique itinerary along the Amalfi Coast and in Puglia: Positano, Matera, Ostuni, Lecce, Alberobello.

8 nights in boutique hotels. We spend 3 nights in Positano, 2 nights in Matera, and 3 nights in Lecce.

Airport-to-hotel transfer on arrival day. Hotel-to-airport transfer on departure day.

A private boat charter for a cruise along the coast.

Lunch at a masseria, a Puglian country estate.

All breakfasts as well as four (4) lunches and five (5) dinners including local wine and alternatives.

A Choose Your Own Adventure Day. This is a free day for you to do whatever you like.

All ground transportation, which includes private transfers, taxis, and boats.

Entrance fees, taxes, all tips for drivers and restaurants and guides.

2024 Tour Dates


Puglia & the Amalfi Coast - 2024

8 nights, 9 days

Investment is $7,995.00 USD 

Rates are per person (double occupancy)

Traveling solo & prefer your own room? 

Add $1,900.00

Book your space with a $795.00 deposit.

Itinerary Overview

Our driver will collect you from your Naples hotel (or from the airport) and transfer you to our Positano hotel. The ride to Positano is famous for its stunning views, so you’ll quickly shift into “vacation mode,” or as we like to call it, the Dolce Zone — that special state of mind that Italian Fix guests get to experience. Tonight, we’ll celebrate life with a beautiful meal with our group in Positano. You’ll end the night on a high, buzzing from the new friends you’ve met (and possibly the local limoncello).

Today, you can treat yourself to a super relaxing three-cappuccino morning and recharge in the Italian sunshine. Your guide has a beautiful walking excursion planned for you — you can choose between a shopping tour or a historical tour. Dinner is with your Italian Fix family at our fave Positano ristorante overlooking this picture-postcard village.

Follow your mood and choose a relaxed day or a full day today. You can shop, swim, people-watch in a café. Or jump on the boat with us and see the Amalfi Coast the way it was meant to be seen — from the water. We’re cruising down to visit the town of Amalfi itself. We’ll have lunch together before heading back to our Positano home. The night is free for you to do as you wish.

Today, we begin our journey into the heart of Italy, where we’ll spend a few nights in the country’s oldest city. Many people simply don’t venture into this part of the country. In fact, you’ll see very few foreign travelers in this area. But before we explore roads blazed by the Greeks in 450 BC, we’ll go and eat some cheese. Because, well, #italy! Then we’ll make our way to one of the most otherworldly places you’ll ever see — Matera. It’s a Unesco World Heritage Site, and in 2019 was named the European Capital of Culture. Enjoy a walking tour of Matera and a free choice for dinner.

Wander through Matera’s tangle of winding streets or sit at a sidewalk café with a cappuccino and a great novel. Whatever you do, take in every last drop of this ancient place. In the evening we’ll explore the creamy stone laneways of Matera on an Ape Calessino tour followed by dinner in our fave spot.

We continue our Southern Italy journey by heading into the heart of Puglia, Italy’s most up-and-coming destination. Once the poorest part of the country, this region is now in every magazine, blog, and guidebook — come before it’s been bought up by the Clooneys! We’ll visit the town of Alberobello, the epicenter of trulli houses. Wine tasting is at a friend’s place. Check in at our hotel in Lecce and then enjoy some free time.

You’ll soak in all the beauty that is Lecce — the Florence of the South — at the very tip of Italy’s heel. This city is baroque extravagance at its best, full of spiraled columns and gargoyles. We’ll explore the countryside and some of the smaller Puglian villages, like Ostuni, a crown of white buildings spread out over three hills overlooking the Adriatic, and the enchanting Polignano al Mare. Lunch is at a countryside masseria. We’ll have a classic aperitivo in Lecce and enjoy the buzz (of the city and maybe the Spritz).

This is our last day in Italy together so we’ve curated a beautiful private event for you at a local studio. We’ll make a meal together, drink some Puglian wines, and connect over food and music. Since you’re pretty much Italian now, making food, listening to live music, and tossing your head back as you dance the pizzica (a popular Italian folk dance from this area) is totally normal! Don’t worry, what happens in Italy stays in Italy… but who’s kidding who? You’re going to be bursting to share every detail of the time you had in some of the most beautiful places on earth.

This is your departure and check-out day. We’ll provide you with a private transfer to Brindisi airport for your flight, or help you with another transfer if you’re staying longer. View the calendar to see if this trip can be combined with another. Whatever your plans, our team will have everything handled so you can confidently get to where you need to go.

Arrival Details:

Arrival Airport: Naples

First-Day Activity: Dinner at 7pm

Departure Details:

Departure Airport: Brindisi

Last-Day Activity: Breakfast

Why Travel with Us?

Our process for curating local experiences, tastes, sights, and sounds is unrivaled. Thanks to our genuine relationships with ethical, family-owned businesses, we expertly arrange a beautifully balanced and magical week of Italian living. Our goal is to create unique moments that set the stage for living your best dolce vita.

When you travel with Italian Fix, you make lasting connections that bridge cultures, continents, and backgrounds, inspiring you to welcome new friends, new ways of thinking, and a renewed sense of being, doing, and exploring. 

Our guests instantly benefit from our exclusive network of travel and logistics experts who use their decades of experience, passion for travel and culture, and love of people and adventure to provide an effortless and elevated travel experience under our care. 

We believe in providing seamless experiences for our guests where everything — and anything — is handled confidently by our compassionate and knowledgeable team who care about the guest experience and their safety and wellbeing. 

So, what are you waiting for? Andiamo!

How We Compare

When booking with any travel company, it’s important to know how long they have been in business, whether their itinerary is proven, whether the meals will be good, whether they offer unlimited pre-travel support, and essentially, what the quality of the experience they provide is. We prioritize quality over quantity, offering only tours in small groups on proven routes in Italy.

Italian Fix
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Access to Italy experts pre-travel and on the ground. Licensed guide travels with you.

Hours of research and comparison shopping done for you.

Transparent and up-front trip costs. No surprise upsells on tour!


Unlimited Italy travel advice as you prepare your trip.

Exceptional-quality meals at restaurants, markets, and private homes included in your trip fee.

Easy-to-book pre-/post-tour extensions and add-ons.


Vetted, proven and refined itineraries.


Small groups under 16 people.

Operating for over a decade.


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Get taken care of

We’ll collect you from the airport (or the train station, depending on the tour you choose). While you’re with us — relax — we have everything handled.

Live a richer life

The beauty of travel is also in how it changes you. Our guests leave us having acquired some Italian, learned local etiquette, picked up travel hacks, and created new friendships, among many other life upgrades.

Puglia & the Amalfi Coast - 2024

8 nights, 9 days

Investment is $7,995.00 USD 

Rates are per person (double occupancy)

Traveling solo & prefer your own room? 

Add $1,900.00

Book your space with a $795.00 deposit.

A Word From Our Founder

This is the most ambitious trip we’ve put together — it’s so varied in scope, locations and diversity of experiences. It’s really for those adventurous souls who want it all. I’m one of those, and this trip suits me perfectly.


I love the luxe spots on the Amalfi coast — they appeal to the fancy part of me, that enjoys the buzz of the aperitivo-sipping, people-watching scene, complete with shopping and yachts. But I wouldn’t want to spend a week in Positano — it’s too loud. My soul craves the nuanced layers of the Italian lifestyle, which is not all Spritzes and parties. That’s why I love Puglia. I started traveling to Puglia just five years ago, but as soon as I arrived I just knew I would own a home there one day. Although that destiny has not manifested itself yet, there will be a time when I’ll be inviting my guests to my personal home. My body feels peaceful in Puglia, like I’ve lived there before. I love the traditions, the landscape, the art, and the laid-back pace.


My husband is from the north of Italy and he had never traveled the south before we went together. He cried when he walked into the old city of Matera. An Italian shedding a tear over old buildings?!? It actually wasn’t the architecture that choked him up. It was the energy of the place — it was unlike anywhere else we’ve ever been to in Italy. Matera is the oldest continually inhabited city in Europe — people have lived there since Paleolithic times! You can see cave dwellings carved into the rocks, similar to what you’ll see in Cappadocia in Turkey. It’s just different. If you’ve never heard of it, take a moment to go research it now.


Some people prefer the “big three” which are Rome, Venice and Florence. I’ll take the villages, the countryside, and the barefoot lunches at the masseria any day. If you can relate, this trip is a good choice for you.


With Love + Limoncello,


What You'll Experience with Us

What They Say...

96% of our 2023 guests have left us a 10/10 review post-trip. 100% of our guests love our customer service


We’re a boutique travel company, not a luxury travel company. Although we do think of ourselves as fancy (we even train our hosts with some of the same service tenets as the Ritz), we want to do things differently. 

We want our trips to be more inclusive and open to a more diverse set of travelers than a typical luxury tour operator that just serves the 1%. We like to think of our experiences as a beautiful balance of high and low. We might offer a stunning multi-course meal with wine pairings at an award-winning restaurant one evening, and the next day, we’ll be eating a panino at a plastic table at the market. Because, let’s be honest. You didn’t come to Italy to have a Disneyland-esque type of experience. You’re here to experience it all, not just the touristy stuff. We love to offer our guests the kind of beautifully layered and nuanced experience that our Italian friends would plan for themselves. 

Our travel and logistics experts are geniuses at crafting the perfect combination of local experiences, tastes, sights, and sounds. Many of our Italian Fix hosts live in the areas we visit or have lived there before. So, we know people

We’re intentional in our decisions about where we stay, where we eat, and where we visit. It’s important to us that we support the ethical, family-owned businesses we know and love. No chain hotels are on our roster. We purposefully and artfully select the smaller, family-run places that offer next-level experiences and unique boutique-style service. We aim for 10/10 reviews — without the $12K price tag for access.

We have a combination of solo travelers, people traveling with friends, and people traveling with partners/spouses on all of our tours. We also have a mix of “co-ed” and “women only” dates.

First off, we speak Italian! We also understand the context, the customs, and the community of every location we visit. In Italy, it’s not what you know — it’s who you know. And we know people.

Coming with us is like having a backstage pass or an insider’s tour, and you need that in Italy because it’s way too busy and too easy to get caught up in the fray. If you travel on your own, you’re just one in a million foreigners waiting in lines and trying to get service. No connections or language fluency makes that so much more frustrating! 

Our travel style allows you to be among friends and have access to things you couldn’t find on your own. We’re into slow — and sustainable — travel. We support family-run businesses and local producers. And we’re picky! No big-box concept of tourism around here. At Italian Fix, we’re mindful about keeping traditions alive and supporting local economies. 

One of the most beautiful things about our trips is that they attract a lot of different kinds of people — and we’re proud of that. Our fun, safe, and let-your-hair-down energy draws the right kind of guests from around the world with different backgrounds — because wanting to live your dolce vita is something that transcends any zip code or age range. 

We have guests who return to Italian Fix year after year. From the person who enjoys traveling solo to the besties who want to take one more trip of a lifetime, they all want to live the Italian lifestyle in a carefree, fun-filled, and relaxing week. They trust Italian Fix to confidently handle all the details so the only thing they’re responsible for is embracing the art of living — Italian style.

Our carefully crafted itineraries have been perfected over years of hosting successful trips, so they play out like a symphony — with cadence, timing and rhythm. All of our trips have up-time and down-time. The introverts who need quiet to recharge can get it, and the extroverts who derive energy from new connections can thrive too. One of our mottos is “Hey, it’s your holiday — opt out of any days you like.” We have lots to see, eat, do and explore whenever you wish to join in. Just put on your comfy shoes and andiamo!

We’re a really small company that serves just a few hundred people per year. You can read more about us here. By comparison, most tour operators are really, really big — some of them serve about 30,000 people per year! That’s not who we are — we’re female-owned and mostly female-run, and getting to know each of our travelers by name is super important to us! We truly want to get to know you.  

We employ incredibly smart, organized, and hard-working individuals (mostly women) who are passionate about travel, culture, adventure, and people. We also work in our comfy pants and have a sane work schedule where we can pick up our kids from school and enjoy our lives too. We do what we do so that you can live your dolce vita.


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