The Islands of Amalfi - 2024

Enjoy slow living on three stunning Italian Islands just off the Amalfi Coast — Capri, Ischia, and Procida.

5 nights, 6 days

Limited to 16 guests.

Small groups and beautiful itineraries, all handled for you.
Have connections the minute you step off the plane.
For people who want fun, easy, insider travel — elevated.

The first time you travel to an island in Italy, you get the memo pretty quickly — gear down. It’s like being in another dimension, even though it’s just a few miles from the coast of Naples. That big city energy is far, far away. A morning could find you wandering down to the marina to get a coffee. The stray cat who was snoozing on the pile of fishing nets wakes up and watches the goings on with you. A waiter asks what you’re doing today — you answer “everything and nothing.” Somehow both things are true on this tour peppered with artfully crafted day trips led from our island home base.

Your 5-night and 6-day Italian Fix experience includes stays on the islands of Capri and Ischia. You’ll also day trip to the island of Procida, the only Italian island to be awarded the coveted award for the Italian Capital of Culture. It’s also completely off the radar of most foreign tourists.  

Ischia is known for its thermal waters, so we’ll be staying at a spa hotel while on the island. On Capri, we’ll be close to the shopping and experience the energy of the island after the day trippers leave. At the end of your tour, we’ll take you back to terra firma where you can choose to spend a few days on the Amalfi Coast or continue traveling. We pick you up from and return you to Naples, where there’s an international airport.

The Islands of Amalfi - 2024

5 nights, 6 days

Investment is $6,195.00 USD 

Rates are per person (double occupancy)

Traveling solo & prefer your own room?

Add $1,500.00

Book your space with a $795.00 deposit.

*Payment plans available. Contact us for details.

What's Included

Included on every Islands of Amalfi tour:

A unique itinerary which brings you from Naples to three islands just off the coast. Stay on Capri and Ischia and day trip to Procida.

5 nights of boutique hotel accommodation. We spend 2 nights on Capri and 3 nights on Ischia.

Naples hotel pick-up and transfer to the islands. Including transfers off the islands back to Naples airport or hotel.

Capri boat tour featuring the iconic Faraglioni rocks


Ischia villages tour.


Procida day trip and walking tour.


Entrance to the iconic thermal spas with 20 pools spread over 15 acres of gardens and beach.


All breakfasts as well as two (2) lunches and three (3) dinners, including local wine and alternatives.


Entrance fees, taxes, and all tips for drivers and restaurants and guides.


All ground transportation, which includes private transfers, taxis, boats, and ferries.

2024 Tour Dates


The Islands of Amalfi - 2024

5 nights, 6 days

Investment is $6,195.00 USD  

Rates are per person (double occupancy)

Traveling solo & prefer your own room?

Add $1,500.00

Book your space with a $795.00 deposit.

*Payment plans available. Contact us for details.

Itinerary Overview

We’ll collect you in the morning from your Naples hotel and head down to the port to catch the hydrofoil to Capri — it’s a picturesque ride and you’ll be taking all the photos. We’ll check in to our Capri hotel and take a driving tour of the island. You’ll want to relax after a long day, so tonight you’ll be free to dine in the main piazza or wander the town of old Capri. Our hotel is centrally located, so you can walk to shops, restaurants and amenities. Bonus perk: before you travel to the islands, you’ll stay in Naples, which is having quite a renaissance in terms of travel at the moment — many Italians are choosing to holiday in Naples because it’s great value, maintains its culture, and the food is next level.


Today you’ll cruise the coast on our private boat. That classic shot of you living your best life with the Faraglioni (those steep rock formations in all the shots of Capri) behind you isn’t going to take itself, after all. Dinner tonight will be at our favorite Capri restaurant (and the oldest one in the village).

Today we’ll island hop and transfer to Ischia. We’ll check into our spa hotel, which is within walking distance to amenities. Ischia is known for its thermal waters, and we’ve chosen a spa hotel so you can soak in these healing waters anytime you like during your stay. Our first day on Ischia includes a tour of the island (it’s actually bigger than you think and has a lot of small villages) so you can get the lay of the land with our private driver and guide. We’ll dine at a local trattoria.

One of the highlights of our experience together is getting to visit the island of Procida, which is in the spotlight for savvy travelers right now. In 2022, it was the first island to win Italy’s prestigious Capital of Culture award (and its corresponding million-euro prize to help preserve and promote the area’s cultural heritage). What’s more, it’s often overlooked in favor of ritzier islands in the area, which is exactly why we’re going. We’re careful to support local economies when we tour small communities like this. Lunch is overlooking the iconic harbor this island is known for. We’ll head back to Ischia before sunset so you can have some down time.

We’ll have a day of pure relaxation at the thermal baths that are famous with Europeans in the know who come from all over the continent to be here. Over 15 acres of gardens, a wonderful beach and 20 pools, with a wine bar and multiple dining areas. You can book a massage service too (at an additional fee). Your final night dinner is at a secret spot overlooking the bay. 

Check-out and departure day with transfer back to Naples, or you can extend your stay on the Amalfi Coast or in another area of Italy or Europe (easily reachable from Naples). You might even be heading to another Italian Fix trip after this. View our calendar to see all of your options. Whatever you need, we’ll help. Buon viaggio! 

Arrival Details:

Arrival Airport: Naples

First-Day Activity: Naples hotel pickup after breakfast, transfer to ferry.

Departure Details:

Departure Airport: Naples

Last-Day Activity: Transfer to ferry after breakfast, return to Naples airport (or hotel if you’re extending your stay).

Why Travel with Us?

Our process for curating local experiences, tastes, sights, and sounds is unrivaled. Thanks to our genuine relationships with ethical, family-owned businesses, we expertly arrange a beautifully balanced and magical week of Italian living. Our goal is to create unique moments that set the stage for living your best dolce vita.

When you travel with Italian Fix, you make lasting connections that bridge cultures, continents, and backgrounds, inspiring you to welcome new friends, new ways of thinking, and a renewed sense of being, doing, and exploring. 

Our guests instantly benefit from our exclusive network of travel and logistics experts who use their decades of experience, passion for travel and culture, and love of people and adventure to provide an effortless and elevated travel experience under our care. 

We believe in providing seamless experiences for our guests where everything — and anything — is handled confidently by our compassionate and knowledgeable team who care about the guest experience and their safety and wellbeing. 

So, what are you waiting for? Andiamo!

How We Compare

When booking with any travel company, it’s important to know how long they have been in business, whether their itinerary is proven, whether the meals will be good, whether they offer unlimited pre-travel support, and essentially, what the quality of the experience they provide is. We prioritize quality over quantity, offering only tours in small groups on proven routes in Italy.

Italian Fix
Standard Tours

No expertise of Italy required.

No time spent researching and wondering if you’re “doing it right.”

Package rate: you know what all trip costs will be (including tips) before you travel.


Unlimited expert advice about Italy to help prepare you for your trip.

Excellent meals at restaurants, markets and private homes included in your trip fee.

Easy-to-book pre-/post-tour accommodations and fun add-ons.


Vetted, proven and refined itineraries.


Small groups under 16 people.

Operating for over a decade.


How It All Works - How to Travel With Us

Find a trip you like

We have six itineraries (view them here). Can’t decide? We’re available to chat and help pinpoint the perfect tour for you.

Book your spot

Confirm with just a deposit.

Start dreaming

Before your trip, get unlimited personalized service from Italy experts, who will help ensure your entire getaway is exceptional.

Travel with confidence

Before your flight, you’ll know exactly what's going to happen and you have friends on the ground on the other side. You’ll get support if there’s a hiccup like a missed transfer or a lost bag.

Get taken care of

We’ll collect you from the airport (or the train station, depending on the tour you choose). While you’re with us — relax — we have everything handled.

Live a richer life

The beauty of travel is also in how it changes you. Our guests leave us having acquired some Italian, learned local etiquette, picked up travel hacks, and created new friendships, among many other life upgrades.

The Islands of Amalfi - 2024

5 nights, 6 days

Investment is $6,195.00 USD 

Rates are per person (double occupancy)

Traveling solo & prefer your own room?

Add $1,500.00

Book your space with a $795.00 deposit.

*Payment plans available. Contact us for details.

A Word From Our Founder

All islands fascinate me. I grew up on an island in Canada, and whenever I travel, I seek them out. Islands attract a different kind of traveler. This experience is perfect for someone who has a natural affinity for Italy, and someone who’s already traveled to Italy before. You consider yourself travel savvy — you can jump on ferries and boats and throw your bag in the back of Angelo’s Ape. When we’re island hopping, we’re on the move. This is the least “polished” of any of the tours Italian Fix offers, and we plan to keep it that way. (Not that we’ll be roughing it — we stay at a 5-star spa hotel on Ischia.) I can already feel the stress wrinkles smoothing out after an hour bobbing in the thermal waters  — this is living your best mediterranean life at its finest. Just thinking about all those big pretty plates of pasta have me menu planning already, an activity we take pretty seriously around these parts! 

 If the islands intrigue you, we recommend tacking this mini-tour onto one of our longer trips. It’s just five nights, and we’ve designed our schedule to make stacking tours easy and convenient. But you can also do this tour on its own, and my team is a dream when it comes to helping you plan before or after travel. Pack all your bathing suits — we’re island hopping Italian style!

With love + limoncello,


What You'll Experience with Us

What They Say...

96% of our 2023 guests have left us a 10/10 review post-trip. 100% of our guests love our customer service.


We’re a boutique travel company, not a luxury travel company. Although we do think of ourselves as fancy (we even train our hosts with some of the same service tenets as the Ritz), we want to do things differently. 

We want our trips to be more inclusive and open to a more diverse set of travelers than a typical luxury tour operator that just serves the 1%. We like to think of our experiences as a beautiful balance of high and low. We might offer a stunning multi-course meal with wine pairings at an award-winning restaurant one evening, and the next day, we’ll be eating a panino at a plastic table at the market. Because, let’s be honest. You didn’t come to Italy to have a Disneyland-esque type of experience. You’re here to experience it all, not just the touristy stuff. We love to offer our guests the kind of beautifully layered and nuanced experience that our Italian friends would plan for themselves. 

Our travel and logistics experts are geniuses at crafting the perfect combination of local experiences, tastes, sights, and sounds. Many of our Italian Fix hosts live in the areas we visit or have lived there before. So, we know people

We’re intentional in our decisions about where we stay, where we eat, and where we visit. It’s important to us that we support the ethical, family-owned businesses we know and love. No chain hotels are on our roster. We purposefully and artfully select the smaller, family-run places that offer next-level experiences and unique boutique-style service. We aim for 10/10 reviews — without the $12K price tag for access.

We have a combination of solo travelers, people traveling with friends, and people traveling with partners/spouses on all of our tours. We also have a mix of “co-ed” and “women only” dates.

First off, we speak Italian! We also understand the context, the customs, and the community of every location we visit. In Italy, it’s not what you know — it’s who you know. And we know people.

Coming with us is like having a backstage pass or an insider’s tour, and you need that in Italy because it’s way too busy and too easy to get caught up in the fray. If you travel on your own, you’re just one in a million foreigners waiting in lines and trying to get service. No connections or language fluency makes that so much more frustrating! 

Our travel style allows you to be among friends and have access to things you couldn’t find on your own. We’re into slow — and sustainable — travel. We support family-run businesses and local producers. And we’re picky! No big-box concept of tourism around here. At Italian Fix, we’re mindful about keeping traditions alive and supporting local economies. 

One of the most beautiful things about our trips is that they attract a lot of different kinds of people — and we’re proud of that. Our fun, safe, and let-your-hair-down energy draws the right kind of guests from around the world with different backgrounds — because wanting to live your dolce vita is something that transcends any zip code or age range. 

We have guests who return to Italian Fix year after year. From the person who enjoys traveling solo to the besties who want to take one more trip of a lifetime, they all want to live the Italian lifestyle in a carefree, fun-filled, and relaxing week. They trust Italian Fix to confidently handle all the details so the only thing they’re responsible for is embracing the art of living — Italian style.

Our carefully crafted itineraries have been perfected over years of hosting successful trips, so they play out like a symphony — with cadence, timing and rhythm. All of our trips have up-time and down-time. The introverts who need quiet to recharge can get it, and the extroverts who derive energy from new connections can thrive too. One of our mottos is “Hey, it’s your holiday — opt out of any days you like.” We have lots to see, eat, do and explore whenever you wish to join in. Just put on your comfy shoes and andiamo!

We’re a really small company that serves just a few hundred people per year. You can read more about us here. By comparison, most tour operators are really, really big — some of them serve about 30,000 people per year! That’s not who we are — we’re female-owned and mostly female-run, and getting to know each of our travelers by name is super important to us! We truly want to get to know you.  

We employ incredibly smart, organized, and hard-working individuals (mostly women) who are passionate about travel, culture, adventure, and people. We also work in our comfy pants and have a sane work schedule where we can pick up our kids from school and enjoy our lives too. We do what we do so that you can live your dolce vita.


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