Cinque Terre

Could you use a week just for you?

At a place where your alarm clock can’t find you and your to-do list is forgotten?

Are you tired of running behind on work, bills, and zillions of other things that are constantly prioritized above the quality of life you seek right now?

Is there something about Italy that has always called to you?

Then you might be interested in hearing about our weeklong trips to the Italian Riviera in 2018.

Everything you can imagine wanting in an Italian holiday is waiting for you.

All you need is your passport.
We’ll take care of the rest.

The skinny

Live in a small seaside village.

7 nights in a pretty hotel with a rooftop lemon garden.

Day trips to surrounding villages (including shopping in Tuscany + cooking at a villa).

Get outstanding customer service.

Eat the best meals of your life.

No stress. Just show up and we’ll take care of you.

We’re offering 4 dates in 2018.

April 19 – April 26

June 21 – June 28

July 12 – July 19

September 10 – September 17


Monterosso al Mare, Cinque Terre, Italian Riviera.

You’ll be traveling to the same region Bianca has lived in with her Italian family and friends.

Home base will be one of the Cinque Terre’s incredible coastal villages on the Italian Riviera.

Traveling Italy with people who know the ropes is entirely different from going it alone.

You’ll get the best stuff condensed into one week of highlights.

It’s taken us years of living and traveling in the Cinque Terre to be able to deliver this experience.

We know this region well. Our company founder, Bianca, first started offering trips to the Cinque Terre back in the day because she met her husband here and still owns a home in the area. This is our original signature trip.

Coming with Italian Fix is so much easier than traveling by yourself, clutching a guidebook and hoping for the best. You want to go with someone who knows the language, the culture and the turf.

And unlike other travel companies, we’ve spent years “on the ground” living in this part of Italy, and fine tuning this trip to perfection. Our insider know-how, connections, and years of experience are infused into today’s tours, so that you’ll feel like you’re traveling with a close friend who knows people here.

The things you’ll experience on an Italian Fix tour can’t be found in a guidebook or on an app.

In past years, we’ve helped create lifelong memories for women just like you, and we’d love the opportunity to do that for you too.

We do this because we truly believe Italy needs a backstage pass.

And we truly think you deserve one.

Travel with us and tap into The Italian Fix Factor.


We Speak Italian

Which means you’ll never struggle with directions or the menu, or with anything! Don’t let not knowing the language keep you from a true Italian experience.



We have more than a decade’s worth of experience living, working and traveling Italy, which means we know what it takes to have a good time here. Now you do too.


Fierce Love

We’ve got your back. We protect our people, serve our people and love our people. You travel with a unicorn-powered forcefield of fierce love around you. Nobody effs with fierce love.



In Italy, connections are everything. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. We’ve nurtured amazing relationships with locals over the years — you’ll meet them because we’re friends. You’ll also get top-notch food, service and smiles because you’re with us.


Italian Family

We have roots and homes in Italy. We leverage family and personal networks to deliver you value and safety.


Heart-Centered Service

You’re not a reservation number — you’re an honored guest. No matter what time of day or night (even 3am), you can count on us. We’ve built this business from nothing to sold-out-in-hours tours because we truly care about people.


The Friend Factor

Ever dreamt about jet-setting with a stylish well-traveled friend who knows the best food, cocktails and shopping in a drop-dead gorgeous place? A friend who’s positive, uplifting and makes you laugh but who’s also super grounded and drama free? Now you can.


Gold Standard

You know what sucks rocks? Subpar food, lackluster service and treating tourists like dollar signs. There are tons of tourist traps in Italy and you need to know how to avoid rip-offs (on hotels, meals, taxis and events). We don’t touch dud businesses with a ten-foot pole.


Best of Both

We really “get” you. We know what you want to see, do and experience in Italy because we were travelers here once too. But now we get the nuances and navigate like locals. This unique perspective gives you a “best of both worlds” experience.

Your host.

Gina Pagnella.

She knows how to bring people together, show them a great time and feed them with an effortless style you can’t help but love her for.

Gina has been living in Italy for 13 years, and has been a resident of the Cinque Terre for 11 — her passion for this region is unquenchable. Most travelers to Italy just pass through the Cinque Terre on their way to somewhere else and leave too early. But that’s not you. You’ll be spending a week here with people who have put down roots in these villages, like Gina. Being under a local’s wing instead of led around by a foreign guide is a whole other thing. Gina knows what it’s like to be in your shoes and not speak the language. She lives the Italian life now, but she’s originally from California. Because of that, you’ll get a “best of both experience.”

Our special guest.

Tim McDiarmid was co-host on our very first Cinque Terre tour ever, and has joined us every year since. She’ll be sharing her passion for the region with the gals booked on the June date in 2018. Tim will make sure you’re never far from a tasty snack and your glass is always half full. She’s the go-to gal for belly laughter and adventure, and you’ll love her wit and humor.


This is a vacation… with benefits.

Renewed inspiration and fulfillment.

Connecting to inspiration fuels a happy, healthy lifestyle. The most successful people in the world constantly pursue inspiration and purpose. Feeling inspired infuses your life with joy and meaning. Those who seek inspiration find it.

Update your wardrobe at killer prices

Shopping in Italy is amazing! It can also be amazingly expensive. That’s why we day-trip to Tuscany and hit the best market on the Riviera. In Forte dei Marmi (where celebs like Giorgio Armani own homes) you’ll find Italian-made and deeply discounted shoes, boots, cashmere throws and bags. It’s where the Italian girls go. After lunch, your driver will take you to another Tuscan town for boutique and vintage shopping. Of course, an epic Italian shopping experience wouldn’t be complete without aperitivi in the piazza and dinner at our fave spot.

Increased health and energy.

Immerse yourself in the green hills of the Italian Riviera. Every day you’ll eat a Mediterranean diet full of fresh vegetables and local seafood or meat. You’ll also be walking daily, surrounded by nature, and swimming in the sea. There is restricted traffic in our village, on the streets and in the water, which means this slice of Italy is clean and peaceful. Wouldn’t a week of peace, exercise, pampering and healthy food give you a greater sense of wellbeing?

Be taken care of.

Are you blessed with a full life? Got work? Deadlines? Chores? Kids? To do lists comin’ out the wazoo? Do you feel like you’re always “giving” but have very little time for yourself? We thought so, and we get it. What if, just for a change, someone were to take care of you? Well, that’s our job. We want you to kick back and leave the planning to us. Because you need time to think about more important things, like if you’re gonna drink a third cappuccino at breakfast.

Impress your friends at dinner

In Italy, cooking, eating and doing “nothing” are celebrated. That’s why your Italian experience includes private cooking classes by Tim the Girl (June only) and local chefs. Slow down to cook, eat and savor, and use your new skills and traditions to help your relationships at home.

Live your dreams, right now.

Too many people save travel for retirement, but traveling requires good health, which you likely possess right now. If you have dreams, don’t put them on hold for some distant future that might never come. When you look back at your life in five years, what do you want to see? Ambitions reached or dreams put out to pasture?

Connect to a more carefree version of yourself.

When did we all get so busy? And tired? In a work-obsessed culture, busy is glorified, and financial wealth is superior to emotional or spiritual wealth. But this week is about putting inner wealth and health first. Who doesn’t need more time to connect with the person you’re meant to be?


  • Day 1
    Our driver will meet you and whisk you to your hotel in Monterosso’s historical center. We’ll meet for dinner with the area’s famous and colorful pastel homes as a backdrop. Enjoy new friends and great conversation — a meal of local seafood and wine will set you up for a good sleep. You’ll wake in the morning to the sound of church bells.
  • Day 2
    After a leisurely breakfast at the hotel you’ll head off to your playground for the day, a 17th-century villa tucked into the quiet hills of Levanto. Eat lunch in a place you’d never find without us. You’ll prepare your meal with an Italian chef, and then dine al fresco under the wisteria. Since it’s Italy, all you’ll have to think about is relaxing at a nice beach — we’ll take you to our favorite in Bonassola.
  • Day 3
    You’ll venture to the village of Riomaggiore to explore the town and then it’s off to Manarola for lunch at one of our favorite new finds, with panoramic views of the multicolored buildings, hillside, and sea. Yes, you will feel like you’re sitting in a postcard. We hit Corniglia on the way back, and then you’re free for the afternoon to shop, swim or just bask in the insane beauty of this place.
  • Day 4
    Your driver will take you to Tuscany. Shop our fave market in Italy for Made in Italy clothing, shoes and gifts. Forte dei Marmi is walkable and stylish and right on the sea. Then you’ll head to a quiet, under-the-radar Tuscan town where the streets are filled with art. You’ll eat at our friend’s cool marble-sculpture-studio-cum-restaurant (where guests gush about the best meal of their lives).
  • Day 5
    You’ll want a day to rest and relax and read a book. Or walk. Or sleep. Or maybe you want to take the ferry and explore Portofino, Portovenere or hike more trails. Whatever you choose to do, we’re here to help you do it, because Italian Fix is all about making this the best holiday of your life. So lean on us!
  • Day 6
    Let’s escape to higher ground. We head to Vernazza today, widely considered the most picturesque of the five villages. Once you’ve gotten to know this little gem, we’ll climb up out of the fray into the vineyards perched above town where we’ll learn about how wine is made here complete with yummy tastings. Of course, lunch is at our fave spot. You’ll watch the sunset back at home on Monterosso’s stunning stretch of beach. Prosecco, anyone?
  • Day 7
    This morning we head out for a leisurely boat cruise along the coast. We’ll show you secret swim spots and treat you to a delicious lunch on board as you take in the five villages from the water. Our beautiful trip to Italy will end with a laid back gathering among new friends and old wine. Wasn’t it nice being on holiday with someone who took care of you, just for a change?
  • Day 8
    Check out from your hotel. Catch a flight home or continue your Italy travels. You can also hit another Euro destination (flights within Europe are so cheap). Whatever you need to do, we’ll help. Whatever you choose, you’ll be smiling. Buon viaggio!

Are you coming?

Heads up!
We sell out every year.

We’ve got 4 different dates this year:
April 19 – April 26
June 21 – June 28
July 12 – July 19
Sept 10 – Sept 17

As you may know, the Cinque Terre is five colorful villages perched along seaside cliffs.The Huffington Post calls it The Most Beautiful Place in the World Right Now.

For a week, you’ll enjoy panoramic walking trails, colorful buildings, bobbing boats in the marina, crisp local wines and delicious food. See our gallery here.

The United Nations protects, through UNESCO, important cultural legacies of the world, so the Cinque Terre have been spared the sprawling development that usually happens in beautiful places.

We don’t run from city to city — we sleep in one Cinque Terre village (called Monterosso) and day trip to our hand-picked highlights throughout the week to ensure you a special connection to this land, these people and your new friends.

Your investment.

The trip fee is $4495 USD.

Alternatively, the monthly payment plan is 7 payments of $669.

Your trip includes:

  • 7 nights at a charming family-run hotel.
  • Transfer from Monterosso’s train station to the hotel with a private driver.
  • All ground transportation.
  • Cooking class with an Italian chef at a private villa.
  • Wine tasting at a private vineyard.
  • Guided shopping trip to the designer market in Tuscany.
  • All day trips and guides to the most beautiful surrounding villages of Riomaggiore, Levanto, Bonassola, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and the Tuscan towns of Forte dei Marmi and Pietrasanta.
  • Arrival + farewell dinners.
  • 7 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 5 dinners with vino (of course!).
  • All tips for guides, drivers and restaurants
  • Accommodation is in a shared room with one other person. We also have a
    small number of private rooms (please add $900 USD). You can submit a request
    when registering.

*The trip fee does not include your flight to Italy.*

Your awesome trip perks.

Zero Packing Stress

Say no to hellish overstuffed luggage and “what should I wear” drama with our Simple Strategies for Packing Nirvana. Our printable guide will walk you through EXACTLY what you will need (and what you don’t!) on this trip.

Hassle-Saving Factor

Pack your luggage in half the time.

Private Driver Upon Arrival

Everything is organized, so you stay sane. Our private driver will receive you at our convenient meeting point and whisk you to our hotel.

Hassle-Saving Factor

Don’t stress about finding the hotel and struggling with your bags.

Personalized Service

Hello peace of mind! Italian Fix delivers you personalized instructions, so you never feel alone. We’ll collect your flight information and send you expert advice on how to arrive, customized to you.

Hassle-Saving Factor

You can fly early and visit Florence, Rome or any other Italian city, and still have the inside scoop on how to find us. But wait. There’s more.

Email Support

You get full email support from the day you book your trip until you arrive in Italy and shake hands. Feel fully supported and confident with expert Italy advice for all your burning questions.

Hassle-Saving Factor

Don’t waste time Googling, just ask us.

Private Facebook Group

You’ll receive an invitation to join our private Facebook Group for registered guests only. Connect to others before you go, ask us questions and maintain friendships when you return.

Hassle-Saving Factor

One hub for all your Italy trip needs.

There are plenty of tour groups of fifty people traveling around Europe in a big bus.

We’ve limited these Cinque Terre tours to 14 women.

We want you to feel like you’re traveling with friends, not a sports team.

Sure, we could pack dozens of people on this trip like most tour companies would (we had over 40 people wait-listed for this trip last year, meaning we could easily raise our numbers).

But this is group travel for people who don’t normally go on tours.

We want you to travel Italy beautifully, so we keep our numbers low. We know small group travel is a great balance of fun and ease, even better than traveling alone. The reality is that this isn’t your run-of-the-mill group travel experience — it’s personalized service from a caring team.

Here are the perks of traveling in our bubble:

  • 1 It’s so much more fun than traveling alone.
  • 2 It’s easier than traveling with a spouse or friend because we handle all the planning.
  • 3 You cultivate new friends and worldwide connections.
  • 4 You have the luxury of a private driver whisking you to the hotel.
  • 5 When you go on a trip, do you normally hire personal shoppers, find experts to give you walking tours or schedule cooking classes with the locals?

The truth is, we have a special knack for attracting positive, generous and amazing women from around the globe to join us for a week in Italy.

Our guests always comment that they’re not normally group travel people, but they’re surprised how Italian Fix makes travel easy and fun.

Which is why we’re limiting guests to 14 on these trips.

Is this trip right for you?

Have you already been to Italy?

Sweet… so you know how amazing it is. But think of how amazing it could be when you travel with someone who knows the language, knows the locals and knows all the secret spots. Unless you’ve traveled with an Italian friend and stayed at her home, it’s almost impossible to not feel like a tourist in Italy. We offer an alternative to that.

Will this be your first trip to Italy?

Then you’ll love the safety of the group, the ease of having all your hotels, transportation, activities and meals sorted out for you. You’ll love that you won’t have to worry about getting lost, getting ripped off, hassling with foreign currency or trying to communicate in Italian. We take care of everything.

This trip isn’t for everyone.

It IS for you if:

  • You gravitate towards insider knowledge — you value traveling with someone who knows the ropes and knows the Cinque Terre.
  • You enjoy eating, cooking and walking. You like holidays near the ocean. You love the idea of small Italian villages, beaches, countryside and fresh air.
  • You love to have a great time and are open to meeting others

This trip is NOT for you if:

  • You have a tendency to be negative or dramatic or are just plain depressing to be around.
  • You don’t like Italian food. That is what we’ll be eating. Every day. If you’re a vegetarian, or on a restricted diet (like no wheat) we have yummy options for you.
  • You can’t easily walk up stairs. If you find walking tough, or can’t navigate stairs then this trip isn’t suited to you because the terrain is steep.
  • You prefer a big name hotel, not a family-run pension (Cinque Terre doesn’t have large-scale resorts or chain hotels as local laws don’t permit them).

Meet our Headache-Free Guarantee

When you book with us, you receive our Headache-Free Guarantee.

Our Headache-Free Guarantee means that if, for ANY reason, you can’t travel with us, you get back your fees, minus a $395 USD non-refundable portion.

That means you can go ahead and reserve your spot today, even if your plans change tomorrow. And it doesn’t matter why you need to cancel. We don’t hassle you for reasons. We completely support your decision, whatever it is; it’s cool with us. We’ll refund your payments, minus the 395 bucks, and you’ll be on your way. You can take advantage of our Headache-Free Guarantee anytime between now and 60 days before your tour begins and your money will be refunded, no strings attached. After that time, if you can’t make it for ANY reason, we will bend over backwards to fill your spot from our wait list before we travel. Also, your spot on this trip is fully transferable to another person.

Hear what past guests have to say about traveling with us.

maria says…
Bianca is one of the kindest people I have ever met. Throughout the trip she made sure everyone was okay, enjoying themselves and feeling included. I was truly made to feel like a friend and not a client.
Maria Schock, Montana
jo says…
Bianca’s tour was so enjoyable and I am still floating on cloud 9. My mood has been lifted. Bianca’s attention to detail was outstanding, as were her stellar professionalism, her staff, and her knowledge of the region and language. I just couldn’t ask for more from a tour company.
Jo Kilpatrick, Nevada
caren says…
Before I booked, I had been uncertain that a group trip was a good fit for me, but the whole thing was magical. The level of experience was superb and not having to worry about any logistics was priceless. It freed me up to focus on being in the moment.
Caren Troutman, Texas

Click to see more.

Reserve your spot.

It’s easy to come to Italy with us.

This trip fee is $4495 USD.

Alternatively, the monthly payment plan is 7 payments of $669.

Remember, our Headache-Free Guarantee means you can cancel your trip for any reason up until 60 days before your tour begins.

Click “REQUEST DATE” to reserve your spot on this trip. There are just 14 spots available on each trip and we’re expecting to sell out.

Travel with confidence. We’re here for you every step of the way.

*Please note airfare is not included.


Due to very limited space and the demand for our bookings, we’ve added more dates and are allowing you to select a 1st and 2nd trip option to accommodate more requests!

We’re doing this in hopes of being able to secure you a chance to travel with us in 2018.

Your Next Steps:

  • 1 Decide on which trips you’re open to joining. We’ll ask for your 1st and 2nd choice from our 2018 departure schedule. (Southern Italy departures are April, June. Sicily departures are May, July. Cinque Terre departures are: April, June, July, September. More details inside the registration page.)
  • 2 Please click on the “Request Date” button below.
  • 3 Submit your dates and you’ll hear back from us within 24 hours.

April 19-26    June 21-28    July 12-19    September 10-17



Frequently asked questions.

Where are we staying?

In Monterosso, the northernmost village. The hotel is called Hotel Marina.

Will I be too old, too young?

Our guests range in age from being in their 20s to being in their 70s. Age means nothing because we’re all searching for a better life.

What airport do I
fly into?

Pisa is closest. Milan, Florence or Rome work too. Italy is tiny!

I have more questions,
can you help?

We thought you’d never ask. Email so we can meet you and give you personal advice.

I’m not a “tour person”
and I usually plan my
own trips.

Great — you’ll fit right in as our guests are looking for something different too. Think of this as a trip planned by a local friend, something you would never be able to pull off on your own. We offer you daily activities but don’t feel pressured to do anything — it’s your trip.

Can I extend my stay?

Great idea. We’ll give you tips.


Due to very limited space and the demand for our bookings, we’ve added more dates and are allowing you to select a 1st and 2nd trip option to accommodate more requests!

We’re doing this in hopes of being able to secure you a chance to travel with us in 2018.

Your Next Steps:

  • 1 Decide on which trips you’re open to joining. We’ll ask for your 1st and 2nd choice from our 2018 departure schedule. (Southern Italy departures are April, June. Sicily departures are May, July. Cinque Terre departures are: April, June, July, September. More details inside the registration page.)
  • 2 Please click on the “Request Date” button below.
  • 3 Submit your dates and you’ll hear back from us within 24 hours.

April 19-26    June 21-28    July 12-19    September 10-17



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