So you wanna go to Venice. Who doesn’t? I’ve visited three times and it is a perpetually captivating place. But what if I gave you an idea that would allow to to arrive in Venice from another angle? By boat perhaps. And this idea would allow you access to a very private and tranquil green space that recharges you.

Then you gotta glamp! The concept is this: glam + camping = i love it. Glamping is the vacation buzzword of the moment and translates into eco-pods, tents, yurts, tipis and airstreams with style and comfort. Instead of  sleeping on a flimsy mat on the ground imagine sleeping in a bed in a fabulous canvas tent complete with a modern bathroom and a private deck to enjoy breakfast. I read about this new travel trend in Travel+Leisure. While many variations on the glampsite theme exists,  I found the very cool Lodge Resort Canonici di San Marco just a half hour outside Venice.

It doesn’t get much better than having truly convenient access to Venice but being able to explore a little slice of the Veneto region you would altogether miss whilst staying in the hub. The industrious young couple Emanuala and Federico tell me that their fabulous canvas lodge is within walking distance to the train station that will take you into Venice or Padua within twenty minutes for around 4€ return.  You can also day trip to Venice by boat along the fabulous Riviera del Brenta (Brenta Canal) that runs between Padua and Venice. You can take in the flowering gardens and villas lining the shores which were constructed by Venetian nobility between the 16th and 18th centuries, some of  which are open to the public. Before roads were built this was the main means of transport and still is a very unique way to arrive in the ancient watery city of Venice. If your traveling by vehicle don’t even get me started on how much money you would spend on day parking because you obviously can’t drive into Venice. This cool tented lodge just outside the city would alleviate that trouble.

It’ll cost you between 110 – 130€ to stay here. Venice accommodation can be steep for anything above average. I think this place offers very decent value considering the groovy factor of the lodge, which includes a welcome aperitivo, breakfast including house baked pastries served on your private patio, wi-fi and parking and transfers to the train station if needed. Also, did I mention you can use their  bikes?  Cycling is an enviable way to cruise the zone and check out the osterie and baccari , the family friendly casual wine bars and pubs serving local specialties like salted cod crostini, polenta with sausage and grilled local fish. And let’s not forget my favorite bubbly prosecco also produced in this northeastern part of Italy.

Get me glamping. I’ll be staying here on my next trip to Venice. And you?

outside vencice accomodation, glamping

outside venice accomodation, glamping

Images by Borsato Matilde

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  1. Glamping…I think this is the way to go for an almost 60 year old person that can still climb a hill, wade across a stream, build a fence and cook dinner for 25.

    1. Yeah, glamping would be perfect for an almost 60 year old or even an almost 35 year old who wants to sleep in the fresh air…on a pillow-top mattress.

      I am glad to report you will not be required to wade through a stream or cook for 25 if you stay here. Bianca

    1. Hey Kristy,
      Yeah, they do make an incredibly inviting spread. Imagine waking up to this in the morning? Anyways, I think we are flagged on Air Canada from our last trip to Italy together. I don’t think they would let us back on the plane, or at least not with seats together!

  2. Hi Bianca! I just happened to come across your blog yesterday and boy am I glad that I did!!! I’m definitely stealing this idea. My husband and I will be back packing between Venice and Rome. This place looks like it would be the perfect place for us to lodge and take in a little piece of Italy that we may have otherwise missed out on. Thank you!!!

    1. Hi Lizzy,
      Glad you stopped by! I’m glad you liked it — I think it’s a fab Venice solution. Have fun and send me a postcard! xx Bianca

  3. Just stumbled across this and booking for our 2 nights in Venice. Looks like catching the train into the main hub will be nice and easy. Thanks for a beautiful blog x

  4. This looks absolutely dreamy. Im a solo female traveller, do you think this would be a safe place for a solo traveller? Im hoping so 🙂

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