This is dreamboard style shizzle ‘cause during peak season these rates are absurd at over 2k a night. But DANG — there’s a whole lotta sizzle in this shizzle. Borgo Egnazia has won numerous awards like #1 resort in Italy, and happily bounces on the lists of the top stays in Europe (it’s like a small town with 6 restaurants). It’s a destination in itself, but then again, Puglia is a destination to roam more than once. I love this area — forever enchanted every time I’m there.


Casa Privata

If we’re gonna talk about top sleeps, let me point out another destination which is a destination in and of itself — I love the concept of this place Casa Privata ‘cause (as the name suggests) it’s more like a home than a hotel. I’m always encouraging people to stay at hotels if they are not in the area for long (like for just a few nights)  — because unlike an actual private home — it’s very handy to have concierge and food and drink onsite (you are, after all, on a vacation). It’s very close to all you want to see on the Amalfi Coast — but it’s tucked away from everything, too. Best of both worlds! And what a world this coastline is. Simply, incredibly, magica.


Eating almond granita in a bathing suit is considered a sport to me. I’m very sporty — I try all the granita I can. Italy is famous for gelato — but I think in the hot summers — a granita is what you desire — you just don’t know it! And I’m not talking about syrupy-slushy-type-things you might have found — I’m talking about Sicilian granita. Made with ground berries, fruits, or nuts (almond, I love you) these are treats of icy deliciousness. Granita in a brioche — this is considered breakfast (omg and in Canada we eat porridge!). Italians really do …. do it better.

Image: delicious.com.au


I mentioned last week that if you like ceramics, then let me know (send us an email!). I’m looking for an excuse to work with some Italian ceramic makers to design a small set of functional everyday things-that-make-you-happy-just-using-them type ceramics, like pasta bowls and dessert plates and easy things like this. I have to be practical (oh, aren’t I just the most practical person you’ve met, right?) and get a minimum order before I will dive into this project — but tell me if you would be one of those “I’ll order anything you make, Bianca” types just cause you like the Italian Fix vibe and you’re a very practical person like me and think nothing of stuffing your life with beautiful things that make you happy.

Image: Enzafasano.com


Pollara Cliffs

Watching the sunset in Pollara never gets old. That’s why we bring clients to this beautiful location on our Sicily tours (we have 2022 dates coming). 


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With love + almond granita


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