Behind the Scenes of Your Italian Fix: Day 3

by Bianca @ Italian Fix


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>> This is day 3 of a 7 day party delivering a sneak-peek at how getting your Italian Fix is the best thing you can do with your precious vacation time.<<


Meeting Leela Cyd could change your life.

Because learning photography is a skill with big possibilities.

And learning photography with someone like Leela is an opportunity that rarely happens.

Her style is pitch perfect. Fresh. Magnetic. Optimistic.

Which is why she’s so damn busy on shoots for high level clients around the globe.

But you’ve got her. For a week. In Italy.

She’ll help you create magazine worthy images.

She’ll encourage you with her enthusiasm.

She’ll support you with her kindness.

She’ll guide you into doing more of your great work.

Because you don’t achieve big things alone. You have to constantly learn, push, expand and connect.

You need to hang out with people like you. You gotta surround yourself with people you admire; people who lift you up and help you be more. But being with people who help you reach the next level, whatever that is, is your choice.

But we’re giving you a choice that’s pretty easy to make. A week of time for yourself. In Florence. In Italy. With mega-watt fun. We think it’s a no brainer.

Because truthfully — we all have a desire to be better. Smarter. Faster. Slower. More inspired. More skilled. More connected.

The big question is: What can you create alone?

And what can we create together?

Answering that question is precisely WHY we’ve created YOUR special week of learning and opportunity.

And it’s gonna be epic. And it’s available to just twelve people.

Join us for the most creative week of your life.

See the full trip details now.

Enjoy these photographs from Leela Cyd — your secret weapon for upping your photo mojo.

Choose to make 2013 a great year.


Choose to invest in you.

Check out the full itinerary here.


The party is on & that means free stuff.


Cause we’re celebrating the release of the 2013 trips.

And we’re giving away a fab 12 x 16 photo print by Leela Cyd. It’s a $250 value.

To enter today’s giveaway please comment below.

We ask you this:


What could a week in Italy do for you? What are you struggling with in your creativity or your life right now? How could Leela support you?

To be eligible for the draw please leave a comment below before November 7, 2012. Luck + Love. xx Bianca

{Update: The give-away winner is Christy. Thanks to everyone who left a comment. Love you all.}

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tim the girl

I love this. I love Leela and I love Italian Fix. ALL OF IT!


Wow…her pics are amazing!!! If I can learn to take pictures like this…I’m in!!!


wow, i NEED to hang with this genius!

what I am struggling with creatively right now…..getting TIME, correction MAKING TIME to be creative!…I just need to DO IT, it is what my soul NEEDS!

Gina Garrison
Gina Garrison

I would love to get my mom and sister to Florence! What an inspiring trip!

Donna Konsoradoa

I’d like to be inspired by the food and fashion of the people in Italy. What an experience this would be.
Leela’s photos tell an amazing rich story.

Nancy Venhola
Nancy Venhola

Having survived breast cancer this past year ALL I want to do is Live fully and appreciate everything. Her photos express the poignant vulnerability of the Now.

lisa | renovating italy

Photography has been such a big part of my life, it’s how I met my husband (both studying…him commercial and me fine art) I have used it to capture the happiest and saddest times in my life. Taking time to explore my creativity is always tricky, two young children, multiple… Read more »

Marie Dahlgrin
Marie Dahlgrin

Photography tells a story, and I think it is safe to say that we all want the story that our lives tell to be one that captures our most authentic moments, when we are the selves that laugh without hesitancy, smile without selfawareness, and dream without limits. If we all… Read more »

Fira Pierce
Fira Pierce

I just want that striped dress!

Sharon Stares
Sharon Stares

Looks just like sooo much fun!! Her pictures are fabulous, I love the way they are not centered and her quirky colors but I think the big thing is the fun!!


I’ve allowed my creative self to get lost a bit lately, so this would be wonderful way to get that girl back!

Sara Kate

A week in Italy would make me smile more, ask questions, and loosen my belt a notch. In my creative life I’m struggling with how to find the time and space to let myself really really stretch. Leela could support me by moving to NYC and being my neighbor and… Read more »


Ms. Sara Kate, You make me smile — I do hope you come to Italy with us, why the hell not?! To be your neighbor would be a delight. Come back to the West Coast where we could eat oranges from the trees and take the little one to the… Read more »


Uoaaaah. The fish wallpaper, gush gush.

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