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The first time I picked up an SLR camera I was shocked that I wasn’t taking amazing photos right from the get go.  I thought surely, since I’m a creative type with an arts degree — I’d be a fabulous photographer. Instantly.

What a let down!

I had a hard time getting the shots I really loved. They were just mediocre, and I saw flaws everywhere: in composition and color, and the technical mumbo jumbo was intimidating.

Amazing photographers make it look easy.

Leela Cyd, the photographer who taught our Florence photo workshop last summer, made it look effortless. I attempted to channel that photo making mojo and not over think my shots. It helped but I have a long way to go.

So, in the spirit of taking better photos, I wanted to share my favorite Italy photos taken by pro photographers.

I’d like to get better at taking travel photos and these people inspire me to step it up a notch.

How about you? Would you like to take better travel photos? Do you lug your SLR while traveling in hopes of bagging a fab shot? What are your favorite moments that you’ve captured so far? I’d love to hear.

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Image credits from top to bottom: a famous vintage photo by Mario De Biasi, Milano in b/w by Filippo Mutani, newlyweds  by Lisa Poggi, Venice at sunset by Maureen Greco, good enough to eat by Leela Cyd, a still life by Leela Cyd, a women in Tellaro by Emiliano Granado, The Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore by Mauro Tandoi, a women in Chanel by Filippo Mutani, fashion show crowds by Filippo Mutani, Venice beauty by Roberto Olivadoti, crowd in the piazza by Gina Gomez, pasta maker at Ristorante Accademia by Leela Cyd, frescoes by Rashmi Pappu, Florence by Leela Cyd, kissing by Mario De Biasi, Carnivale by Mariusz Smiejek.


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  1. Great photos my sweet 🙂 Love the boats in Venice, the catwalk and the brightly colored spread of flowers and fruit. xo

  2. Bianca,

    Art is also in the appreciating! You picked some great shots to share. Love the contrast of the couple in the end alcoves compared to the young couple kissing in a single alcove.

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