From my family to yours … have a wonderful holiday.

With love + panettone,



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  1. We will be in Italy in May (the middle)
    We have never been-we have only a week-
    I want to go to Florence, Venice, Sienna, Cinque Terre
    Is that possible

    1. Hi Janis,
      It’ll be tight, but it is do-able. Depending on where you fly in, I would try to portion it out like this: 2 days in Venice, 2 in Florence, 1 in Siena and 1 in the Cinque Terre. Check out our post about making the most of a single day in the Cinque Terre here: https://www.italianfix.com/one-day-cinque-terre/ and a few of our posts on Florence here:
      Have a great trip!
      Kiiri @ Italian Fix

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