We say si grazie to town hopping (and gelato-shop hopping, too) around Lake Como in your own captained boat. This collection of private boats will make your vita very dang bella. One of their itineraries takes you right past Clooney’s house. If you’re flying into Italy, hit the Lake Region immediately after you land in Milan. The town of Como is about an hour from the airport (ask your hotel to send an airport transfer). I would book this boat for an afternoon cruise the day after I arrive. It’s a fab way to get a lay of the lake and land, with minimal effort. A perfectly perfect way to celebrate whatever percentage of Italian you might be (learned via 23andMe or just a hunch — your love of lasagna does feel DNA-deep).


Milan is one of the most convenient travel hubs in the country, so a lot of our Cinque Terre tour guests land there, and then make their way by train to the coast. I like to suggest staying inside the city and not at one of those boring airport hotels. We have a list of recommendations our clients have loved over the years. For modern digs just “a stumble away from the Duomo,” there’s Straf ($$). For the exact opposite vibe, there’s Chateau Monfort ($$$). And for extremely good value, we like Ostello Bello ($).


If you’ve been around the Italy block, you get as excited as I do about cacio e pepe. Deceptively simple, it translates literally to cheese and pepper. Seems easy enough to prepare — isn’t this just the Italian version of mac ‘n’ cheese? Oh, but ask any Roman — to do it just right is a veritable art form. The late Anthony Bourdain got so emotional about it, he declared, “This could be the greatest thing in the history of the world.” For some serious C&P cred, check out Roma Sparita next time you’re in Trastevere — they will hook you up good.


Our 2022 tour schedule is what we’re loving right now! We’ve got a beautiful season lined up and we have had a lot of demand (pent up, of course, after the last wonky few years in travel). You guys, 2021 is over in FOUR months. When we hit spring, you’re gonna be ready to get outta Dodge. Going to Italy is what you’ve wanted to do for a while now, or you would not be on this list! So do yourself a favor and have something on the calendar to look forward to. Send us an email with “more” and we’ll zip you the dates and rates and all that good stuff so you can have a little browse.


Italian seaside chillin’ like Sofia Loren. With the sunshine, a straw bag and a smile that says, I’ve got nothing to do but eat cannoli and go swimming.


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