Imagine a day exploring on the Tyrrhenian Sea. You’ve hired your own private boat charter and you’re circling the island of Capri. You’ve likely heard the word ‘grotto’ in mystery novels and spy films. But now that you’re venturing inside a small cave glowing with blue light, the term becomes unforgettable. Formed by countless waves over countless years, these picturesque caverns and inlets are magical. This boat trip in Capri is offered by a local who grew up on these waters. He’ll take you to grottos that match the colors of his watercraft – green, blue, and white. The blue grotto is especially unique because of the way the light casts a cobalt hue. You’ll have a stop to swim, dive, and sunbathe in tranquil waters. Hiring a boat is a wonderful way to escape the crowds and personalize your adventure. Not to mention, salty water and salty air are super good for your mood. Beachy waves and sun-kissed skin will feel good on you. And so will a vacation. I promise.

Image: Boat Trip in Capri by Vincenzo



Riomaggiore has a newly opened wine tasting bar – I Trogi! This little local is tucked in alongside the harbor. Nautical by nature, the view leading out to the oceanic horizon is all boats and bathers. This wine bar has been created by a passionate, driven, and talented couple – they intend to have their products distributed all over the world by the end of the year! I Trogi has an extensive wine list. The snacks are delicious and varied. Beans, olives, or almonds – paired with the wine, it’s all tasting like a breath of fresh Mediterranean air.



Embrace your wild side with an immersive countryside experience at a luxury campground. This is not quite sleeping under the stars, but…it’s close! The Perseids light up the dark sky, right outside the walls of your spacious canvas tent. Cicadas and crickets chirp their way towards a midnight symphony. Lamplight, the book you’ve been dying to read, and the hum of the night connect you with a slower way of breathing. It’s a sultry summer night unlike any you’ve ever had before. And in the morning–after the dawn breaks across the Tuscan hills– pick tomatoes in the organic garden. Just watch out for the badger in the basil patch! The Lazy Olive is a dreamy property with sweeping views (it’s been recognized as one of Europe’s top 20 campgrounds). The small grouping of tents is situated in an olive grove. Each one is simply outfitted with a cozy bed, air conditioner, and an outdoor flushing loo. Your screened-off shower is especially refreshing with sun-warmed water, fresh air, and wide open sky above you! There’s a common casetta equipped with kitchens, barbeque facilities, and outdoor dining. Daydream in the pool, watch the magpies and kestrels flit by, and unplug.

Image: The Lazy Olive



Meteor showers! The quest for falling stars is full of hope, romance, and excitement. Italians celebrate the night sky with the Night of San Lorenzo every summer. Stargazing has a place in national tradition during the height of the Perseid meteor showers. On August 10th, people will be heading into the shadows to celebrate shooting stars and heartfelt wishes. 

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