Castle hotels in Italy give you a backstage pass to some of Italy’s most incredible residences.

Even if you don’t posses an ounce of blue blood in your veins – sleeping in a castle will help you channel your inner Old Royal — thankfully minus the endless hours of needlepoint by the dimly lit fire.

Actually I’d argue you’ll live more like a royal than the last royals which inhabited these castles. Twelfth century princesses didn’t have complimentary wi-fi, heated floors or jetted tubs – pretty standard currency of the modern traveller now isn’t it?

So my vote is that if you love history and you love Italy – get thy self checked-in to a castle hotel in Italy.


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Want more? Here’s a list of  standout castle hotels in Italy:

Castello di Vicarello | Tuscany

Castello Banfi Il Borgo | Tuscany

Castello Monastero | Tuscany

Castello Di Casole | Tuscany

Castello Del Nero | Tuscany

Castel Rundegg | Italian Alps/Trentino-Alto Adige

Castello Chiola  | Abruzzo

Castello dell’Oscano | Umbria

Castello di Oviglio | Piedmont


Please comment! What’s your favourite hotel you’ve ever stayed in?

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  1. Thank you so much for this list!! We are avid fans of Italy and travel there often. I would also add Castello di Sinio in Piemonte to this list. We just returned from there this past August and were treated by royalty – I posted it on Italian By Choice. The owner, Denise Pardini, is a fountain of knowledge of the area, the wines plus she is an unbelievable chef and serves dinner at the castle. The accommodations are exquisite!
    And, Bianca – I follow your posts – your site is great. I featured Italian Fix on my Italian By Choice FB page which I recently launched. Trying to spread the word!

  2. I love getting your Posts thank you!
    We are back into Cinque Terre for our 10yr anniversary
    We were married here with 12 of family and friends to attend
    Our hosts who helped with arrangements were Patricia and Guseppie from Albergo Barbara
    Sadly we leave today for Rome, yet I’m looking forward to going by train through some of Umbria where we can see in the distant landscape the castle cities on mountain tops. I dream of visiting these places yet we don’t rent a car to go into the countryside
    Perhaps you know of some of these? I’d love to hear of their history and places to visit!
    Caio Bella for your very lovely business all the best

    1. Ciao Dory,

      You are a sweety, thank you!

      Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary!

      Mine is coming up too : )

      As for recommendations for castles, all the places that I know of require a car to get there because they are countryside estates. Enjoy Umbria! I have a thing for Perugia.

      Baci, Bianca

    1. Hello Marco,

      I’m always happy when someone suggests something to me that I wasn’t aware of — which is exactly why I accept comments here. Indeed your place looks charming. For my readers click here to view it.

      Grazie, Bianca

    1. Hey Jaime,

      I totally agree with you. Something about a pool set in that view has me begging for more!

      Baci, Bianca

  3. Hello Bianca,
    I just found your website and I’m afraid to keep looking! I’m scared to find I’ve planned all wrong! We’re already booked for our trip except tours and or excursions. Leaving 4/18/16 returning 5/6/16. Arrive, Rome, rental car & 6 nights booked at Montegufoni castle, Tuscany. Back to Rome 4/25 for 12 day Celebrity cruise (Greese, Turkey & so. Italy). We’d like to do CinqueTerre, travel there by car then do water/train/foot while there – I will keep reading your wonderful info! We can’t decide between Rome or Venice (bullet train). Want to go up to Balogne see Ferrari Museum/factory. Going on tour out of Florence – walk/shop, farm/cook with chef, eat.
    We would appreciate any and all advice good or bad! Thank you for your time, I’m loving your website – wish I found it sooner! Sandie, Orlando, FL

  4. Dear Bianca, I like your website.
    I would like to introduce you our family castle, charming B&B and destination weddings venue in the romantic Crete Senesi area, south of Siena.
    Kind Regards

    Beatrice Fiorentini

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