Above: Amalfi Coast Splurge: Le Sirenuse, Positano. Two bedroom suite with balcony: 3,570.00 €/ night.

Below: Amalfi Coast Save: Hostel Brikette, Positano. Double room with balcony: 90.00 €/ night.


Today I wanna get down and dirty and show you exactly how much you can save and how much you can splurge on hotels in Italy.

The range is pretty shocking actually — I’ve lost count of how many 1000 € a night hotels I’ve come across.

But I also know for a fact you can plan a two week vacation in Italy and never spend more than 100 € a night for two people.

In Italy expect to pay between 125 – 175 € for a low to mid range hotel in most tourist destinations and these prices climb dramatically in the major cities.

My example today shows you two accommodation options for Positano — a small town in the south of Italy on the Amalfi coast.

Both these digs are centrally located within Positano and they both have ocean views with private patios.

But one costs around 90 € a night and the other costs 3570 € a night.

Hostel Brikette is rocking the cheap Amalfi coast look: a double bed in a small room with a private sea view balcony. You can even score a 25 € dorm bed at Hostel Brikette.

Le Sirenuse is sporting the luxury Amalfi coast vibe: a two bedroom suite with a private sea view balcony. The cheapest room at Le Sirenuse is 350 € in low season.

Let’s check them out!

Amalfi Coast Save: Hostel Brikette.





Amalfi Coast Splurge: Le Sirenuse.





Now that you see how much you can save and splurge in the exact same small town in Italy, I hope you’ll be inspired to do a little digging for the gems.

Below I’ve listed some places to help you get started.

If you wanna splurge on accommodation look here: Tablet Hotels, Mr & Mrs Smith, Leading Hotels of the World, Design Hotels, Orient Express Hotels.

If you wanna save on accommodation look here: AirBnb, Agriturismi here and here, Cross Pollinate,  Alberghi Diffusi 


We wanna hear from you! When was the last time you saved or splurged when travelling — and was it worth it?


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    1. Ciao Kristy,

      You’re right! With a view like that who has time for sleeping anyways?

      xx Bianca

    1. Hey Tutto Viaggia,

      Thanks for pointing that out — although I can’t imagine featuring a 10,000 Euro hotel stay on Italian Fix.


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