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A wild departure from everything familiar is a big idea. But maybe untamed imagination and spontaneity are exactly what you’re craving… Ever dreamed about selling it all and living a life of solitude on a farm in Tuscany? This website will help you scroll through all the luxury farm properties that are available in this region. Imagine waking up to birdsong rather than an alarm clock… to a lifestyle governed by the seasons and shifting daylight. Wouldn’t it be comfy to fill your closets with coveralls and natural fibers? Go ahead— trade in your computer and keyboard for grape snips and a keen attentiveness to soil fertility. Funny thing about dreams — they morph and vacillate as conditions change. And in Tuscany, the big, beautiful, expansive skies are the limit. 

Image: Luca Micheli


Game to zip around in a vintage car? In Italy? I did the 500 Touring Club years ago and it was so fun and convenient — it’s operated from a 15th-century villa — just a cab ride above Florence in the Chianti Hillside. Even though it’s easily accessible from Florence, the vibe is totally different from the city. I have some great pics from that day because we made plenty of stops at all the pretty places. Then, upon return to the villa, a beautiful aperitivo was served. It’s a day where you just smile the whole time. 

Image: 500 Touring Club


Sustainability is where it’s at as we evolve towards conscious tourism. In Italy, there are special licenses called agriturismo (which you may have already realized if you’ve been drooling over those luxe farm properties we mentioned). To get these special licenses you need to produce products on your property — so Italy is full of places where you can stay and also enjoy some of these products. Think veg, honey, cheese, wine, and olive oil. Salcheto Winery has made a dedicated effort to minimize (and calculate) their carbon footprint while welcoming guests into the cozy fold of farmhouse nights and garden-to-table meals (all rooms include breakfast – yum!). During your stay at Salcheto, you have the opportunity to tour extensive cellars and discover the processes involved in making extraordinary wines. See what your olfactory is made of and raise your hand for a blind “sensorial” tasting… then tuck a bottle of your fave variety into your suitcase for later. But before you move on to your next adventure, plan on soaking your sweet self in a garden hot tub. This pinnacle of “ah-yes” is not to be missed. Powered by natural wood heat, these casks are amazing— which is exactly how you’ll feel after your stay at Salcheto.


September is next week! The height of summer has passed and fall is just around the bend. Which has me Montepulciano-dreaming…I’ve been asking myself, “Can I or Chianti make time for a fall trip?” And my instinct is saying, “Heck yes!” Because there’s nothing like leaning against a medieval cobblestone wall and gazing out towards a sea of cypress trees in autumn. They turn fiery orange and cinnamon and ignite the horizon. Like Montepluciano’s Vino Nobile wine, everything about this town is divine. The view, the churches, the thermal baths, and the carefully crafted wine are totally heavenly. It’s a view and a vibe that embodies the charm of Italy. It reminds me of what I set out to do when I founded Italian Fix. Which was — and continues to be — an intense desire to create opportunities for people to see Italy the way that I do… from a local perspective on Italy’s best everything. And… (drumroll please)… 

I’m so excited to say that next month we will release the 2023 Italian Fix tour dates! Keep those eyes peeled


With Fiats + fall flowers


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