I want to add some oxygen to your wanderlust with a few breathtaking images.

Better than reading a work email, amiright? 😉

Today I’m highlighting the Cinque Terre and sprinkling in some pics from moments we’ve snapped over the years.

First, I’d like you to meet the village of Monterosso. We stay right in the historic center of the Old Town, just steps from the sea.

Monterosso is our home base, but of course we visit the other villages as well — you can’t go to the Cinque Terre and not see all cinque of the towns!

But since the Cinque Terre are our original stomping grounds, we don’t skim the surface. We take you on a deep dive, and visit the places typical tourists to this area don’t see.

Like a beach where you’re unlikely to hear a word of English, a gorgeous villa in the Ligurian countryside, and a private vineyard in the hills above Vernazza.

We even day trip out to neighboring Tuscany for a special shopping trip at one of the best markets in Italy.

And you’ll visit the cutest little lemon garden at our friend’s out-of-the-way restaurant where we eat one of the best meals you’ll ever sink your teeth into. (This place is one of our best kept secrets, so don’t ask us for its name!).

Finally, what trip to the Italian Riviera would be complete without a boat cruise along the coast? We take you to the best swimming spots in the area and feast on a lunch of Ligurian specialties, including prosecco, naturalmente!

Wouldn’t you love to see yourself in these very locales next year? Our past guests were where you are now, dreaming the dream before taking the plunge. They likely had the same hesitations, concerns, and busy schedules to tear themselves away from that you do now, but then they said YES.

We’ll let Maria, Shelly, and Karen tell you in their own words if they’re glad they did:

Maria D Cinque Terre


How about flooding your Instagram feed with some Cinque Terre eye candy of your own next year?

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With love + spaghettini ai frutti di mare,

P.S. I’d love to hear from you! Leave a comment and let me know what you think of this area. I would love to hear your thoughts as you see these places with “fresh eyes” — thank you!



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