What if traveling could be cherished as a breath by breath experience? Simply put, it can! This week, an Italian Fix field agent met our first 2022 Cinque Terre tour group. When she asked the group about tour highlights, one traveler said,“The highlight has been every moment of the tour as we live it”. Gosh, if that sort of feedback didn’t delight us, I’m not sure what would. In fact, we view it as a compliment of the highest order. It reflects the constant refinements that we make to elevate our vacationers’ Italian sojourns. In fact, our Signature Cinque Terre tour is freshly ribbon-wrapped and released!  It’s like limoncello in a bottle, just uncorked and brimming with zing. Photos captured by our lovely guests are already here–gracing our dreamboard–offering insider peeks at what our Italian Fix tours are really like. These aren’t photoshop-perfect pictures (they’re captures of authentic highlights-and they’re amazing!). This tour happens over seven nights. It’s designed for people who crave laid back village nightlife, ocean proximity, and dining at out-of-the-way places…We ventured nautically with a dreamy boat tour (and a plunge into azure water). We bonded over a cooking class at our friend’s villa (we love to mortar and pestle our way to mouthwatering). We wound our way between Corniglia and Manarola on an aromatic footpath through steep valleys and stone wall terraces (less vigorous alternatives are always available). Feet got wonderfully sandy at the beach and then strolled through the cobbled streets of the colorful 5 villages (plus a few bonus villages that you’ve likely not heard of). These moments were captured and shared by the ladies as they toured the beautiful Cinque Terre. We love each and every one of them.

Images: Snapped by our clients


Each season we carefully select a collection of the best restaurants in the area. We do this because we expect a high standard. It’s okay that we want it all, since we want it for you. That’s why going out to dinner with people who actually live here is a stellar plan. Why? Because we choose restaurants which provide exemplary service, creative menus, consistent delivery, and inspired vibes. If a restaurant has become too busy, too unpredictable, or too lackluster, we nix it from our itinerary. Then, we sub in the season’s best. Like this season, we are over the moon for Buranco. We love this delicious hideaway. It’s a local gemstone quietly glittering in the recesses of Monterosso. This isn’t a dining experience you just happen upon–rather– you find it because it’s the “X” on our culinary treasure map. We esteem it so greatly that we plan our last night here, to enjoy the “pace” (or peace) of the place. Pair your dinner with a wine made right on the property. Finish off your vacay with lemon sorbet made fresh with Cinque Terre lemons (bellissimo!).  And on your way out, buy some of their homemade limoncello as a souvenir (you can drink it later–on your birthday–to enjoy the gift of magical memories).

Image: Snapped by our clients.


Summertime vibes! One of our guests admitted to choosing our Cinque Terre tour because of our nautical element. For her, the trip was signed, sealed, and delivered when she saw that our final day included a boat tour up and down the Cinque Terre coast. Truly, the crystal clear waters and stunning coast transforms our guests into joyous mermaids (no seashell cups required!). It’s not surprising that with a coast this gorgeous, aquatic opportunities abound. Not only are there boat tours out of each town, there’s also kayak, snorkel, and paddle boarding opportunities. Book your boat tour early as those fill up quickly (insider tip), and let your inner mermaid rejoice in the myriad of ways that you celebrate the cerulean sea.

Image: Snapped by our clients.



On our Cinque Terre tour, we head to Tuscany for a day of shopping and exploring. Here’s a shot of us in Pietrasanta, Tuscany last week. Heartfelt appreciation goes out to each one of you for trusting us with your Italian dream vacation ?.


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With love + limoncello


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