How about exploring a volcano, but from below the sea? If you have your diving licence and are in Sicily you can jump in and check out Etna from below. Lava flows and submerged caves in Catania’s blue water — it’s the experience of a lifetime. Check out this guided tour for beginner divers and get it on your bucket list! Catania is the city where we fly out of on our 8-night Sicily tour, and many of our guests spend a night or two there before heading home, so it’s a great add-on to the trips we offer. If you’d like more info on our delicious Sicily tour, know we have all the deets here.


Halloween is creeping closer, but forget the haunted house! Instead, visit the Crypt of the Capuchin Monks in Rome, a church made entirely out of the skeletons of its former friars. Located right off Via Veneto, the crypt is decorated with the bones and skulls of more than 4,000 monks, all arranged into interesting patterns like starbursts and crucifixes. The crypt is as fascinating as it is creepy.

If your appetite for the ghoulish is demanding more, head to the Sacro Cuore Suffragio church near Castel Sant’Angelo. Inside is the one-room Museum of Souls in Purgatory (Museo delle Anime del Purgatorio), which chronicles various instances of souls trapped between heaven and hell. Witness evidence of purgatory (i.e. the paranormal), such as handprints burned onto pages of books, and be terrified for the rest of your visit.


To keep in the Halloween spirit, this week we’re looking into staying at a castle. Don’t all castles have built-in spook factor? Relais Castello Bevilacqua, in the heart of the province of Veneto near the town of Verona, was built in 1336. Once surrounded by a moat, it is now a 40-room hotel furnished in antiques. Sleeping here feels like slipping back in time to Renaissance Italy (except this castle has all the modern touches you need, including its own fitness and wellness center and restaurant)


‘Tis the season to try some pumpkin ravioli! Look no further than Colline Emiliane, located in the heart of Rome near the Trevi Fountain. Enjoy homemade pumpkin ravioli in a warm atmosphere while you sip wine from their extensive list. Buon Pumpkinito! (Yes, I’m making up Italian words now.)


These sunny October days are perfect for taking in some sea scapes from the Bay of Silence in Sestri Levante. We are absorbing every last ray of sunshine we can from one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy. This fabulous town is just a short train ride away from the Cinque Terre. I love it here.



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