Today is all about Florence, a.k.a. Firenze, a.k.a. one of our favorite cities in Italy to let our hair down in, get some shopping in, and eat ‘til we drop. Is it weird to post gelato on a dreamboard? And is it weirder to do it in January? Not if it’s Florentine gelato it isn’t — we would encourage anyone to enjoy that sweet creaminess any day of any month of any year. Florence is famous for its giant rainbow gelato mounds in its gelateria window displays. One of our favorites is Perchè No? Between Piazza della Signoria and Piazza della Repubblica. Around since 1939, they specialize in unusual flavors like dark chocolate with persimmon, milk with honey and sesame seeds, and lavender with roses. Heavenly!


There is no sign outside Osteria Belle Donne, just a small door with a lightbulb above an old window, and mostly locals eat here. The decor is rustic, and the feel is intimate and cozy. Try the ossobucco or beef stew — we’re talking meat that melts in your mouth. The chestnut pudding for dessert too is Tuscan goodness like you wouldn’t believe.


Quiet, courtyard-facing rooms with plush four-poster beds make your stay at Torre Guelfa feel Renaissance-level magical. Perfectly positioned between the Uffizi and Ponte Vecchio, the 12th-century tower is the tallest private building in the city, and only hotel guests are allowed to climb up its 72 steps for an extraordinary view of Palazzo Pitti, Palazzo Vecchio, the Vasari Corridor, the Duomo and the Baptistry. You can drink in Florence from the tower’s two terraces, or drink in an aperitivo at La Torre Bar.


Ringing in the new year with this picture-perfect shot of Florence. It’s just a short distance from the Cinque Terre, and many of our guests add the city to their trip when they book a 7 night tour with us. Think 2022 might be the year you join us in Italy? Reply to this email with any questions, and we’ll tell you all about what’s on offer.



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With love + lavender gelato






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