Starting in July, we’re going to be offering private day tours in Italy –– and we are stoked! We’re going to get to hang out with more groovy humans like you. ?

Many of you have reached out to us over the years, asking if we will ever offer tours that aren’t just for women, or that are family friendly, or that require less of a commitment than our 7- and 10-day vacations.

The answer is YES! We will be!

You’ll be able to book a private experience guided by our handpicked experts for just you and your people. Or to hop onto a tour with a new bunch of soon-to-be friends.

Because if you’ve got Florence on the brain, we’ve got a tour for that!

We’ve got four of them, in fact, each run by a local Florentine we’ve carefully selected because they jive with the Italian Fix vibe.

Hanging out with them is like hanging out with the in-the-know Italian friend you didn’t know you needed.

Come July, you’ll be able to visit our site and add a whole variety of walking tours to your cart.

Let’s run through what’s going to be on offer in Florence.

Florence Private Tours — The Welcome to Florence Tour

This tour combines the fun Florentine lifestyle with a sampling of the highlights of this Renaissance wonder, all compactly packaged into three hours.

You’ll be able to take iconic photos outside the Duomo and Baptistery, in Piazza della Signoria, and on Ponte Vecchio, and then head to Oltrarno, a quieter part of the city. We’ll experience life in the cutest piazza and get gelato from the most delish gelateria in town (try the bacio!).

You’ll end the tour in an area full of excellent restaurants and bars beloved by Florentines. Your guide will make sure you know of all the best eats, and set you up with some insider ideas for the rest of your stay in Florence.

In just three short hours, you’ll understand the lay of the land, see both sides of the river, and feel oh so Italian after your proper passeggiata.

Our Welcome To Florence Private Tour covers:

*Note: This is also a family-friendly Florence tour.*

Florence Private Tours of local shops and the Duomo

Florence Private Tours with your best friend

Florence Private Tours — The Ultimate Florence Experience Tour (lunch included)

Want to be in the know about all of Florence’s hot spots –– and then take it up a notch?

The Ultimate Florence Experience private tour is a big beautiful day hitting up all the main Florentine landmarks, sitting down to a delish lunch, and uncovering the fading customs of this fascinating city.

For travelers who appreciate tradition, you’ll love exploring the artisan studios our Florentine friends introduced us to and that we make sure to return to year after year.

Cover all the most important sights, discover new and unexpected spots, really get a feel for the city like an old friend is showing you around, and get it done in a day.

Our Ultimate Florence Experience Private Tour covers:

Florence Private Tours with Prosecco and local eats

Florence Private Tours at local restaurants for lunch

Florence Private Tours — The David & Duomo Tour

Want to get up close and personal with Michalengelo’s famous David sculpture without having to spend hours waiting to see him?

Our David & Duomo tour let’s you skip the line for David, and then top it off with the Duomo. You came all the way to Florence, after all. Let’s get you in front of the city’s most beloved works of art with no fuss and no muss!

Afterwards we’ll explore one of the oldest shops in all of Europe — the Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy, founded almost four centuries ago! We’ll share some authentic herbal liqueurs in their tea room before releasing you to the oils, perfumes and soaps — trust us, you will not be able to leave this place without picking up some very special souvenirs.

Our David & the Duomo Private Tour covers:

Florence Private Tours of the David

Florence Private Tours of the Duomo and Santa Maria Novella Pharmacy


Florence Private Tours — Florence Uffizi Galleries, with Renaissance Walk & Sweet Tuscan Treats

In all honesty, we could probably spend a week exploring the Uffizi Galleries, but we’ve put together a “power hour” experience so that you can maximize your Florence time.

Trying to explore the Uffizi by yourself means: a) a line to get in and b) not knowing what to see first, or what you might miss out on accidentally.

How much better is it to have a friend expertly show you the way, and then offer you some yummy treats at the end as well?

We’ll guide you through the Uffizi Galleries (after skipping the line, of course), and continue our Renaissance journey through the historical centre of Florence and more art-inspired spots.

Our favorite bit is at the end, when you’ll get to experience a sweeter side of Tuscany through a traditional dessert tasting.

Our Florence Uffizi Galleries, Renaissance Walk & Sweet Tuscan Treats Private Tour covers:

*Note: This is also a family-friendly Florence tour.*

Florence Private Tours of the Uffizi Gallery

Florence PRivate Tours for taking photos of the best views in the city

Florence Private Renaissance Tours


So who wants to hang out with us in Florence? Come explore the best of the city and our under-the-radar secret spots with us, we’re waiting for you!

All four of our Florence tours go on sale in July — just visit the website in a few weeks to start booking.

Travelling to Rome or Cinque Terre? We’ve got private tours for you, too! More on those coming soon.

We can’t wait to meet you. ?

Got questions about our Florence private tours? Leave a comment below!

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