Ahhh Paris… holds the key to my heart. Just as I wish I were holding a key to one of the rooms at the Hôtel Doisy. A shining star in the City of Light, this hotel is conveniently located in the 17th arrondissement, so you’ll have easy access to all the sights. Not to mention their beautiful bohemian décor that will make you feel as if you’ve been invited to an exotic 1920s salon to discuss philosophy and sip champagne.


What could be more perfect than waking up in Paris, slowly rolling out of bed, and walking to your neighborhood pâtisserie for a fresh pain au chocolate and café au lait? How about if that pâtisserie was the oldest in the city, famous for its traditional pastries, and founded in 1730 by none other than King Louis XV’s personal pastry chef? Head to Stohrer, in the 1st arrondissement. The divine aromas found here will make it probably the best-smelling historical site you’ll ever visit.


Bespoke French wine? Bonjour! You can fly to Bordeaux and have a bespoke wine made for you. You’ll visit a dozen wineries, learn to understand all of the taste variations (merlot, cab sauv, etc.), and then you blend it to taste. You’ll work with a creative house to develop your brand labels and tell your story. Et voilà! You have your own wine Made in France. Work with Viniv and they’ll make it all happen


The village of Annecy is called the Venice of France, as it has canals running through town. Pastel-covered facades and cobblestones streets make it a pretty place to wander. The fact that it’s a lakeside Alpine town means the surrounding landscape is perfect for road tripping.

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