It’s been a gut twisting few weeks as I’ve watched the entire travel industry screech to an abrupt halt.

For my own company, and so many of the people I know, it feels like we’ve been dragged behind a team of horses at a chuckwagon race.

I’d be lying if I said things are all peaches and cream over here. 

With my team in Italy under quarantine, with travel restrictions looming until who knows when, it’s all pretty WTF.

You may have heard the story of how I started the business with 80 bucks and a library book on how to build a website.

And I have slowly built it over the years with repeat clients, amazing referrals and just focusing on building the greatest travel experiences on planet earth. In my growth I have been able to employ an amazing team, many of them working mamas just like me.

I’m no stranger to sacrifice, hard work, and going without.

So to see the business like this right now is just insanely surreal.

On the BRIGHT SIDE, I’ve had some free time to help others who are in urgent situations and in need.  

I have been spending a LOT of time helping friends, and friends of friends, who own businesses strategize, re-plan, and write communications as they try and figure this thing out. 

According to statistics, small businesses like mine, who employ 1 to 19 people, employ roughly half the population.

These are the businesses that are hardest hit right now — it’s the restaurants, the shops, the hair salons, the small service businesses like mine. We have people to employ, and it’s one big domino effect. 

The Starbuckses of the world will weather this. It’s the little guys who are most on my mind right now. 

In that spirit, here’s what I’m doing:

  1. If you or someone you know runs a small business and needs some advice — I’m offering free consults to help them navigate this. To book a spot with me, reply to this message with your phone number and your issues and I’ll return your call.
  2. I want to keep my team working! We’re experts at helping people plan trips to Italy, and we’re open for business for 1-1 itinerary planning. Want to plan something for later this year or 2021? Reply to this email and I’ll send you more info. 
  3. Have you been dreaming about starting your own business in the next year? Has this whole Covid-19 thing made you rethink your current reality? Do you want more autonomy and freedom in your life? Click this link and tell me more about yourself

 Most of all, my message for today is, be kind to yourself during this time. And the ones around you who are suffering the most.  

Your morale and good spirits could be just what someone close to you needs right now.

And I know that might be challenging at the moment.

With so many changes happening, it’s normal to feel brain fog, overwhelm and fear. The very foundation of one of our core human desires — CERTAINTY — is being challenged. So it’s back to basics. Eat well. Sleep well. Be kind to yourself and those around you. 

Be the lighthouse, not the siren. 

With so much love + chamomile tea,


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